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America to be Invaded – Red Dawn Remake Releases in 2012

Everybody here holds a soft spot in their heart for the original 1984 Red Dawn. It starred Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Hall, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, and Lea Thompson alongside others as a group of kids who hide out in the woods after their town is invaded by communist forces from Russia and Mexico.

They then make a bad ass stand against the occupiers and save America and freedom. They probably save France again too, bunch of pussies.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

I don’t think that anything could possibly redeem the G.I. Joe movie franchise at this point since that crapfest that was the first G.I. Joe, but I’m sure giving the people behind this movie some credit for trying thus far. The cast seems too good to be true… or to be in this movie. Not only is Channing Tatum returning (Puke), but there are some newcomers you may have heard of. The first is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who recently twittered a picture of him as his character in the sequel, Roadblock:

Now I’m not saying the Rock is a great actor but he definitely has the ability to draw people to the box office. His star presence helped push the latest Fast and Furious movie to the brink of box office juggernaut. Also joining up into the ranks is the one and only Bruce Willis as G.I. Joe commander Joe Colton. This one surprised me the most and made me wonder if Willis was going the Samuel L. Jackson route of just appearing in any movie that would pay him. Also joining the film are Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified), Ray Stevenson (Book of Eli, Punisher: War Zone), and Adrianne Palicki, the hot Wonder Woman who never saw the light of day. That is one decent cast filled with a lot of actors/actresses that I enjoy, minus Channing Tatum of course. Once they manage to get a trailer out I can pass judgement on whether or not I’ll be sucked in by this follow-up to that Stephen Sommers piece of trash.

The 10 Worst Superhero TV Projects

TV and Superheroes rarely mix well, and on the off-chance they do it probably isn’t the best representation of superheroes on the market. Smallville worked, Lois & Clark kind of worked. That’s… about… it. So it’s obviously time to present a list about some of these less than awesome superhero shows. The problem was I had TOO many shows/TV movies to choose from, so I expect to hear about what I’ve missed or that my choices suck or that I need to put down the fork. Wait, what? Anyways, let’s get to the list. We didn’t stick to comic heroes, because sometimes the ones created just for television pretty much define this list.

10.) My Secret Identity

It’s possible this show missed a lot of people’s radar as it was a Canadian TV series, but it aired in syndication in the States. I personally loved this show as a kid, but giving it another look kind brought shame to my younger self. Might have to re-evaluate my love for Biker Mice From Mars.

My Secret Identity is basically Back to the Future meets The Sentry, except no god like powers or Time Travel. Let me explain. Jerry O’ Connell, the fat kid from Stand By Me (he probably hates it when people call him that) plays Andrew Clements, a 14-year-old kid who is zapped by a photon beam while helping his neighbor, 4th smartest man in the world Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoat (the fact that he’s a smart guy inventor dude is obviously the B2TF connection), played by Derek McGrath. Obviously, this grants him super powers (a la The Sentry… sort of). Super speed, Invulnerability, and levitation, with super strength added in later seasons, because why not? He actually used aerosol cans to direct his flight for a time, but that was changed pretty quick.

If you recognized his friend Kirk, played by Christopher Bolton, then you’ve probably seen another Canadian show called Rent-A-Goalie, and I applaud you. Regardless, this show is a terrible excuse at a superhero show, made even more so with Degrassi level quality and Canadian film mentalities. No offense to my homeland’s cinema, but… well…

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Wonder Woman Costume Revealed Again? – Adrianne Palicki

In extremely ground breaking news, according to a new picture recently released online, it looks as if Adrienne Palicki was in fact going to wear the Wonder Woman costume with the accompanying and awesome star spangled underoos. And let me tell ya, these did not look like the Linda Carter star spangled diaper-granny panties from way back when, Palicki was looking excellent in them. BEHOLD:

At first it was something that I thought may have killed the show with her not wearing the underwear but it appears she was going to anyways if the pilot would have aired! I demand that some network out there please man up and give this show a chance! The odds are that it truly did suck, but I prefer that we as fans all get to decide that on our own. So come on Netflix or someone just air the pilot and watch the ratings soar.

