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DC Nu: Brand New #1’s – ‘Solo Heroes’

Welcome to the latest edition of Grizzly Bomb’s look at the DC Nu. It’s the ‘don’t call it a reboot’ reboot of 52 DC titles, all starting over at #1 (or getting their actual first issue, it’s a little confusing at times). So far Darth Saeris and myself have taken a look at the Batman titles, the Green Lantern titles, Superman, and the Teen Heroes of the DC Universe. And that puts us somewhere below half way done. This is epically huge and far-reaching, and news hits every day regarding the DCNu.

So personal feelings aside, which do involve excitement mixed with trepidation, I think DC has if nothing else, mastered the buzz level needed for this kind of undertaking. Everybody’s talking about this. And then on the flip side, everybody wonders what’s going on over at Marvel to match this. Well, we’ll talk about Marvel soon enough…

This edition we will be covering some of the more Solo heroes of the DCNu. Well, solo after the reboot, or during, sometime in the past, ongoing series, LeBron James…52…52…52… Continue reading DC Nu: Brand New #1’s – ‘Solo Heroes’

Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episode I ‘Healthcare’

I think we’ve really own scratched the surface of Original Web Series that are floating around on the web. We’ve talked about a couple, such as the new Mortal Kombat: Legacy series, and the funny yet frightening Psycho Ex-Girlfriend. So now I think it’s time to bring you another series that I have become a huge fan of. It’s called Avengers Assemble. It takes a look into the more humorous, and often more human side of the Avengers.

The series starts off with an average Avengers meeting. But as the season progresses you get to see a cast full of hilarious versions of our favorite characters in a sometimes raunchy, often times hilarious, and most times refreshing parody of the Avengers; tasked by Human Resources and dealing with budget cut. I could keep rambling but I think I’ll just show you the first episode:

“Jan, what happened to your eye?”

“I fell into a door…”    Continue reading Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episode I ‘Healthcare’

Marvel Comic Review: Invincible Iron Man #503 – Fear Itself

Now I want to caution anyone who is only a casual Iron Man fan such as myself who was just hoping for a Fear Itself tie-in. For the most part this is not one of those tie-ins. Granted, I liked the issue even if I didn’t comprehend what is going on fully from missing the first two parts of the arc. Salvador Larroca helped my like of the isssue immensely, because his style to me is just about perfect with the right colorist/inker which it was with the talents of Frank D’Armata. So besides it being written by Matt Fraction, the connection of Tony proposing to build a new city for the Asgardians and one of the Serpent’s falling hammers at the end, it really didn’t have much to do with Fear Itself.

  Continue reading Marvel Comic Review: Invincible Iron Man #503 – Fear Itself

Marvel Comic Review: Fear Itself – Book 1

Well it’s here people. Fear Itself has arrived on comic book shelves. Did it wow me as much as my hype ridden brain was expecting?


But it wasn’t supposed to I surmise. It wasn’t bad, just a whole lot of needed set up. It set the stage by showing us the main villains, the heroes and where the Asgardians stand at this point.

*Beware my spoilers!*

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