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Gambit Removed From the 2016 Roster

Gambit has had a rough start from the get go. From fumbling around with directors to unhappy actors prior to any sort of production, Fox’s would be golden-child was looking like it may be more of a dud than anything else. However, while we have a bit more of a wait now for the Channing Tatum vehicle than before, it seems to be a blessing for the production of this film.

Gambit was originally slated to be released in the fall of this year, but has now been officially taken off the 2016 roster and is, we assume, being put on the 2017 one. Thankfully, with the success of Deadpool, Fox was able to give Gambit a bit of breathing room as production hasn’t even started for the film.

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Adventures in Romance: Our 10 Favorite Superhero Couples

With the release of the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we couldn’t have been more excited to see DC’s Trinity stand united on the big screen for the first time. And while this film will obviously focus more on Batman and Superman, we couldn’t help but wonder if we might see the comic relationship between Supes and WW explored in any future films.

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More Problems For Gambit as Director Rupert Wyatt Walks

Seems like Gambit just can’t get a leg up these days, as we’re hearing yet another report of problems bringing the Cajun mutant to the big screen. Director Rupert Wyatt has exited the film, leaving the Channing Tatum vehicle without a director as the film ramps up towards production.

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Fox Places Review Embargo on Fantastic Four, Shared Universe Off To Rocky Start?

Shortly after reports of Fox’s newly established cinematic universe, and a potential X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover, things seem to be quickly falling apart. It was announced that Fox has placed an embargo for all Fantastic Four reviews for a day prior to the films release. This does not bode well for Fox. Embargoes are rarely used for films and when they are, it’s usually an indication that the said film isn’t any good.

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Pete Holmes Brings The Funny With His Ex-Men Shorts

Now we all know Marvel’s mutants get a rough deal. Dying, getting brought back to life, having their powers stripped away and almost causing the destruction of the Earth all seem to happen on a weekly basis for these guys. So it’s nice to see that Pete Holmes can inject some humor into the X-Men world with a series of shorts from his late night talk show, called Ex-Men.

The basic premise behind this is that Professor X is cleaning house and ridding the X-Men of the more useless or flawed members. The shorts amount to Xavier, played by Holmes, calling the various mutants into his office to sack them all. So sit back and enjoy Charles Xavier in a more twisted vein than we are used to seeing, shit-canning some of our favorite heroes with absolute joy:




The full playlist is available on Pete Holmes’s Youtube page and includes Storm, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee.

My personal favorites are the Wolverine one that plays Logan as a dumb jock and the Angel sketch where Xavier cannot stop wetting himself over how awful Warren Worthington really is.

If you liked these then maybe check out Pete’s fantastic Batman parodies, which started out as a collaboration between College Humor and Holmes’s sketch comedy group Front Page Films and more recently have been incorporated into The Pete Holmes Show. Here’s a taste: