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DC Nu: 52 Brand New #1’s – Green Lantern

In our first, and most recent round up of the soon to be rebooted 52 DC titles, my colleague Supascoot went over 12 of them (including Batman Inc. which had no cover yet), and now it is my pleasure to cover the next four, which sadly…. have no covers.

Starting in September there will be four new Green Lantern titles smashing into our collective faces, and they include the already talked about Red Lantern ongoing series that Geoff Johns teased us with a couple months back. Check out the creative teams and descriptions below thanks to Comic Alliance:


Geoff Johns has been charting the adventures of Hal Jordan and the GREEN LANTERN Corps since GREEN LANTERN: Rebirth, collaborating with such major artists as Ethan Van Sciver, Darwyn Cooke, Prentis Rollins, Marlo Alquiza and Mick Gray.

This fall, Johns reunites with artists Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy, as the series begins anew with GREEN LANTERN #1 with cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Together they will continue to thrill readers and expand the Green Lantern mythos.

Change is coming. But set aside your fear. It’ll be worth the wait.


When deadly conflicts emerge across the universe, it’s up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and an elite Green Lantern strike force to keep the peace.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 will be written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna. The cover to #1 is by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy.


Who are The New Guardians?

The power of Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion and Love combine to be the most powerful (and colorful) team in the corps under the leadership of Kyle Rayner. Beware their power . . . and their volatility!

GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS #1 will be written by Tony Bedard and illustrated with cover by Tyler Kirkham and Batt.

Hopefully it isn’t these creeps


Going solo. Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps return in their own series, battling against injustice in the most bloody ways imaginable. This Lantern Corps takes no prisoners, they are judge, jury and executioners!

RED LANTERNS #1 will be written by Peter Milligan with art and cover by Ed Benes and Rob Hunter.

Obviously after Flashpoint and War of the Green Lanterns, there is going to be some major changes to the Green Lantern titles. And until the War of the Green Lanterns is finished and the reboot happens we won’t exactly know the status of all of our favorite lanterns, or what has changed with some of them, but these descriptions give us a little insight. Fans of all of the other emotional spectrum Corps rejoice and haters groan accordingly, because with a Red Lantern title the other Corps are here to stay.

It’s a given that Hal Jordan will be a Green Lantern still (right?), and it would appear that it’s business as usual for Guy and John Stewart. But Kyle Rayner will be leading a multi-colored ring team in the New Guardians title, so does that mean he will be a bearer of the green light or will he remain as a bearer of the blue light as he currently is in War of the Green Lanterns? Perhaps all of the entities that power the different Corps will inhabit Kyle and his new team of ‘Guardians’.

Of course we’ll know a little more once the covers for these new titles are released, and you can rest assured we will have them for you as soon as they hit the net!

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

With all the news swirling around Green Lantern lately,   it’s no surprise that DC and Warner Bros. animation want to get all they can out of him now. What with the new movie coming out, and all the major comic events he’s been the center of the last couple of years, it brings us to yesterday’s release of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. An animated collection of stories, much like Batman: Gotham Knight, which was released in 2008, just prior to The Dark Knight.

The early feedback on the DVD has been pretty positive, and the movie features Grizzly Bomb Favorite Nathan Fillion as the voice of Hal Jordan. It’s rated PG-13 and runs 84 minutes long. Here is the trailer…

In addition to Fillion, Emerald Knights has some other familiar faces voices involved as well. First off we have Jason Isaacs (Batman: Under the Red Hood), who I deem to be a perfect choice for Sinestro. And while most people now probably think of him as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, to me he’ll always be ‘that dick from The Patriot‘. This is great for Sinestro, who is of course Hal’s nemesis.

Then for the Mad Men fans out there, Elisabeth Moss voices Arisia Rrab, who appears to have a pretty big role in this one…

In addition, also featured will be Kelly Hu (X2, Hawaii Five-O), Henry Rollins (Heat, Sons of Anarchy), and Rowdy Roddy Piper (They Live, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Rollins plays Kilowag, who is one of the most popular characters in the GL universe, while Pipper will be the villain Bolphunga, and Hu plays GL Laira.

