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Trekking Before An Unexpected Journey: 9 Minutes of Footage from New Star Trek before the Hobbit

Our friends at Geek Exchange report that before moviegoers return to the Shire in the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, they’ll get a glimpse into darkness, as in a 9 minute preview of Star Trek: Into Darkness. This is only available, however, during the IMAX viewing of The Hobbit releasing December 14th. The rest of the world will have to wait the official release, or for someone to bootleg it onto YouTube later that day. If you’re not springing for the IMAX show (which, based on preliminary speculation, will probably be amazing) you can still catch a glimpse of Kirk, Spock and crew in the trailer attached to the movie.

As a fan of nearly all things Trek (except for IV, that was really bad…and Voyager was hit or miss at best) and virtually everything JJ Abrams touches, I’m extremely excited to see his latest foray into the Trek-verse. Let’s just hope he cuts down on the lens flares a bit this time around.

Personally, I liked Abrams treatment of the reboot and the tweaks on the original storyline. Though there were clearly some divergences from the Trek that many of us know and love, it was a refreshing take on the saga. Spock and Uhura hooking up were an especially unexpected (but pleasant) surprise, as it was nice to see Kirk out of sorts when it came to the ladies. I’m hoping that  the relationship, as well as the rivalry/camaraderie between Kirk and Spock will be explored in greater detail, giving us some insight into how they became such incredible friends over the years.

Also, let’s hope that the villains this time are more calculating and conniving, as Nero seemed to be a bit less of a formidable foe than I would have hoped. Will we see Klingons? Or maybe a young Khan Noonien Singh in this version? Rumors abound, but nothing is set in stone. Keep your eyes on the G-Bomb and we’ll update as we learn more.


Are you excited for the new “Trek”? What do you want to see in the next iteration of Trek? Sound off in the comments below!

Screenshot of Klingon from ‘Star Trek 2’!

2009’s Star Trek did what many considered impossible, and that was to make Star Trek hip, fun and exciting for a general public. Now most nerds like me, (and the millions and millions of Trekkies out there), have always found Star Trek fun and exciting, but JJ Abrams shot some lifeblood into a series that was admittedly getting stale. Nemesis anyone? Yeah. So after the movie came out, was a huge hit critically and financially, we all expected a sequel, because Star Trek and sequels is just a given. And we waited. And waited. We bought the blu-ray, the crossover/tie-in comics, and we waited more, and nearly 4 years later, we’ve finally been given a small glimmer of the hope that we had from the first film the moment we popped in that DVD and fired up the deleted scenes.


To explain, the original cut of 2009’s Star Trek, had a scene where the villain, Nero, spends some time in a Klingon jail, and broods for years thinking of his revenge on Spock, because what else is an angry Romulan to do? It was a tease of a scene though, and we only got a glimpse of some of the Klingon helmets, which were evidently suited to accommodate their large forehead ridges.

Let’s just not mention the whole ridges/no ridges continuity/new continuity debacle ok?

So during the MTV Movie Awards, JJ Abrams was in some kind of skit, about something having to do with MTV, and I’m not sure what it was because I don’t watch MTV because I’m not a 14-22 year old brainless girl. Enterprisingly enough, (I know, I hate my puns too), JJ took it as an opportunity to hide in it a still of a Klingon from the NEW Star Trek movie, that is finally being developed. Here’s the skit, but you can skip to the still itself below, and nobody will judge you.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for more firm details on the movie, as right now everything is a guessing game, other than the presence of Klingons. Personally, I’m hoping for some sweet Gorn on Gorn action…

That’s what I’m talking about.

Also, if you missed them, we have a couple of set photos from the movie HERE

Star Trek 2 Set Photos: Benedict Cumberbatch!

So here’s a couple of quick little glimpses of Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Star Trek 2, as he is playing the new supposed mystery villain in the forthcoming (And eagerly anticipated) sci-fi sequel. But then again maybe it won’t be such a mystery once his name is revealed. I’m sure some mindless Trekkies will blurt out a dozen theories about which character he is supposed to be from the old show. Check out the first picture with Cumberbatch feeling the wrath of the Vulcan Death Grip:

Our next photo shows him being held at phaser point by the beautiful Zoe Saldana who plays Uhura in the new Trek films:

One can only hope that we’ll soon have a trailer for this bad lad. 2009’s Star Trek was by far one of the best movies that year. It re-invigorated that franchise and brought in tons of new fans, myself included. I always hated Star Trek, but absolutely loved the new one. Not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch from BBC’s Sherlock is in it to play the newest villain. I’ve not watched any of Sherlock, but Dr. Kronner talks like he would totally make out with Buttercup Cumberbatch because the show is so amazingly awesome. I’m sure in the coming days more and more set photos will begin hitting the web and eventually plot details. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!