Fun with Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Edits

Along with the previously released teaser trailers for Star Wars The Force Awakens, fans were finally given the full trailer during halftime of ESPN’s Monday Night Football on October 19. Additionally, the teasers and the full trailer have given fans footage enough to edit into new versions of trailers that are sure to entertain fans until the movie finally arrives in December and we’re here to bring some of them to you.

For starters, if you just want to enjoy the gorgeous visuals seen in the latest trailer solely accompanied by the music and not the voice over. Though it’s not necessarily the most creative video out there, it’s certainly a welcome addition to the Star Wars content out there for fans to watch (repeatedly) while we bide our time. Check it out!

This next video is one of the more fun and creative edits featuring the second teaser trailer being shown to the pilots during the mission briefing in Star Wars A New Hope. It’s pretty comical to see Han and Chewie see older Han deliver the “Chewie, we’re home” line from the trailer. Take a look for yourself right here.

With both teasers and the full trailer out now, there are also a few supercuts out there that feature all three edited together into one big epic trailer for The Force Awakens. If this doesn’t get you excited for the movie you probably don’t have a pulse.

Of course, there are a few edits of trailers out there that poke fun at the franchise. For instance, one edit naturally features the much detested Jar Jar Binks in the aptly titled trailer, Star Wars The Binks Awakens. It’s pretty funny, I recommend giving it a watch.

There are also numerous George Lucas Special Edition fan edits of the trailers that are great. They all tend to do one thing, and that is to cram as many special effects into a shot as possible poking fun at Lucas’ over reliance on CG effects in the prequel trilogy as well as the effects he added to the original trilogy when the special editions were released. Check out this one, this is an edit of the first teaser trailer.

There are even some edits of the trailers that kind of make fun of The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams. Specifically there are edits that have added a whole bunch of lens flares, something that many fans criticized about Abrams’ Star Trek films. Take a look.

Be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts on these edits of the trailer! Comment and share your favorite edits of the trailer, we’d love to take a look!

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Image: The Binks Awakens

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