Game of Thrones Promo: 6.07 – The Broken Man (and Reactions to 6.06)

I have to go now. My father is waiting for me. 

What follows contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, up through episode 6.06…

Ok, so Blood of My Blood was a bit of a filler episode, lots of exposition and very little of what we want (the Bastard Bowl). But that exposition is necessary. Sam and Gilly probably got a little more screen time than was expected, but for the most part, this episode was getting story out-of-the-way to make room for action. Sam and Gilly are on the run with a Valyrian steel sword, which ensures Randal Tarly must give pursuit. The Freys and Tullys are folded back into relevance, which forces Jamie to travel to the Riverlands. Dany seems ready to finally sail west, and Arya has reclaimed her identity, withholding the virtues of her father, and preparing for some long-awaited advancement in her story.

Arya's Father

After Jon and Sansa, the storyline most people seemed eager to get back to after The Door, was that of Bran and Meera, fleeing the army of the dead. This storyline confirmed something that fans had long suspected – Benjan Stark was still alive, and is, in fact the famous Cold Hands character from the books. He arrives just in time to save Meera Reed and his nephew, and gives us another champion in the war to come.

Bran and Meera

Benjan Stark

Aside from the arrival of Cold Hands, and Sam stealing his father’s sword, the most important development this week was surrounding the marriage of the church and crown. Historically, this sort of thing has never gone over great, and Tommen basically just eradicated the last of the Baratheon Stag banners, seemingly adopting a new sigil…


Next, the war in the Riverlands. Blackfish Tully never stopped fighting after the Red Wedding, and has now reclaimed River Run from Walder Frey. This gives Jon and Sansa another family member they can turn to in hopes of retaking the North, it pulls Jamie Lannister away from King’s Landing, and it hopefully signals that the Frey family will pay for that Wedding back in season three…

Below are a few still from this week’s upcoming episode. We see Jamie, Bronn, and the Blackfish, and all indications so far point towards this episode revolving around that story. But we also see Jon, Sansa, and Davos in full-on recruitment mode. If you’re wondering where Brienne is, Sansa sent her to treat with the Blackfish personally. This opens the door for some events from the book to take place should Brienne run into a certain ‘Lady’ while on her travels. The fourth picture sees Arya perhaps leaving Braavos? Not sure there, but she’s sporting a new look and might have to face off against the Faceless before she can exit the city….

Images: HBO

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