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No Redeeming Qualities: Mickey Goes Hard

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the  No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! So now Bob and Zipp are in their post-Thanksgiving mode and marathoning the Balboa legacy, though they’re are easily distracted by UFC and Canadian mullets. They also make us all feel old when they talk about Seinfeld and The Simpsons (seasons 2 & 3 are excellent).

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Grizzly Top Ten: Best Thanksgiving Movies

For me Thanksgiving has always been about Detroit Lions Football, good food, and family. Probably in that order too. But that’s not to say that there aren’t some fond memories of the occasion watching something other than Football. The following list of films are those that are, at least in part, dedicated to the 3rd Thursday of each November. Now being sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas, the 2 days that have inspired the most movies doesn’t leave us with the widest selection, but there is no shortage of quality.

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Random-Ass Movie Reviews: Ip Man 2 (or Rocky 4…)


Let’s play: Ip Man 2 or Rocky IV!

While watching Ip Man 2 (2010) starring Donnie Yen, a song kept repeating in my head. I had a hard time understanding why one line kept circulating through my thoughts, and an equally hard time understanding my compulsion to be in a Siberian forest trying to outrun Russian KGB agents. Then, as the song started materializing out of my mouth, it became clear: “There’s no easy way out/There’s no shortcut home!”

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‘The Wolfman’ Remake – Too Soon?

The Wolfman, starring Benicio del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins came out last year to poor reviews and a low box office. This was shattering to the studio that had planned for a money making trilogy to cash in on the recent drive for all things werewolves and vampires.

“I said he flip ya. Flip ya for real.” – The Usual Suspects? Nobody gets me…

So you’d think that with The Wolfman ‘failing’ at the theaters that would be it for the movie. But no, that just is never the case these days. So instead of just going ahead with their planned sequel, they have reportedly opted instead to simply remake the movie… again. After only one year.

Universal is saying that it’s a remake of the classic version and not the one from a year ago. But the one from a year ago was a remake of the classic version as well, so really who knows anymore. Also they may call it Werewolf, further throwing originality out the window.

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