Friday Night Lights: Series Recap…or, Why I Love FNL and You Should Too

Victory laps are usually reserved for the revered, the celebrated or the most popular. We are just going to have to settle for the best in this case. As Friday Night Lights made its final season debut on April 15th to tie for last place in the ratings, we must think whether they deserved such an awful way to end its run. DirecTV viewers have been done with the season for months, heck , this fifth season is already out on DVD right now. From a television executive standpoint, you have to wonder, why does this show, the little show that could, even bother? Well, it is the same reason why I was asked to do this article: Friday Night Lights was one of the best damn shows on television in the last decade.

I have been an avid watcher of this show when it first launched back in 2006 to mediocre ratings. I had seen the movie and thought it was worthwhile enough to give the show a shot. Obviously no Billy Bob but hey, life is not meant to be perfect. I remember the pre-launch of the show, and that it had garnered the best reviews, some even declaring the pilot to be one of the best ever made. Granted, critics and opinions do not mean much in the world today of bloggers, or just people who troll IMDB message boards (right boss?), but it was something that had to be seen and watched. I figured, if it is a show about football, it has got to be at least watchable right?

I remember the pilot being easily being unforgettable. It had several moments of intensity, sincerity, levity and just pure fun that pulled me into its grasp. Although it had the same principle plot of the movie, (powerhouse team becomes underdog after horrible injury with a twist), the episode was very well constructed and kept the pace original and fresh to make the idea seem less stale.

That and Matt Saracen (Zack Gilford) is my boy.
That and Matt Saracen (Zack Gilford) is my boy.

Now, I admit, I have a soft spot for dramas. Not only stuff  like 24 or Boardwalk Empire or anything dealing with action and HBO, but I love The O.C. I get crapped on about it every once in a while, because let’s face it, it is not something someone would readily admit out loud. The reason I mention this was because for the most part (effin’ Oliver), the first season of the The O.C. was brilliant. They captured the dynamics of friendship, comedy, relationships so well that I wanted to hang with Seth Cohen, crush on Summer Roberts, and have awesome benefactors like Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. The humanity of people was prominent during the season, and the one thing I always noted was the dynamics of the parents relationship. Sandy and Kirsten acted like adults. They had their issues, ups and downs but they got through it because they did not have their heads up their asses. Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) are that couple.

They keep the show, and everyone involved, as grounded as possible. I give the writers a lot of credit. They threw obstacles at them, but there was not an ex, or a ridiculous plot in order drive a wedge in between the two. It was bigger houses, money , jobs…things real couples argue about in life. They were not perfect, they had their flaws. But they were perfect for that show and for each other.

Watching the first season made me come to the conclusion that it was so good, it probably would not last more than two or three seasons. This came out around the same time that Arrested Development was still struggling to find audiences despite the perfection of that show. No one gave any hope to the critical darlings that kept people entertained, or at least those that watched it. They wanted the low-concept projects that the A.D.D generation did not have to think too much about. Which is fine, I am not here to preach about peoples’ television watching habits or their tastes. I am just happy that this show was able to last five seasons after going down to wire like the Dillon Panthers and the end of every game.

Coach yelling at Riggins. Classic.

The characters drove this show, obviously being led by the Taylors (Chandler, Britton, and Aimee Teegarden) but as with any ensemble show, they are only as good as the surrounding parts. You had Jason Street (Scott Porter), Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki), Smash Williams (Gaius Charles), the Lyla and Buddy Garrity (Minka Kelly and Brad Leland), Kronner’s boy Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch), Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons – Paul), and even Grandma Saracen (Louanne Stephens) in the first season that clicked together.

Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, and Amiee Teegarden.

Madison Burge 3As the seasons progressed, they added more characters such as Luke Cafferty (Matt Lauria – The Chicago Code), Vince Howard (Michael B. Jordan), Jess Merriweather (Jurnee Smollett), and Becky Sproles (Madison Burge) for the last two seasons but it was always the Taylors that took center stage.

