Previously On: Premieres, Funerals, and Departures

Today we’re gonna talk about a few of the major events from this past week on some of our favorite shows. This post will contain spoilers from the week of April 24-30 for the following shows; Game of Thrones, The Americans, and Arrow.

You Can’t Make Me Not Care About Ghost


Game of Thrones returning to HBO last Sunday was the biggest TV event of the week. And the premiere did not disappoint. Some worried we would have to wait to see Jon Snow, but that wasn’t the case. The premiere opened up at Castle Black and we join the Onion Knight in discovering the body of the Lord Commander of the Watch. There was plenty that happened in this episode, but the thing that stuck with me most (no, not Melasandrie naked) was Ghost; Jon’s criminally underused best friend and dire wolf. Ghost should never leave Jon’s side – this is a lesson that all the Stark kids should have learned early on, but only Bran and Rickon seem to stick to. We saw back in season one that there was a connection between the wolf cubs and Ned’s kids. Summer saved Bran from an assassin, Greywind was all but unstoppable in battle with Rob, and Ghost saved Jon and Sam multiple times. Sansa’s Lady, killed by order of Cersei for Arya’s wolf Nymeria did – protect her from Joffrey. Personally, the moment I’m really looking forward to is when Nymeria eventually reemerges. It’s going to be sweet. In the meantime though, Ghost is pissed and I love it.

Game of Thrones Promo for Tonight; CLICK HERE

You Can’t Make Me Care About Laurel

whats so wrong with me

Oh Arrow. After a lackluster third season, and a moderate bounceback in season four – you did something so right. You killed off Laurel. This accomplished a couple things – it removed Katie Cassidy from the cast (at least for now), which is a plus since she was by far the worst actor on the show. And it created an emotional catalyst for the rest of the characters to react and play off, which can be powerful stuff. This week we saw the “touching” funeral, but what it failed to do, was elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer (me). A combination of historically benign writing for the character, and Cassidy’s portrayal had me relieved she was dead – not upset. You can’t make me care about Laurel.

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Certainly Not As Much As Martha

martha head turn

I know that Arrow is a superhero show on The CW, and its good reputation is largely built on the fact that early on (Tommy’s death), they far exceeded fan expectations. The Americans though, has been a critical darling since its start, and like Arrow, they are also now into their fourth season. This week, Phillip (or Clark) was forced to end his relationship with “wife” Martha. And while they haven’t had to kill her, like seemed would be the only solution, her exit was still heartbreaking. “I’ll be alone…just the way it was before I met you.” Martha is a sympathetic character who put all she had on the line for one last shot at happiness, only to learn it was all a lie and her options are now death, prison, or Moscow. If you didn’t feel anything when Phil told her he wasn’t coming and she asked “not even to visit?” – you’re probably a stone-hearted bastard. Martha was never a favorite character of mine, but the way she was presented and how her exit is being handled, this is why many consider The Americans to be among the best shows on television.

The Americans Promo for Next Week;

BONUS: “That girl is mega hot” Henry is watching TV and makes a comment about somebody being mega-hot;

mega hot

The woman in question, for those who were curious – is a teenaged Brooke Shields in one of her famous Calvin Klien Jeans commercials. It’s the little things that make this show feel so real…

Images: The CW, HBO, FX, Calvin Klein

One thought on “Previously On: Premieres, Funerals, and Departures”

  1. You Can’t Make Me Care About Laurel

    I understand how you feel. I feel the same way about Felicity. The only times when I like Felicity is when she is not embroiled in her forced romance with Oliver.


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