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Countdown to Halloween: Playing Dress Up, Costume Hits and Horrors

The costume stores may be selling out of Dracula and slutty nurse costumes, but hard core geeks have been known to bring their A-Game when it comes to Halloween. And while dressing up yourself can be tons of fun, lucky geeks with candy fetching minions are putting their talents to work creating some amazing costumes for their kids.

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BAMF! Nightcrawler Casting Revealed in X-Men: Apocalypse

Coming right after he gave us a look at what is assumed to be Apocalypse’s ship, Bryan Singer took to Instagram to reveal the film’s latest casting choice, announcing actor, Kodi Smit-McPhee (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Paranorman) as the film’s young Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler.

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Pete Holmes Brings The Funny With His Ex-Men Shorts

Now we all know Marvel’s mutants get a rough deal. Dying, getting brought back to life, having their powers stripped away and almost causing the destruction of the Earth all seem to happen on a weekly basis for these guys. So it’s nice to see that Pete Holmes can inject some humor into the X-Men world with a series of shorts from his late night talk show, called Ex-Men.

The basic premise behind this is that Professor X is cleaning house and ridding the X-Men of the more useless or flawed members. The shorts amount to Xavier, played by Holmes, calling the various mutants into his office to sack them all. So sit back and enjoy Charles Xavier in a more twisted vein than we are used to seeing, shit-canning some of our favorite heroes with absolute joy:




The full playlist is available on Pete Holmes’s Youtube page and includes Storm, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee.

My personal favorites are the Wolverine one that plays Logan as a dumb jock and the Angel sketch where Xavier cannot stop wetting himself over how awful Warren Worthington really is.

If you liked these then maybe check out Pete’s fantastic Batman parodies, which started out as a collaboration between College Humor and Holmes’s sketch comedy group Front Page Films and more recently have been incorporated into The Pete Holmes Show. Here’s a taste:

Return of an X-man? Again…

There has been plenty of comic news coming out of C2E2, the Chicago Comic Convention, over the weekend. And even though the following snippet via IGN is not big news, it’s something that we’ve all come to anticipate from a comic book death; a comic book resurrection! The character in question is Nightcrawler who died at the hands of Bastion saving Hope during the Second Coming story arc.

The panel’s response to if he would return was a bit muddled:

“We’ve talked about it within the X-Men office,” noted X-Editor Daniel Ketchum. “It’s always a card on the table. I guess I’ll leave it up to you to figure out, ‘Well, are we going to play to type or go against the grain?'”

I would imagine that means they are conflicted about whether they should bring him back like every other character, or actually try to keep him dead. As we all know, no comic character ever stays dead, but I think their death and inevitable return means more the longer they are gone. So as much as I wish that Nightcrawler would grace us with a return it would be the same old crap with him returning after only a year of being gone.

Below is a small list of X-men who have died and the circumstances of both their deaths and returns. Some of the reasoning behind their resurrections are quite amusing if not completely ridiculous.



– Death: Injected himself with the cure to the mutant killing legacy Virus with the full knowledge that in order to spread antibodies the cure would kill the first user. Ballsy.
– Return: Turns out he didn’t die, and an alien named Ord switched bodies with a duplicate. Rrrrright.



– Death: Killed in combat by the loser villain Vargas.
– Return: Her brother Jamie Braddock reached back in time to stop her spirit from reaching the afterlife. Wow.



– Death: Merges with the spirit of Apocalypse to save his son.
– Return: Jean and Cable track down CyPocalypse and separate their two spirits. Sounds like a cheap rip off of The Exorcist.

Professor X


– Death: Accidentally killed by his son when he went back in time to kill Magneto.
– Return: Death is undone when Bishop travels back in time and stops Legion. Time travel is super nifty.

Jean Grey/Phoenix


– Death(s): Committed suicide to stop the Dark Phoenix and was also killed by John Sublime…posing as Magneto…posing as Xorn. That’s a crapload of retcons there.
– Return(s): Retcon with the Phoenix Force being a copy of Jean, while the real Jean is in a healing cocoon. Yes… a healing cocoon. Brought back to life by the Phoenix Force after the Sublime kill, now living on a higher plane of existence.

And the list goes on – Cannonball, Havok, Storm, Warpath, Archangel, Rachel Summers, Emma Frost, and of couse, Wolverine. This isn’t even all of them either…

With very few exceptions, Comic Book Deaths are a very fickle thing…