JLA: New Animated Series Teased At Warner Bros.

A new image from the Warner Bros. offices in Burbank California teases a few new animated series coming to the small screen, including what looks to be new Justice League animated series, titled simply JLA.

Today we’ll take a look at the image and gather the little information we know about the series, while briefly looking at some of the versions of these characters we’ve seen in the animated world before.

The photo features a few series like Wabbit, Bunnicula and Be Cool, Scooby Doo which we already knew about, but right at the end of the line of posters is where our focus lies.

JLA WB Poster Lineup

Nerdist dropped some details on the series as well as some observations on the characters shown on the poster:

Some unnamed sources connected to the Warner Bros. animation division in our periphery have suggested that the title of the show will be Justice League: Action, and that the series might not premiere on Cartoon Network as is widely expected, but instead air on another of WB’s animation-centric channels like Boomerang. That Justice League: Action/Boomerang rumor is a couple of months old, and network plans can change on a dime, so whether or not it holds any water will be up to the final announcement. 

… the lineup appears to feature Superman, Wonder Woman (complete with warrior weaponry), Batman, and Shazam in the top row of silhouettes. The next line is Zatanna, Firestorm, maybe Green Lantern, and Huntress. Helena’s inclusion is interesting, because now we’re wondering which Helena: Helena Wayne, or Helena Bertinelli? Probably Bertinelli, but wouldn’t it be fun if this JLA featured members from Earth-2? (I warned you about my meandering thoughts.) Hawkgirl can also be seen in the lower left corner, and the remaining figures are hard to decipher without a more detailed look.

Overall the information revealed is full of conjecture, but we can expect to hear more on the show soon now that this news has dropped. But do we even care?

DC Entertainment used to have a pretty stellar reputation when it came to animated shows. Obviously the stand out is Batman: The Animated Series, which altered the industry’s idea of how a comic book adaptation could be handled with animation.

Batman The Animated Series

Bruce Timm can largely be held responsible for this initial crop of cartoons as he offered the design of characters for B:TAS, and others that followed like Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League. This was our first modern look at DC’s dream team of characters, who had last appeared together on TV for the campy children’s show Super Friends. Justice League and it’s followup Justice League Unlimited brought a ton of characters into the DC Animated Universe and adapted a number of great storylines that will remain in the hearts of fans for years.

Justice League UnlimitedAfter the series ran its course the DCAU came to an end as new series like The Batman and Teen Titans came out offering new looks at some of these characters. The final season of The Batman basically assembled another version of the Justice League, though that didn’t head anywhere after The Batman was cancelled.

Most recently Young Justice offered a new version of the Justice League while focusing on their younger counterparts. This series ran for two seasons before being unceremoniously cancelled along with Green Lantern: The Animated Series, basically heralding the end of good DC animated series. A new version of Teen Titans Go! replaced Young Justice as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment began to cater to a younger demographic, leaving us with mixed feelings about the newest animated series.

Teen Titans Go

Is it going to be set in the mold of the latest animated offerings like Teen Tians Go! or Batman Unlimited and cater pretty heavily to a younger audience, then I can’t say I’m too excited to see that.

What would you like to see from a new Justice League animated series? Are you dreading yet another kid-focused animated series or hoping for something more adult? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion on the Grizzlybomb Facebook Page!

Images: Warner Bros, DC Animation 

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