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An In-Depth Breakdown of ‘Lesnar vs. Overeem’

On December 30th, the UFC is putting on UFC 141, whose main event will feature a heavyweight collision between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem! I felt it necessary to throw my two cents into the penny fountain that everybody else has thrown their two cents into, and give you my breakdown of this fight and my prediction for it.

Brock Lesnar is coming off over a year off from fighting, and during which he had to overcome his second serious bout with Diverticulitis. Last October, we saw Cain Valasquez pick Brock Lesnar apart in the first round with his striking, until a final TKO victory for Valasquez, stealing the title from Lesnar. I will not say that striking is Lesnar’s issue, after all who can forget the incredible right hand that sent Heath Herring in a backward cart-wheel across the cage, breaking his Orbital bone. I will say that Lesnar’s issue, is striking defense. Brock hasn’t quite found out how to get hit, and keep moving forward. This fault may present a huge problem when fighting Alistair, who will undoubtedly be the best striker that Lesnar has fought thus far in his career.

Overeem comes into this fight making his UFC debut, and there is a big question mark over how well he is going to be able to stop Brock Lesnar’s takedowns. Brock has made quite a name for himself with his explosive takedowns, over powering of opponents, and destructive ground and pound.

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UFC on Fox debuts with JDS vs. Valasquez!!

For quite some time now we’ve seen the UFC offer us free fights on SPIKE TV, the word “lackluster,” would accurately describe these fights. With this being said, when the UFC announced recently that a deal was made with FOX, my excitement level was all but high for what crap we were sure to be given.  Without wasting too much time, the UFC just announced that for the debut fight on FOX, UFC fans will get to see none other than, Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Valasquez for the UFC heavyweight title on November 12! This is huge news for any big time UFC fan who has until now had to pay ungodly amounts of money to see any great fight on pay-per view.

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UFC Happenings and Updates: Lesnar vs. Prairie Dog and a Drunk Conan the Barbarian

First things first – Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – Brock Lesnar has a special message for all of you.

Before you start your bitching about him shooting prairie dogs, do a little bit of research into what those little shits can and do to a few acres of farm land.

After a second hard fought bout with Diverticulitis, Brock Lesnar is apperantly healthy and ready to begin training again.

At UFC 131, we saw Junior Dos Santos dominate Shane Carwin to become the number one contender for the heavyweight title, so the fight between Valasquez and Dos Santos for the title is already set for some point in the near future.

My prediction however, is that Brock Lesnar will more than likely get a number one contendership shot for his first fight back in the UFC, and my guess is that it will be against somebody like Frank Mir.

Next, we have all seen that UFC pulls all sorts of fans and celebrities out to their events, Hell we even saw the Undertaker attempt to start shit with Brock Lesnar last fall, but I don’t think I have ever seen a celebrity interview better than this.

That’s right Conan the Barbarian is in the house and apparently the beer was on sale that night. I still think my favorite part is how Mike Goldberg is trying desperately not to laugh during this interview.

Back to the fighters – Now, a lot has happened in the light heavyweight division since my last UFC post back in May. First off, we have it set for September, Jon Jones will have his first title defense, and against none other than Quintin “Rampage” Jackson. I will never overlook Rampage as a fighter, he is a well-rounded competitor who I will not count out at this point. I will say that this will undoubtedly be his toughest fight in a while. He is going into a fight with Jones, who proved his abilities by making Mauricio “Shogun” Rua look like a second rate competitor when he defeated him for the title. Jones has incredible striking and as good as Rampage is in that department, I don’t know if he can hang with this guy.

(Speaking of hanging, I’ll get to you in a minute Dennis Hallman, don’t you worry).

I’m personally looking a little further into the future as far as the light heavyweight title is concerned. With Rashad Evans destroying Tito Ortiz in the second round of their fight last month he has guaranteed himself a title shot against the winner of the fight next month. Assuming that Jones wins next month, we’re going to have a Hell of a fight between team mates and friends, Evans and Jones in the near future.

This weekend we have UFC 134, and as most of you know, this will feature Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami for the middle weight title.

The last time these two fought was back in 2006 at the “Rumble on the Rock,” tournament, where Silva, who was clearly the favorite, got disqualified for an illegal head kick.

