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GB Christmas Special: Knock Off Toys 2013

Last year I did an article showcasing some of the best knock off toys on the market. Now this may seem strange to have a best knock off toy, with the term knock off implying that the toy itself is not going to be of the standard you would think. But some of these figures are just plain genius in their design while others are so bad, they need to be showcased around toy stores so people are aware of some of the rubbish that can filter on to shelves if shop suppliers are not vigilant. So this year I decided to do the exact same thing, because it is entertaining to see just what new knock of toys have come out in a year. So without further ado, here are some of the best and worst toys out there. If you ever see these toys in a toys shop then you are really in a bad toy store!

These toy examples came from Pleated Jeans which amassed a whole selection of really bad toys. The worst has to be a toss up between Superman on a horse (?) figure or the truly awful Chewbacca figure.

knockoff toys star wars 1

knockoff toys star wars 2

The next batch of slightly shoddy toys (from numerous websites listed below) all seem to be based on recognizable characters from film and TV screens. It is always fun to watch Bugs Bunny advertise the slightly embarrassed looking Munsters toys and there are many more awful toys that follow. My personal favorite out of these is the cartoon style jigsaw puzzle based on Tim Burton’s Batman. As a child I would have done this and as a man-child I am still quite tempted. The Judge Dredd-ful toy is inspired as well.


Then we are left with the odds and ends and also the end of this article. To end, we have a return from our old friend, Robert Cop. The internet is full of these kind of galleries and if you dig deep you will find a wide range of rubbish to pour over. So until next year have a great celebration and see you in the New Year with more knock off toys!

The Griz Bin: Crazy Superhero Origins, Batman & Robin One-Liners & Inappropiate Toys

Here we are again with another look at the Griz Bin.

New Lego Arkham Asylum Set Announced – If you like Lego and Batman you’ll love this neat looking enormous new 1351 piece set. It also includes 8 minifigs – including Batman, Robin and The Joker. [Comics Alliance]

7 Completely Insane Golden And Silver Age Superhero OriginsIncluding Mr. Satan and The Zebra. These are definitely bat shit crazy. Perhaps you know of more bonkers ones. [Topless Robot]

Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012 Cosplay PicturesOk, so they’re not all comic book related but they do include Batman, Batgirl, Bane, Black Widow and even a great Lady Rocketeer. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Batman Fan ArtA plethora…a gaggle…a flock…a…what is the collective noun for a group of Batmans…Batmen…I give up. [Project: Rooftop]

The Ten Worst One Liners From Batman And RobinStaying with Batman here is 10 truly terrible one liners from the most terrible Batman film ever. [Comics Should Be Good!]

DC vs Marvel At The Box OfficeSticking with films, here is an infographic looking at the U.S. box office performance of DC and Marvel over the last 50 years. Who will lose? Considering both Batman And Robin and Catwoman are on this list, I think we do. [Fancy Dress Costumes]

Weird And Inappropriate ToysA look at some of the toys that really should have never have escaped. Including the infamous Wolverine inflatable hammer. [io9]

Probably The Greatest Wonder Woman Panel In Comic HistoryThis is just…fantastic. [io9]

Avengers PugsAnd finally, here are 4 pugs cosplaying as the Avengers. They are so cute it’s unbelievable. [Gamma Squad]