True Detective Season 2: HBO Releases First Trailer

True Detective season two will premiere on June 21 on HBO, and now you can see the first footage from the new season.

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star, with Farrell as “compromised detective” Ray Velcoro and Vaughn as Frank Semyon, “a career criminal in danger of losing his empire.” Co-stars Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch play Ani Bezzerides, a “no-nonsense” sheriff, and Paul Woodrugh, a veteran turned highway patrolman embroiled in a sex scandal. Each of the characters will deal with addictions, vices and the moral compromises that made the first season of True Detective such a water-cooler event.

Check out the entire principal cast in this all-too-short first teaser from HBO:

We’re in whole new territory when it comes to season 2 of the acclaimed HBO series, but the underlining themes and mood still feel right at home in the land of Carcosa and the Yellow King. On a side-note, everyone is going to be talking about this [so far] untitled song by Lera Lynn.

We know that Cary Fukunaga is stepping out of the director’s chair and Justin Lin (of recent Fast & Furious franchise fame) will step into his shoes for the first two episodes, with Janus Metz Pedersen (Armadillo), Miguel Sapochnik (Repo Men), and Daniel Attias (name a favorite TV show of yours; he’s directed at least one episode of it) also helming chapters.

In addition to the new trailer, HBO also released a series of character pics showcasing the dark atmosphere and Colin Farrel’s epic mustache.

Writer Nic Pizzolatto teased the second season by saying it would focus on “hard women, bad men, and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system”, and we now have an official synopsis to go with that original quote:

The second season of True Detective will follow the death of Ben Caspar, the corrupt City Manager of a fictional California city who’s found brutally murdered amidst a potentially groundbreaking transportation deal that would forever change the freeway gridlock in California. Three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government are tasked with finding out who did it.  They soon discover their investigation has much broader and darker implications than they initially thought. Caspar’s 52-year-old corpse is found on a lonely stretch of the PCH near Big Sur — his eye burned out, genitals cut off and satanic symbols etched on his chest. It turns out he had a penchant for rough sex and may have been involved in the Occult.

True Detective season 2 premieres Sunday, June 21, on HBO.

Images: HBO

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