The movie is now out on both DVD and Blu-Ray, and the Blu Ray gets you quite a bit more on it…

Available on the Blu-ray copy of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights:

  • Why Green Lantern Matters: The Talent of Geoff Johns – The noted comic book author discusses the lore and longevity of the character.
  • Filmmaker Commentary: With DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Co-Publisher Dan DiDio.
  • Green Lantern Virtual Comic
  • From Comic Book to Screen: Abin Sur
  • Beautiful… But Deadly – From Comic Book to Screen: Laira Omoto
  • Only The Bravest: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps – In depth profile of the interconnected men, women and creatures of the corps.
  • Sneak Peak: ‘Batman: Year One’ – Preview of DC Universe’s next animated original movie
  • A Look at Recent DCU Release ‘All-Star Superman
  • 2 Bonus Cartoons from DCU’s Bruce Timm
I’ll be picking this up real soon, how about you? Any interest?

‘Hawkman’ Treatment: Indiana Jones meets DaVinci Code?

Now obviously nothing is confirmed, or even moving forward, but there has been a report of a Hawkman film treatment out there. And there’s no doubt that DC will be looking at ways to market any and all heroes. Lately it seems comic book movies are getting better and better, and DC has yet to fully tap that market. Sometimes not for their lack of trying.

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DCNu: 52 Brand New #1’s – Batman

Renumbering. It’s a tried and true method of bringing up sales, as well as introducing new readers into the story. Renumbering a popular title is most often done when a high-numbered series is receiving a new creative team, new storyline etc. Spider-Man has done it a few times, The Ultimate Marvel line has done it a few times, but DC has remained relatively unscathed by this trend.

Until now…

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Wanted: American Superhero Symbol – Aquaman, Put Your Hand Down…*sigh*

Let’s face it: Being American is awesome. You get to flaunt freedom, complain about anything, and start chants of “U-S-A!” without anyone knowing a particular reason. It’s pretty awesome.

Of course the other side of being the dominant world power is the opinions of citizens and outsiders are not exactly at an all-time high. Some media explore the American way in both the positive and negative light and that’s their freedom to do so, that’s why this is a great country to live in.

I may not like Kronner’s opinion about how Deuces Wild was better than Spiderman (true story), but he has every right to voice that. But it’s always fun to see comics take on the politics of being American.

We just saw it with Captain America and his Nomad storyline and of course, Action Comics #900 has Superman renouncing his American citizenship. Say what now? The guy who’s as American as apple pie? Yep, that guy.

The story was written by David S. Goyer, and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda, and it explores Superman going to Iran to support the protesters (without violence of course) and the President’s national security advisor doesn’t take this well. About as well as the Iranian regime who looks at this as an act of war. So through his frustration of trying to do the right thing, Supes feels that he cannot operate as a superhero on a global scale if he is an American citizen so he shall go to the United Nations to renounce his citizenship for the good of the world.

Sooo yeah. The fart noise you just made was the same reaction the rest of America had because they decided to go back to the old status quo. In Superman #711, after taking down Livewire (I seriously read that is LimeWire and thought good, it’s been the worst illegal downloading tool for awhile now) Supes decides to monologue about how America is awesome and he just needed to give it a second chance.


Because that’s what America does, it bails people out of their mistakes so they can live in their shame until the next error comes along.

Some good reactions come via Gamma Squad for the panels of renouncing and re-embracing the country that celebrates the number 22nd best soccer team in the world. Bleeding Cool has a great article about it too.

As with the title, I just want to see the applications for next DC symbol of America. I want them to bring Vibe back. Spanish-American break dancer from Detroit?

 That’s soooo apple pie. Apple Pie that can get down with a phat beat!

Flashpoint: Map of the Time Shattered DC Universe

I always love alternate universe/timeline stories in comic books. You get to see characters die that you normally wouldn’t and characters are alive that have been dead for ages. Sometimes you get role reversals where certain heroes are scum ridden pieces of trash and occasionally the villains may be a hero or someone not as bad as their real universe counterpart. Then you also get to see how the world map is drawn differently, such as in the Age of Apocalypse in the Marvel Universe. The evil mutant Apocalypse is ruler of all the United States in that universe, dividing up the country to his Four Horsemen.

Things are no different in DC’s Flash-centric Flashpoint storyline where things are completely ass backwards. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war with one another, resulting in the death of millions, because in this timeline they are not the superheroes we know and love. Check out the map below: (thanks IGN)

The Black Adam protectorate? I hate that guy! And it would appear that Brazil is currently… Nazi controlled? What the hell. At least the Aussies were able to sit this one out, but one can only wonder when some super hero turned genocidal villain will set their sights on them! If you haven’t checked out Flashpoint yet, then go pick up the first issue! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Brand New Green Lantern Trailer With Tons of Footage!

Over at Yahoo Movies, the new Green Lantern trailer dropped and it its packed to the nuts with new footage, A great look at all the characters, and some really great scenes of GL in action. But why am I talking about it, you should just watch it.

