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Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Final Trailer Unleashes All The Monsters And Some LL Cool J

Ever wanted to see Godzilla beat up King Ghidorah set to LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”? Well, Warner Bros. seems to think you might want to see that just hours before the launch of Godzilla: King of the Monsters hits theaters.

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Countdown to Halloween: Godzilla v. King Kong Coming in 2020

That’s right, the two behemoths are set to duke it out once again! In a joint statement, Legendary and Warner Bros. announced on Wednesday that they are creating a new unified cinematic universe that will feature Godzilla, King Kong and other iconic monsters. This comes on the relative success they had with Godzilla last year.

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Countdown to Halloween: Hammer’s Godzilla And The British Studio’s Best

Hammer Horror Films were atmospheric, moody, bloody, and filled with overt sexual voraciousness. The talk of Warner Bros’ reboot of Godzilla getting a sequel, and maybe crossing over with King Kong has sparked our memory to an online video of what Hammer’s version of Gojira might have looked like. We thought this might be a good time to look back at it, and some of our favorite moments from Hammer themselves.

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Size Does Matter: Why King Kong Would Lose in Godzilla/Pacific Rim Jaeger Brawl

Godzilla versus King Kong versus the Pacific Rim Jaegers. Talk about a fanboy (and fangirl, let’s not be sexist here)’s wet dream! And such a big screen brawl would be theoretically possible with the big ape moving from Universal Studios to Warner, which owns rights to both Godzilla and Pacific Rim via Legendary Pictures.

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Homemade Horror: Prelude To Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Grizzly Bomb has dusted off the keyboard and delved deep into the crypts of the world-wide web to dig out some really unique, fun and creepy horror creations made by independent artists with a very unique style.

This collection of artistic creation is all neatly bundled together for you, giving you a visual guided tour of some of the web’s coolest creations.

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Godzilla Teaser Leaked! UPDATED

A teaser for the upcoming Godzilla remake from Legendary Pictures, potentially set for release in 2014, has just leaked to the internet. As of the time this is being written it’s still visible, however it’ll most certainly be taken down within the next 24 hours. Make sure you get a look at the footage now, you might actually not want to let this pass you by.


It actually looks very good. I did not think I’d be interested in a Godzilla movie anymore with so many other action movies taking up the mantle of large-scale destruction. Creature movies like Pacific Rim and obviously Cloverfield have done a much better job of recreating the thrill of a Godzilla film than the last few Godzillas, so when the admittedly awesome-looking poster went public months ago I didn’t bite. This though? This has my attention. Most exciting for me is the brief look at what appears to be another monster that’s already come out on the losing end of a battle. If the upcoming movie brings back Godzilla fighting other monsters, this could be something truly awesome.

Unfortunately, in keeping with the teaser principle, we don’t actually see much of Godzilla himself or get a clear look at the CGI work, but we can guess that there is a very hard focus on realism for the film. The destruction looks more on par with a terrorist bombing than it does a dragon-monster on a cartoonish rampage, and based on the number of bodies strewn about the derailed train in the establishing shot, this movie is not shying away from the very real threat Godzilla presents to the city. I want nothing more than a mature Godzilla film, showing real casualties, that captures the actual shock and horror that would come from such an enormous monster attacking a cityspace. I also wonder if this Godzilla will behave  more like a wild animal or have more of a conscious awareness of his destruction.

This leak has me pretty floored, frankly. I’m extremely excited to see more about this in the future.

Movie News Roundup! New Godzilla Revealed, Transformers 4 Poster Arrives & New Release Date for Ant-Man Movie!

There has been a ton of movie news recently, so much so in fact that we at Grizzly Bomb decided to combine some of the news for an easy to digest package. First off is the news that finally an image of the new Godzilla has come online. Due to be released in 2014, we have had quite a few teaser shots of him (the most notable showing his scaly tail), but now we get to see his actual head (originally from Yahoo Movies).

block buster news godzilla

Now this reviewer is not entirely up to speed on the Godzilla mythology having (to my shame) seen only a few brief clips of the movie franchise itself. But from what I have seen from this poster is that the design is very much akin to the older, original Godzilla than the more heroic faced hero he later became and it certainly does not look anything like the first American remake of the creature. There is also a great amount of detail that has gone into the facial design and to be quite honest it is looking pretty darn awesome. Keep checking with Grizzly Bomb for more information as it arrives.

