Deadpool Releases New TV Spots and IMAX Trailer

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX opening weekend, then you were treated to the IMAX sized Deadpool telling you all about how size really does matter. Here’s the IMAX trailer that was shown before TFA.

Now, I know seeing it on your 13 inch, or even your 27 inch computer monitor is really not the intended way of viewing this clip, as explained by Deadpool via a chimichanga analogy, but any Deadpool is better than no Deadpool. I cannot wait for this movie and not just because it comes out on my birthday, (although I do feel like it’s fate for me to celebrate with merc with a mouth).

You see, while this new clip isn’t anything really new from anything we’ve seen, there’s not much more that we need to see before we get the whole thing. People are, and have been going nuts for Deadpool, and rightfully so. I mean, what’s not to love about Deadpool being Deadpool with a DMX track?

So take a look at this IMAX promo poster, listen to our friend in red and black leather, because despite what you’ve heard, size does matter.


In addition, Fox just released the first TV spot for the movie as well…

Plus the NBA Christmas spot…

and the holiday video…

Come on February…

Images: 20th Century FOX

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