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The Broken Combat Of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Over the last few months Dragon Age: Inquisition has been raking in Game of The Year wins (even our own Elton Jones gave the game a praiseworthy critique) and we’re currently enduring another game drought, so a couple weeks ago I set aside my better judgment and decided to give the game a shot. To be blunt, It’s been a rough journey. My save file tells me I’m around 60 hours into the game, which, admittedly in a game as large as DA: Inquisition still leaves me with a large portion of the game to play. But with this much time spent on the thing I think I can pretty confidently say that the combat feels terribly broken, and it makes the so-called best game of 2014 one of the most frustrating games I’ve played in years.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review – An Engrossing Adventure Through Thedas

BioWare’s fantasy themed RPG series Dragon Age has garnered love and appreciation from its ardent followers. The mature plot threads, interesting characters and mix of strategic/action oriented combat have made the predecessor and its sequel huge hits. The newest entry in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, not only offers a satisfying mix of both games but it also offers up a new take on an already viable franchise.

Dragon Age: Inquisition places you in the boots of a character who has some connection to The Fade, a green portal in the sky that transports harmful demons into the world of Thedas. After discovering you connection to this chaos and your ability to close widespread rifts, you take on the role of the Inquisitor. This all-important leader position tasks you with spreading your armies influence, gaining followers along the way, dealing with opposers and finding a way to close The Fade once and for all. Thedas is packed with interesting individuals who all have their own missions and desires, which impact your campaign through the use of the immersive conversation system. Getting to know your party members and conversing with normal townsfolk for side missions is an engaging affair that never falters. Your role as the Inquisitor is important and reflected well throughout the lengthy main story.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The visuals themselves are expectedly gorgeous. You’ll take your party on expeditions within lush green forests, dark caverns and other types of familiar locales associated with the Dragon Age universe. The enemy design shines as well, as you’ll contend with hideous abominations that hop out of rifts across the many areas you embark upon. Along with the amazing visuals comes the great voice acting work provided for you and the rest of the game’s important individuals. Your decision making process and long-winded conversations have more of an impact due to the wide range of emotions each character exhibits. When you go for a dialogue option that’s less than nice, the response you’ll get will be sure to hit you harder than expected. The presence of past decisions made from past Dragon Age games also lends more importance to your current journey in Thedas.

Dragon Age Inquisition

As the Inquisitor, you’re tasked with entering huge areas and aiding the denizens there by completing an important mission that will impact your crusade. The huge offering of quests seen in each section of the game is staggering. You can aid the food gathering efforts of a village, take down a group of rogues near an important overpass, fight alongside a mysterious and hopefully future party member, close random rifts, and more. There is so much to do and see. Each side mission is filled with surprisingly important effects that impact your influence over the land. It feels good to take part in seemingly small-time missions and find out they’re outcome is more important by the end of them.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s combat is a perfect mix of the two previous games. You have the option to run head first into battle and actively participate in mowing down the opposition, or you can set up your party members’ actions through the press of a button with an overhead strategic setup. Both methods work well, but the sometimes unruly camera dampers the battle setups a bit. It has a hard time targeting enemies from afar and at different elevations, which sometimes kills the element of surprise before engaging enemies. This issue isn’t too much of a problem during the fun and chaotic co-op battles, which sees you and three other human players go crazy on the battlefield. Along with the battle camera problems are a few instances of game crashing and bugs rearing heir ugly head as well.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Even with those apparent technical issues, Dragon Age: Inquisition is still a finely crafted RPG. Each and every move you make as the Inquisitor has a huge impact on the world you’re trying to save and the incredible trek through Thedas makes you care about each and every person you come across. The open-ended mission structure, vast landscapes, wonderful visual and audio and immersive battles make this an RPG worth getting addicted to.

Images: BioWare, Electronic Arts

Mass Effect Trilogy Trailer

Bioware and Electronic Arts have come together once again to release the epic Mass Effect series, collected as a trilogy. For those who missed it the first time, get the full experience from beginning to end and learn what the hype has been about for the last 5 years.

As one of the biggest fans of the sci-fi epic that is Mass Effect, I personally have very mixed emotions about this. I’m one of the ones who’s been invested in the game since 2007 and held my breath, carrying my character – and every painful decision, sacrifice, and choice through each edition of the game. I’m one of the ones who managed to keep his crew alive ALL through the first two and in the third only lost characters because it was truly for the greater good (I refuse to spoil any of it, even now). And now, the collected edition is here, and it is ALMOST ENOUGH to make me go through it all again and relive the ridiculousness and insanity and pure awesome that was Mass Effect.

If you haven’t gone through the Mass Effect experience and you’re any kind of a fan of science fiction or phenomenal storytelling, you owe it to yourself to get the FULL experience, from beginning to end, and really learn just how invested you can be in that universe of Mass Effect. And, don’t let the people who’ve lost their minds over the endings spoil it for you, the experience alone is FAR worth the trip.

Mass Effect Trilogy is due November 6, 2012.

