Danny Trejo

Inmate #1 Celebrates The Rise and Legacy of Danny Trejo!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment released the first trailer for the new film that documents the rise and legacy of an unlikely hero that helped bring the stories of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodgriguez to life.

Danny Trejo has appeared in everything from films like Machete, Con Air, From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado, Predators, Grindhouse, The Devil’s Rejects, to television shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy – he’s even done some more kid-friendly stuff like Muppets Most Wanted. This new feature documentary pays homage to Danny Trejo’s heritage, from his Mexican roots and Los Angeles upbringing to being molded into one of Hollywood’s most unlikely heroes.

Check out the trailer for Inmate #1 below:

Brett Harvey, who directed the hockey documentary Ice Guardians, is behind Inmate #1, which chronicles Trejo’s journey from convict to actor known for his deep involvement in the Los Angeles community.

The new trailer offers a quick overview of what the doc will cover, starting with Trejo’s troubled childhood. Trejo struggled with addiction and violence  (he recalls burying a sawed-off shotgun and a hand grenade in his mother’s backyard during his youth) and frequently found himself in prison. But he eventually turned his life around (being released on Aug. 3, 1969), and it was his new role as a drug counselor that actually led to his first-ever acting job in the 1985 film Runaway Train starring Jon Voight and Eric Roberts.

Danny Trejo

“With a host of celebrity interviews, never-before-seen footage, and personal testimony from Trejo and his closest family and friends, audiences will witness the birth of a Hollywood icon who became a symbol of hope to the people he grew up with and fans around the world. After 46 years of sobriety, he never forgets his roots and is genuinely happy to pay it forward every single day. Trejo has made it his personal mission and debt to society to give back to Chicano communities in Los Angeles through his volunteer work donating food via his iconic Los Angeles based restaurants, buying toys for local children, motivational speaking in prisons, working with animal shelters and being a source of consistent support for those in the neighborhood he was raised in.”

Yesterday, a day to honor and celebrate Mexican heritage, Trejo himself tweeted out the trailer with a Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone.

Inmate #1 will be available on digital in the U.S on July 7.

Source: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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