They responded to situations in the most human way possible, whether to compromising, arguing, and not doing overly stupid things. They were the moral compass of the show and their impact showed through the last five years in the growth of everyone, even themselves.

The second season had its hiccups with a plot to build new viewership that was just unnecessary and stupid, but we still had the same base. They rebounded the next few seasons and still helped build a consistent and entertaining show to watch.  It is interesting to think that people did not watch the show because it was about football. Or maybe, because it was not about football at all. This is a show about courage, compromise, family, and growing up. Football was just the backdrop. This could have been about basketball, baseball, badminton, whatever, it was just there to help get from point A to point B.

I truly believe that if you give this show a chance, you will walk away impressed and wanting more. There may not be explosions, Kiefer, vampires, or a mysterious island – and the concept may be boring to some, but it truly is one of the best shows on television. There is just something about hearing, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”, that just makes me smile. Give it shot and it may make you smile too.

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A couple of days ago, photos from the set of the Wonder Woman show were spilled onto the internet. The photos show Adrianne Palicki running and in action. But wait! There’s more!

Below, you will see that Ms. Palicki is wearing a different outfit. If you read my last article, (which you should have) you read about the new costume and its differences. The latest photos of the new costume show much-needed changes. First of all, the costume colors are no longer extraordinarily bright and shiny. You will no longer be blinded by her top. However, the Ronald McDonald boots leave much to be desired.

Photos stolen from courtesy of Screen Rant

Wonder Woman is Back… and She’s Missing Her Underwear!

Our favorite Amazonian is coming back to TV in the form of the Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki. Ms. Palicki is no stranger to DC’s television universe as she appeared in both an episode of Smalleville, as well as the TV movie Aquaman.

Are you excited? Because Lynda Carter is! The original TV Wonder Woman has given her public blessing to Palicki via Twitter, and an interview where she said that she wants her to “kick butt”.

I smell a cameo…

Bringing Wonder Woman back to TV seems like a fantastic idea at first – however, there are skeptics out there, and I cannot blame them. There are certain things to consider when casting a lady superhero who is SUPPOSED to be an Amazon woman, and who ACTUALLY is a pretty skinny babe. Don’t get me wrong, from what I have seen of her, she’ll do a fine job playing the super heroine. I am fairly certain however, that she would need a gun to win any type of fight. I do not, for one second think that she could actually do many of the things that I’m sure we’ll see her do in the NBC show. She could only be taken seriously as a rival if the vileness was played by… oh, I don’t know… Elizabeth Hurley. Oh wait…

Who wouldn’t want to see those two brawl?

That being said…

The cast has not been completely decided 100%, but the actors who are set in stone are winners (not Charlie Sheen’s definition of winners… REAL winners). Cary Elwes is playing Henry Demeter, the CEO of Themyscira Industries. Any show co-starring Robin Hood is automatically going to get a big thumbs up from me.

Princess Bride, Robin Hood

As I have already mentioned, Adrianne Palicki will be the star. I have to admit, when I found out that Wonder Woman was coming back, and she WASN’T being played by Kate Beckinsale, I was slightly disappointed. Nevertheless, I believe the curvy, gorgeous, talented Palicki will, I’m sure, do justice to the DC character.

Casted alongside these characters is Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale, our villain. Also, and I give kudos to David Rapaport for casting such promising actors, Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy, and Pedro Pascal as Ed Indelicato.

Here is Thoms in Quentin Tarantino’s DEATH PROOF along with 3 of my (Dr. Kronner) favorite actresses:    L to R – Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell, Tracie Thoms

Another important element of the new NBC show is that Wonder Woman’s famous costume has been altered!

Of course Wonder Woman must come prepared with her lasso of truth at all times, so that has not changed. But she is now sporting long spandex-tight leather/plastic pants as opposed to the old-fashioned underoos. She has also switched from red boots to blue. There is no real way to gauge the potential success of the new Wonder Woman series. Superhero shows as of late have not fared well, most recently NBC’s The Cape lasted only 9 episodes. So all we can do now it is wait and see.

Wonder Woman is set to air this fall on NBC.

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