With Silva being the clear favorite in this fight, this brings me to a burning question and that is, what’s next for Anderson Silva? He has not lost a fight since his 2006 disqualification to Yushin Okami, and we’ve seen him dominate most opponents since then. Now, as many of you have probably heard, there has been rumor about trying to get Georges St. Pierre to move up to the middle weight division as face Anderson Silva for the title.

After all, both fighters are clearly in a division where they cannot be touched, and it’s going to begin to bore us all, if we have to continuously see both men win every fight they have without effort. My reaction to the idea of the dream fight between GSP and Anderson Silva is simple, it’s good competition but bad entertainment. Now before everybody attacks me for this statement, let me explain a little bit.

If this fight truly happened, it may determine who is the best fighter in the UFC, however, could you guys imagine how boring a fight like this could potentially be between two fighters who are as cautious as both of these two men. Let’s take a look at what happened last time Georges St. Pierre fought.

He fought a man, Jake Shields, who was about as evenly matched in my book to Georges St. Pierre as a fighter could possibly come. The hype was there, the crowd was loud, and about three rounds into the fight you could begin to hear boo’s. The crowd was getting restless, because there was too much overly cautious standing around, and it was a boring fight!

The exact same thing happened when another overly cautious fighter, Anderson Silva fought Vitor Belfort. Except this time the crowd started booing in the first round, after about two minutes of standing around before one person committed to trying any offense. Although we were treated to that vicious head kick knock out a few minutes later. No doubt, that this overly cautious, patient fighting style is what it takes to be the best, but matching two fighters whose styles are identical in this fashion, could be a recipe for a fight without a lot of action in it.

With that being said, would I love to see that fight? Absolutely I would, and the reason I would is because after seeing both men dominate their divisions, I want to know ultimately who is the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC right now.

Finally – Hallman, Hallman, Hallman, none of us wanted to see the angle of your dangle last month at UFC 133, please don’t ever wear these again. And for those of you who are wondering, those lovely trunks that Dennis Hallman has on in the picture above, will not be legal from here on out. Immediately after the Hallman fight last month, Dana White got on twitter and announced that he will be making it illegal to ever wear those again in competition.

I guess we’ll never know what Roy Nelson looks like sporting a pair of those bad boys.

With Brock Lesnar on his way back, Evans awaiting the winner of the Jones/Rampage fight, and no more speedos in the octagon, I’m excited about the rest of this year. We’ve got one slobber knocker coming this weekend, so everybody find your nearest Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday, and check it out.

UFC 134 will be this Saturday at 9 pm ET on pay-per-view! Prelims as always start an hour before on Spike TV!

An Overview of the ‘UFC 130’ Fight Card

Up until last week, UFC 130 was looking like it possessed one of the most stacked fight cards for a UFC pay-per view in quite some time. However, with injuries plaguing both Frankie Edgar and Grey Maynard, the 3rd match between the two which was set for Edgar’s lightweight title will be put on hold for now, which will leave fight fans looking forward to a main event between Matt Hamill and Quintin “Rampage” Jackson instead. Though this will obviously not be a title fight, but the winner of this fight may very well be looking at a number one contender-ship for the light heavyweight title in the near future.

Quintin Jackson will enter the main event at UFC 130 with a 31-8 mixed martial arts record, with his last victory coming from what some would consider a controversial decision in his bout with Lyoto Machida last November at UFC 124. With perhaps the best slamming power in the division, and quick striking (14 knockouts), Quintin Jackson has been a force to be reckoned with his entire career as a mixed martial artist. Matt Hamill, who is also a bit of a knock out artist as well, will enter the fight with a 10-2 record, coming off of a 5 fight win streak against the likes of Tito Ortiz, Keith Jardine, and Jon Jones (disqualification), and can be far from counted out in this match up.

Next up is Frank Mir vs. Roy “Big Country” Nelson in the heavyweight division.

“Seriously, I’m just Big-Boned.”

Mir will come into this fight with a professional MMA record of 14-5, while his opponent Roy Nelson comes in with a record of 15-5. When you break down the two fighting styles, I really   believe we are given an interesting match up. Both fighters come in with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Frank Mir is a submission expert, winning 8 of his 14 victories by way of this. Roy Nelson on the other hand possesses strong hands to compliment his Jiu-Jitsu skills winning 8 of his 15 victories by knockout. Despite there not being a title, or a number one contender-ship on the line either, both fighters still have much riding on this fight.

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