Psycho Goreman

Psycho Goreman: Crazy First Trailer Offers Up A Lot Of Monsters And Blood

The first teaser for the latest feature from Canadian cult filmmaker Steven Kostanski (Manborg, Leprechaun Returns, The Void) has arrived, and horror fans are really going to dig this!

PG, or Psycho Goreman, is about siblings Mimi and Luke who unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord. Using a magical amulet, they force the monster to obey their childish whims and accidentally attract a rogues’ gallery of intergalactic assassins to small-town suburbia. Starring Nita-Josée Hanna, Owen Myre, Adam Brooks, Alexis Hancey, and Matthew Ninaber as PG.

Check out the trailer for Psycho Goreman below:

The trailer is edited and voiced like something you might have found on a VHS tape back in 1986 and also gives us a taste of the practical effects that both Kostanski and Astron-6 (the film’s production company that specializes in this kind of homage filmmaking) are going for.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Kostanski spoke about the influences on the movie. “The core concept of PG is something I’ve carried with me for as long as I can remember,” he said. “What would it be like to have your own monster? As a kid, I was mesmerized by the relationship between John Connor and the T-800 in Terminator 2 and the way this relatable kid could suddenly have a badass villain as his pal. I would fantasize about hanging out with the likes of Skeletor, Megatron, Cobra Commander, and every other Saturday morning cartoon villain. These characters always interested me more than the traditional heroes.”

Kostanski continued.

“I love contrasting operatic space fantasy with suburban banality. This developed out of my love for low budget genre films from the ’80s and ’90s like Masters of the Universe and Beastmaster 2 where budget constraints forced the filmmakers to set their epic stories in accessible real-world locations. I enjoy subverting the safe space of the ‘kids movie’ genre with shocking violence and real-world consequences.”

Astron-6 is a Canadian horror production company that specializes in over-the-top gore effects and affectionate homages to low-budget ’70s and ’80s horror. Its previous movies include the sci-fi horror Man-Borg and the Italian slasher parody The Editor, while Astron-6 member Steven Kostanski directed the acclaimed 2017 film The Void. The latest film from Canadian filmmaker / SFX artist Steven Kostanski was originally intended to premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this month, but the Austin-based event has since been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Psycho Goreman

With its SXSW cancelation, it’s unsure when North American audiences may see Psycho Goreman, but it’s going to an odd favorite among horror hounds.

Source: Dystopia Films and
Raven Banner Entertainment 

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