CCI 2012: Video Game News Roundup

Hey there, people. It’s me again. Comic-Con has been rather quiet when it comes to video games. Just like day 1, nothing much happened in that area of nerdism so I decided to combine day 2, 3 and 4 into one article.

A Mass Effect anime will invade our television sets soon

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is an anime series which is set right before the event of Mass Effect 3. The plot centers on James Vega (voiced by the corny Freddie Prinze Jr.), telling the story of his team’s encounter with the Collectors aka the bad guys in Mass Effect 2. Here’s a brief description of the storyline taken from the official website:

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the prequel to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect 3 and follows the early career of Alliance Marine, James Vega. Vega leads an elite Special Forces squad into battle against a mysterious alien threat known as The Collectors. Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his soldiers must protect the civilians from a ruthless invasion determined to capture the population for unknown purposes. Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with an unprecedented glimpse into the haunted past of Mass Effect’s newest hero!

If you ask me, I don’t really give a shit about the anime. Given how crappy the ending is, there is no reason for me to care. Plus, the animation looks pretty bad. We’re talking about “made using Flash by a bunch of middle-schoolers” level of disaster. Don’t get me wrong. Flash can look fantastic when done right, but Paragon Lost does not seem to be the case. But what do I know? Some people liked the ending. That includes our very own CheeseBadger, who is oh-so-sarcastic all the time. Maybe some of you will enjoy this. As for me, I’ll pass.

By the way, the anime is coming out in November this year.

Oh, there’s also this Mass Effect 3 DLC tease

Word on the street is that BioWare released a teaser. Some speculate it’s for an upcoming DLC. Apparently the story is set underwater and there will be Atlas’s (the Cerberus robot thingy).  I’m not holding my breath for this one. Here’s an interesting question: was that pun intended?

(We’ll update this post as soon as we find the teaser on Youtube.)

The Last of Us introduces a new, bearded character

The trailer shows Joel, Ellie and the new character getting into a building after fending off the zombies, or whatever they’re called. I mean, technically speaking, they have some fungal infection in their brains or some crazy ass shit like that. That part isn’t so zombie-like, but since they’re acting as if they’re high on bath salts, we’ll just refer to them as zombies. They’re crazy, and I think they eat people. Let’s not pretend they’re anything other than zombies, aight?

Anyways, this mysterious figure, Bill, handcuffs Ellie and points the gun at Joel. The men get into an argument as Ellie breaks free to hit Bill with the steel pipe she was handcuffed to. Joel stops her after the first hit and the three talk things out. In short, Bill is the typical “trust nobody” type of guy who’s reluctant to help the protagonists in zombie movies. He’ll probably end up being eaten because he’s not a team player. Now all we need are some token (insert stereotypical minority ethnicity here) guy/gal, a dumb blonde, and a dickish beefcake to make the most predictable zombie video game ever. I am still intrigued by the story though.

More Resident Evil 6 details

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Resident Evil 6’s producer, has released more details on the game.

  • Jill and Claire will not be in the game. Claire will be mentioned.
  • You can switch camera to your character’s right or left.
  • For those hardcore players, the hud display can be switched off.
  • Weapons are scattered throughout levels. No purchases are necessary.
  • You no longer have worry about your AI partner’s inventory. He/She will pick up various items based on his/her needs.
  • Swapping items is possible when you’re playing online co-op.
  • Weapons are not individually upgraded. Instead, you upgrade weapons, among many other skills, through the allocation of skill points.
  • As of current, the game is not going to support Playstation Move.

Capcom has also revealed the voices behind the main characters:

  • Leon S Kennedy – Matthew Mercer
  • Helena Harper – Laura Bailey
  • Chris Redfield – Roger Craig Smith
  • Piers Nivans – Chris Emerson
  • Jake Muller – Troy Baker
  • Sherry Birkin – Eden Riegel
  • Ada Wong / Carla Radames – Courtnay Taylor

I swear to god Laura Bailey and Troy Baker were in every single thing that came out in the last twelve months. Both of them played the Boss in Saints Row The Third (Caucasian female and male respectively), as well as different supporting roles Mass Effect 3 (Laura as the asari lieutenant at the beginning of Priority: Thessia, I think, and Troy as the notoriously comical Kai Leng), and many more. Just look at their IMDB profiles yourself. Here’s Laura’s and here’s Troy’s.

They’re both quite attractive. Just saying…

A Deadpool video game is coming out…

And surprisingly, he’s not voiced by Nolan North, or is he? Oh wait, he is. All that I care about is Deadpool himself actually showed up in Comic Con to announce the game himself, and that was awesome.

The game is being developed by High Moon Studios and will be published by Activision. Anyways, here’s the teaser:


The gameplay itself doesn’t look particularly interesting. It’s seems like another third-person hack-&-slash / shooting. Perhaps the witty dialogue may just be the game changer. Who knows? It’s too early to tell.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Comic Con coverage. Big shoutouts to all of you who read the articles. I know it sounds corny but you are the reason why we’re doing this. We don’t get paid. Please keep following us on Facebook or Twitter (or start now if you haven’t already done so) for more pop culture opinions.