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Top Ten Comic Book Villain Beatdowns

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned villain beat down. They get to have their fun destroying all sorts of shit and beating up on the heroes for a multi-issue story arc, or plague a hero in a certain title for years. So it’s only natural that they finally get their comeuppance or a royal ass-kicking.

I should add that this list is my own personal opinion, and I’m sure there are plenty of other examples out there, not on this list that everyone thinks should be, especially since the majority are Marvel villains.

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Flashpoint: DC Comics next Major Event…

Aside from Batman, I was formerly unable to read most DC comics due to a lack of interest. I thought the heroes were too clean-cut, boring and flashy. That was until I was introduced to a little storyline called Blackest Night. I most definitely had never read a Green Lantern comic prior, but a friend told me how great Blackest Night was because heroes and villains were coming back from the dead killing everything in their path.

Click to Enlarge

I thought- “Hmmm… zombie heroes and villains basically? I’m in.” Even though they weren’t exactly zombies, that is still the concept that got me interested. I was not disappointed. The story had much more to it than just super powered zombies, and as a first time Lantern reader I had to piece together who the Guardians were, where the other colored lanterns came from, what each light/emotion meant on the spectrum, where Oa was, and what the Blackest Night meant. I had a great time after reading it, going back and reading everything that lead up to it. This included The Sinestro Corps War, Agent Orange, and Rage of the Red Lanterns. I had a better understanding of the Green Lantern universe after reading so much, and graciously appreciated the exciting new world made great by comic writing superstar Geoff Johns.

After Blackest Night I knew that Brightest Day had to be just as good, so that was the next big story for me. I was wrong, and shame on me for believing that Brightest Day was going to be another Green Lantern centered storyline, because it wasn’t. It instead focused on the 12 resurrected heroes and villains, and the reasoning behind their returns during the Blackest Night.

I’m not saying that Brightest Day is in any way a bad series, I’ve actually heard quite the contrary from fellow readers, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. Fortunately for me the upcoming War of the Green Lanterns story arc will help satisfy my GL cravings when it’s first two parts release today. My review for those will be forthcoming.

Aside from Hal Jordan having a big DC moment to shine in Blackest Night, the Flash also stood out to me as a primary character during the arc. It was rare to see a page where the two heroes weren’t working together, and it was truly awesome to see Flash as a temporary member of the Blue Lantern Corps, because as you know…. he had the ability to instill great hope. I’ve always liked the ‘Barry Allen’ Flash, but I’ve never actually had the desire to pick up a title starring only him. I’m hoping the upcoming Flashpoint event will do for me with the Flash, what Blackest Night did for me with Green Lantern, which is actually have a desire to read a DC character’s comic that isn’t named Batman.

See the Superman jail in the background?
See the Superman jail in the background?

Flashpoint will begin this May, being composed of five issues along with many tie-in books and one shots. However, it was announced at C2E2 that the Flashpoint tie-ins will be self-contained, and not necessary to follow the main story. Personally I like it better when you don’t have to pick up seven titles a week, for six months just to be in the loop which seems to be the trend nowadays with comic events.

Below is an official description of the upcoming arc from ComicVine:

Flashpoint is an event focusing on Barry Allen and the rest of the Flash Family’s efforts to fix the fissures in time, made by unknown forces. It was first mentioned in the sixth issue of Geoff Johns’ The Flash, and will later be seen in a five issue mini series written by Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert starting in May 2011. As with Blackest Night, Flashpoint will be accompanied by a fifteen three-issue mini series, as well as a number of one shots, starring characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more, showing how the event affects their lives.

The series seems very interesting indeed, with these fissures in time having direct effects on many of the main DC heroes. I’m hoping to see a few alternate realities in the spin-off issues, seeing as how time itself is being manipulated, and it appears to be the case according to the promo below:

Oh my….

Bruce Wayne running casinos? Aquaman and Wonderwoman married? Superman detained? Hal Jordan is not the Green Lantern because Abin Sur never died?

Awesome! It has a very Age of Apocalypse vibe running through it, and I assume that Flash and the other speedsters who use the ‘Speed Force’ will be hot on the trail of exactly whatever the Flashpoint is. I cannot wait to get into this story, especially with Geoff Johns writing and Andy Kubert doing the art. Johns has proven himself a genius in breathing new life into characters and making them relevant again, and I have liked Andy Kubert’s art since he was doing X-Men in the 90’s. This seems like a great jumping on point for any passive reader of the Flash looking to expand their comic horizons. (Like me.)

Flashpoint will be speeding to your local comic store in May!