Countdown to Halloween: Playing Dress Up, Costume Hits and Horrors

The costume stores may be selling out of Dracula and slutty nurse costumes, but hard core geeks have been known to bring their A-Game when it comes to Halloween. And while dressing up yourself can be tons of fun, lucky geeks with candy fetching minions are putting their talents to work creating some amazing costumes for their kids.

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For some kids, life isn’t as easy as running down the street Halloween night. Check out these awesome costumes parents made for their wheelchair bound offspring.

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Kids, of course, can be the creepiest cast members of any horror film. From tiny zombies to terrifying little vampires, these kids may have you leaving the light on.

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Don’t forget, Halloween is a family affair. Family costumes are so fun, even the stars join in.

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Here at Grizzly Bomb we are just as excited about the coming holiday as you are. Here are some photos of our very own staff, and their various minions, all dressed up and ready for candy!

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Of course, if you really want to give your neighbors a good scare, there is always this classic,

Me Sah so scary ( Image: Reddit)
Me Sah so scary (Image: Reddit)

Ready for the tricks and treats? Share some of your own costume and cosplay photos in the comments below or on our Grizzly Bomb Facebook page. Have a safe and happy Halloween, nerds.

For more Halloween fun check out Grizzly Bomb’s Count Down To Halloween.

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