Game of Thrones: Latest Season 6 Trailer Shows No Shortage of Chaos

Winter Game of Thrones is coming.

It’s been more than ten months since we’ve seen a new episode of Game of Thrones, and unfortunately, we’re still near a month away from a remedy for that. But, we did get a taste of what’s to come in the form of HBO’s newest teaser for season six…

There is a lot to digest there for only 30 seconds worth of footage, so let’s take a look at what we see…

  • Things start off in Essos, Daenerys looking much less regal than we’ve grown accustomed to seeing her. Now back with the Dothraki, she could prove quite the prize for a Khal to claim. Her footage is voiced over by Tyrion’s ominous “are you afraid? you should be.”
  • After seeing Dany’s council, things switch over to Ramsey Bolton (the most hated man since Joffery put on the crown) at the head of what seems like an army. This is likely not great news for anyone, especially Sansa and Theon.
  • Speaking of whom, they are fleeing on foot when it would appear they meet up with Brienne of Tarth; in all likelihood, Brienne won’t take too kindly to Theon, as his betrayal of the Starks is widely known.

Game of thrones season 6

  • We also check in on the remaining Lannister siblings still in Westeros – Cersei and the high Sparrow are still at odds (to put it lightly) and Jamie is headed home to inform his sister that her daughter is dead. With only one remaining Lannister child alive, King or not, that family is having a rough year.
  • Quick glimpses show us battles, giants, dragons, and white walkers!
  • We see blind Arya, in the room of faces. “One way or another, a face will be added to the hall.” Sticking with the ominos theme there.
  • And finally, after a season 5 hiatus, we see the return of Bran, now much taller, and THE NIGHT’S KING!


Perhaps the one thing people most wanted to see – Jon Snow, totally absent from the trailer.

So April 24, don’t be surprised if the HBOGo servers crash again – everyone is going to be watching! And be sure to check back here a Grizzly Bomb for more Game of Thrones news!

Images: HBO, FX

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