Rick and Morty Re-Created in Fallout 4

I like to think I’m a pretty hardcore Rick and Morty fan, but now that I’ve been reporting on some of the things hardcore fans do, I have officially demoted myself to medium-core fan. What kind of things am I talking about?

Well let me show you.

If you thought this was something you didn’t need, you were probably right, but I know you’re glad you watched it. Now, I haven’t played Fallout 4, but it’s not hard to see the dedication it took to create this 5-minute video. Not only are Rick and Morty recreated, but Bird Person, inter-dimentional TV, Snowball and Summer are all present as well!

The direct rips from the show are so unsettling with the Fallout characters, but also insanely entertaining. The video is slightly off-putting, and seeing a buff Morty is very uncharacteristic, not to mention a little creepy. But this video is extremely well done. Major props to the YouTuber UpIsNotJump for making the mash-up video.

All in all, this is just another example of why we need season 3 to come sooner. Fans are doing desperate to fill the Rick and Morty void. People love Rick and Morty, and apparently Fallout also. Harmon and Roiland get on it!

Images: Adult Swim, Bethesda Game Studios

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