Kids in the Hall

The Kids In The Hall Returning To TV With New Amazon Series

Amazon Studios are bringing the classic Canadian comedians back to the small screen. The Kids in the Hall will mark Amazon’s first Canadian original series!

Ordering eight new episodes, the new iteration of The Kids in The Hall will have original cast members Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson returning. The cast will bring back some of their classic characters in the new episodes along with some new ones. So there’s hope we may get more material from such iconic characters as Gavin, the Chicken Lady, Buddy Cole, Man-Servant Hecubus, and the “Head Crusher,” just to name a few. The legacy of the Canadian troop is an indelible part of comedy history.

The Emmy Award-nominated program premiered in 1989, but was first formed as a stage troupe in 1984. They pushed the boundaries of comedy on CBC and HBO, doing sketches in drag and tackling topics such as religion, modern sexuality, and suburban life. The show lasted for just over 100 episodes through five seasons on the air, and the group produced one movie, Brain Candy, and then mostly went their separate ways. Although they have reunited for occasional live tours and one revival series in 2010, a murder mystery miniseries called Death Comes to Town.

Kids in the Hall

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, who produced the original Toronto-shot series, is executive producing the new one through his company Broadway Video. “Even after 30 years, ‘The Kids in the Hall’ has retained its brilliance and originality,” said Michaels. “We are happy to be bringing back all of the original ‘Kids’ for the new series.”

In a statement from vice president of international originals for Amazon Studios (that’s a mouthful of a job title), James Farrell said:

“We’ve been investing in Canada for several years and are excited to add to that momentum by making ‘The Kids in the Hall’ the first Canadian Amazon Original series. ’The Kids in the Hall’ is an iconic show with a deep-rooted fan base. Several of our global hits, including ‘The Boys,’ ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ and ‘The Expanse’ have been filmed in Canada and we are looking forward to continuing our work with talented producers and crew teams across the country to bring this series to our Prime members around the world.”

Just when could we see this new season of The Kids in the Hall is left to be known but look for it within the next year and a half!

Source: CBC, HBO, Amazon

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