Star Trek Beyond – New Trailer Provides Hope

Star Trek Beyond marks the third installment of the rebooted Trek timeline, and the newest trailer has some fans sighing in relief.

Depending on who you speak to, the 2009 reboot of the Star Trek film franchise, which saw the timeline altered, was either a fun, inclusive film, that brought a new, younger audience into the Trek fandom – or it was about the worst thing ever. Those who preached the latter were a group composed mostly of elitist, old school fans who felt betrayed by the faster-paced action flick, as though the studio was stealing something dear away from them.

Then in 2013, some of those fans were proved right. Star Trek Into Darkness looked to reboot the greatest chapter in the storied franchise’s history – Khan. This time around, Benedict Cumberbatch, an excellent actor in his own right, was tasked with bringing to life the beloved villain, yet he never quite got there. Then there was the Spock/Kirk sacrificial reverse – opposite the way it happened in the 1982. In that first film (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), we see a friendship built over the course of almost two decades, totaling over 80 adventures together between television and movies (not even counting the cartoon), and then a heart wrenching show of love between friends. In the 2013 version, Kirk and Spock have known each other for a much lesser time, and aren’t nearly as close as we remember them to be – so this part, to some, felt like a hollow ploy to cash in on a scene fans loved three decades earlier.

After the underwhelming fan reaction to the 2013 film, people started to doubt the longevity of this latest incarnation – eagerly waiting to see if the next chapter would restore hope, or further plummet the series’ standing. And then we got this trailer, and a collective groan was heard across the interwebs…

In 94 seconds they managed to encapsulate near every aspect of these films people had previously complained about. They quickly destroy the Enterprise, advertise ties to Fast and Furious (Director Justin Lin), and gave us jumping dirt bikes and explosions over a Beastie Boys track. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great song, and F&F has an audience. And while I believe you have to draw in new audience to stay relevant – how about remembering the fans you already have? And don’t get me started on taking one of the best black (or otherwise) actors alive in Idris Elba, and covering him from head to toe in white makeup. It’s because of the many issues I had with this teaser that we didn’t cover it sooner. I didn’t want to poison the well, especially when we got this from Simon Pegg;

So he wanted us to stay patient, and we did our best, and our excitement waned. Now we have another trailer, and it would seem that someone had a meeting with the marketing team, because this one has offered some relief to Trek fans.

This time we get more of the sense of wonder and exploration that is supposed to spurn man’s venture into outer space in the first place. We get a sense of history and a less frantic pacing, and we are given the seeds to a story about rescue and commodity, and it looks like it’ll be more than a generic Fast and Furious in Space. This trailer has won me back over, now if only the Ghostbusters reboot could do the same…

Images: Paramount Pictures

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