New Suicide Squad Statues Are Perfect Sculpts Of DC’s Super Villain Team

DC Comics have done a great job of marketing their new cinematic universe. What they have done to combat the established Marvel / Disney film brand is to give us a different tone, a darker side of the super-world. The selection of trailers, which all seem to show different elements of the movies, have made it clear they will be a bit more adult than their Marvel counterparts.

When the first Suicide Squad trailer came out it had a dark and foreboding quality to it which set it apart from the bright and boisterous Marvel movies. With the release of this latest trailer DC and Warner Brothers have added an element of humor to it, while keeping the gritty realism they are going for. And with a kicking Queen tune on full blast it’s hard not to get a kick out of this trailer.  

Suicide Squad

To make matters even better we have now heard the news (via USA Today) that there is going to be a group of kick ass statues to go along with the film’s release.

These pieces come to us from DC Collectibles, who have a great history of producing high quality, superbly sculpted pieces. I am happy to inform you that these statues follow on in that tradition. In the first series we have mercenary killer Deadshot, the hulking behemoth that is Killer Croc, the possessed sword wielding Katana, the rough and ready Captain Boomerang, the bonkers Harley Quinn and the equally as bonkers Joker. Below are the statues in all their glory.

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The sculpts are amazing and perfectly capture the characters personality. The detail is superb and the intentness of Deadshot, the wackiness of Harley and the craziness of The Joker look great in these pieces. The releases of these are spread out over July and August and retail around $150, but as you can see from the pictures you get what you pay for. Do not be surprised if DC Collectibles don’t put out more of these in the coming months.

Update: You save a little on Entertainment Earth if you want to pre-order, they’re about $30 less…

Harley Quinn – Order Here
Deadshot – Order Here
The Joker – Order Here
Killer Croc – Order Here
Katana – Order Here
Captain Boomerang – Order Here

Want to learn more about the Suicide Squad? Click here. If you want to see more examples of statues and figures then look at our collection of Collectibles category

Images: DC Collectibles, Warner Bros.

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