Game of Thrones Promo: 6.04 – Book of the Stranger

So much for the Tower of Joy…

If you haven’t watched episode 6.03, there are spoilers to follow – obviously. 

This week did a lot of exposition following a pretty eventful first two weeks. We checked back in at the Wall a couple times, looked in on King’s Landing and Essos, and we got to see Sam and Gilly on their way to Old Town. The episode felt pretty balanced considering we didn’t see Sansa, Theon, Jorah, Dorne, or even Gendry.

Current GENDRY COUNT - 23 Episodes
Current WHERE’S GENDRY counter- 23 Episodes

What we did see however was the return of a long-missing Stark – Rickon (Previous WHERE’S RICKON counter was 23 episodes). As I predicted last week, House Umber has offered up the youngest Stark child in exchange help fighting the Wildlings. I’m not totally convinced this is on the level though, hate to think Greatjon Umber just silently died offscreen.

The other big thing we got in 6.03 was Bran’s flashback to the Tower of Joy. One of the most anticipated scenes in the show’s history – and it was cut short, much to the disappointment of everyone if internet reactions are any sort of gauge. What some people may not have thought about though, if Ned truly did hear Bran call to him, do that mean that Bran could somehow alter the events of the past?

As for next week, concerning the Starks, it seems like Arya’s storyline may finally advance. And that Sansa might just miss seeing Jon Snow as he just marched out of Castle Black. We’ll also likely get more of the Faith Militant vs. The Lannisters. That story has to come to a head soon. Mostly though, based on the promo, it’ll be an Essos episode. Lots or Dany and Jorah and Tyrion, none of which I’m super excited for at this point. I just want to see Ramsey and Jon Snow meet…

Anyhow, only six more days till the next episode! Be sure to check back here at Grizzly Bomb for more Game of Thrones coverage

Images: HBO


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