So from a film this reviewer knew nothing about to a film that quite a few people will wish they knew nothing about, the new Transformers movie Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Now the franchise does have its fans but for a lot of people, Michael Bay’s explode-a-rama of guns, robots and CGI has ruined the fun of Transformers and has become a parody of the action genre. That being said, this film does appear to be trying to sort the previous films problems out and take the movie in a new direction with Mark Walhberg starring and Bay teasing the inclusion of the fan favorites the Dinobots (check out the link here). The new poster release seems to be doing the same thing with a rather restrained image (originally from Inside Movies).

block buster news transformers 4

There is plenty we can take from this poster. For a start who is facing extinction? The sand covered logo is clearly a warped Decepticon badge so are they the ones who are going to be deleted or are they the ones doing the exterminating? With the possible inclusion of the Dinobots, are they the ones in charge of the coming devastation? If so that would be great to hear Grimlock shouting when he is about to crush a Decepticon. Or could it even be the human race that is on the chopping block? Hopefully more will be revealed before its release on June 27th, 2014.


Finally, we nip over to Marvel who have tons of new work in the pipeline but for now, its focus has gone back to a film that keeps popping its little head up every few months, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie (thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the information). Looks like Marvel may be worried about the competition from the recently released news that Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig’s new Bond film because they have changed their original release date of November 6th 2015 (the same month the new Bond film is coming out) to July 31st 2015 (only one release for that month and it’s Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars). It does mean superhero fans will not have long to wait for their hero fix and will be jumping head first into Phase 3. With Avengers: Age of Ultron scheduled for May 1st 2015 and the untitled DC team up of Batman and Superman coming July 17th 2015, it seems the summer of 2015 will be chocker block full of heroes.

Godzilla: News, Casting and Behind the Scene Footage

Godzilla, the latest of the franchise will be released May 16th next year, and recently we have seen an abundance of information on the film. We now know who the cast will be (mostly) and we some short footage of behind the scenes as well as newly released images. The main reason for this article is that we haven’t updated the news on this film since Comic Con, and with some substantial news and updates it felt necessary to share with our wonderful readers.

Godzilla Plot

Official Synopsis:

A giant radioactive monster called Godzilla awakens from eons of sleep and attacks a city.

Well that’s creative and new. Well done Warner Bros. Before we go onto the cast, images and behind the scenes footage we should talk about the prospect of this film being good or bad. On the one side you have Frank Darabont as a screenwriter, the man is brilliant and the master mind to many great films and TV Shows. Mainly The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist and The Walking Dead. However I fear that the Director Gareth Edwards is a little inexperienced to be in charge of such a large production, also I didn’t think his debut film Monsters was all that good. Fear and doubt surround this film for fans of the franchise.


The Cast of Godzilla

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) will be the lead in this film as a Soldier. That is all we know for now and whilst he was good in Kick Ass lately he has looked more and more like a massive douche.


Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe is in this film and that’s pretty much it, again not much has been revealed but he is a well-respected Japanese Actor and a personal favourite so will most likely be the main Japanese character. Actually turns out be the only Japanese actor announced which seems strange for a Godzilla film.


Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche and Bryan Cranston

We know nothing about any of their roles in the film except that Elizabeth Olsen is Aaron’s characters girlfriend and that Bryan Cranston is someone’s stepfather.

Whilst most people will recognise the cast none of them are exactly big star and this could hurt the film’s box office because none of them will be a mass draw for viewers.


Behind the Scenes Footage

We have three videos that have been released which show behind the scenes footage of the filming of Godzilla. First we have a 15 second tease with the director, then a series of “action” takes from the film which show practically nothing as you’d expect this early on.

Set Photos Leaked

Let’s face it we all just want to keep this classic going.