Rick and Morty’s Five Most SQUANCHING Episodes of the Best Show You’re Not Watching

Adult Swim has put out some really strange shows before, and while Rick and Morty is nothing but strange, it is almost undeniably one of the best shows on TV right now. Rick and Morty was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (Community), and maintains a steadily increasing 9.3 rating on IMDB.

The animated brilliance revolves around an always drunk, constantly burping, genius scientist named Rick Sanchez, and his painfully average grandson Morty Smith. Episode to episode they travel through space and time, either saving the world, or putting it and other worlds in danger, usually both. Two seasons and 21 episodes later, the show continues to gain speed and deliver stellar  entertainment value. Not only does this show have laugh out loud humor, but it is exceptionally intelligent.

So without further fluffing, here’s our five favorite episodes:

SPOILERS – Obviously…

5.) 1.02 – Lawnmower Dog

In this episode Rick and Morty try to incept (like the movie Inception) Morty’s math teacher into giving Morty an A. However, while diving into the different layers of dreams they encounter Scary Terry, who chases them throughout the episode.


Meanwhile the rest of the family struggles  to deal with their less than intelligent adopted dog, so Rick gives Snuffles a device to enhance his intelligence. Unfortunately for the Smith family, Snuffles becomes more than sentient and tries to take over the human world. One of the reasons why this makes the list is that it really shows how intricate these episodes are. Dueling plot lines are difficult to manage in a cartoon, especially ones that run for 22 minutes, (I mean Family Guy is just a bunch of cut-a-ways spliced together at this point) and this episode really takes you for a ride and maintains two-story lines that are equally entertaining.

testicles summer

4.) 1.08 – Rixty Minutes

This episode is the first (and better) of the two that introduce the concept of inter dimensional television. The premise of this episode is so chill it almost seems lazy, except it’s obviously not. Rick and Morty want to have a lazy day and watch some inter dimensional TV, so Rick gives his daughter Beth (Sarah Chalke) and her husband Jerry (Chris Parnell) a simulation machine that shows them alternate realities of their lives to distract them.

beth wine

This episode makes the list because it’s so stupidly creative, but meaningful at the same time. While Rick and Morty mindlessly channel surf through the most absurd TV that could ever be conceived, Jerry, Beth and their daughter Summer (Spencer Grammer) battle through the issues of their own lives. This episode really exemplifies that it doesn’t matter how far it strays from reality, at its core, the show has got really human qualities.

two brothers

3.) 1.05 – Meeseeks and Destroy

Rick gives the family a box of Meeseeks, which are beings that only exist to help with one need and then disappear, this frees him up in order to depart on an adventure of Morty’s choosing. The rest of the family, with the help of the Meeseeks, attempts to get some things done around the house. Too bad Jerry is so awful at golf that the Meeseeks bring in more Meeseeks to try to improve Jerry’s golf game until the house is overflowing with them and Jerry hasn’t gotten any better.

try to relax

The thing I really liked about this episode was that it was really centered more around the family at home than it did Rick and Morty’s adventure. While their story was essential in developing their relationship, the plot line was more interesting at home proving that the rest of the family isn’t just there as secondary characters.


2.) 2.09 – Look Who’s Purging Now

Rick and Morty’s need for some windshield wiper fluid lands them on a planet who celebrates a Purge festival where, like the movie, the people go on a murderous rampage once a year in an attempt to release their inner rage.

purging now

hardest working liver

Of course Rick wants to stay and watch and it leads them to have to fend for themselves on an all out murder night. This episode is downright hilarious and totally violent. It’s possibly one of the easiest episodes to follow, which puts it on the list for it’s simplicity, and it’s just chalk full of Rick and Morty hilarity that sometimes gets missed in the super complex episodes.

morty rage

purge suits

1.) 2.04 – Total Rickall

Obviously a play on words for the title, this episode begins with the premise that there is a parasite living in the Smith household that is undetectable because it inserts itself in the memories of it’s victims. This wouldn’t be so bad if the parasite didn’t multiply, and 5 minutes into the episode the house is full of absolutely absurd characters.

total rikall

This is number one on the list because it is simply is a great concept that seems like it took a lot of work. Each character was extreme and different and had hilariously creative stories as to why they existed in the memories of the Smith family. Not to mention the previously unheard of Mr. Poopy Butthole, who has existed in the Smith family forever. The chaos that ensued as well as the conclusion are really nothing short of magnificent.



Mr. Poopy Butthole makes an appearance again at the end of the DEPRESSING Season 2 season finale where he lets you know Rick and Morty is coming back… in a year and a half or so and taunts you about the cliffhanger that the finale left you on.


What a dick, right? The season 2 finale is definitely worth noting, as it was really emotional and well done, but it’s an episode to watch AFTER you’ve watched the rest of them. And you better SQUANCHING watch all of them.

Images: Adult Swim

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