Nike to Produce Marty McFly’s Shoes?

It’s the best idea Nike has had in years, and it’s not at all new. In 1989 film fans everywhere flocked to see Back to the Future: Part II, sequel to the single greatest film ever made. In said film, Marty McFly traveled though time to the year 2015. The future was filled with 3D sequels to movies, books sold in antique shops, and shoes with automatic laces. And while 3D movies are everywhere now, and bookstores are closing left and right, we still hadn’t nailed down the intricacies of the ‘auto lace’. Untill now.

This is from The High Definate:

Last year, word got out that legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and company filed a patent for an Automatic Lacing System similar to the technology featured on the “Marty McFly” Nike Air Mags in Back To The Future II. Since then, fanboys and sneakerheads alike have been speculating that Nike was working on a real-life version of the Air Mags. Speculate no more, because those shits are coming.

Around midnight tonight, members of the media and the fashion world got calls from Nike inviting them out to Los Angeles for a top-secret special event, hosted by Hatfield himself. Following the calls, a video by a YouTube user named DocEmmettBrown88 dropped the following video, showing what appears to be “shelves and shelves of 2011 Nike MAG shoes”.

Here’s the video…

This news was sent to me by several people over the last 12 hours or so as most everyone knows my affinity for the movies, and I wouldn’t be true to myself if this really comes out and I don’t buy a pair. So for the first time ever, Nike is guaranteed some of my cash. Or rather some of my Credit Card company’s cash…

Now bring on that hoverboard!

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