Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 2 – ‘Booster’ Review

Filling in for Dr. Kronner this week: NTroy5000

So, episode 2 continued in the slow plodding manner that the first episode set the precedent for. I’m glad that the story for the show continues to be engaging, if it wasn’t I don’t think it would be able to hold my attention.

Spoilers Ahead>>>>>>>>

In episode 2 we get to meet Luis Torres (played by Benito Martinez of The Shield) and Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada (played by Danny Trejo) two members of a Mexican cartel that Clay intends to do business with, expanding the Sons into the roles of drug runners. This is why Jax and Clay make a deal; if Jax helps support Clay in his decision to mule drugs for the Mexicans, he will be able to leave SAMCRO when Clay steps down.

As has become normal for Nancy Drew Gemma, she snoops around trying to find out how much Jax knows about his father’s past and untimely death.

Meanwhile, Jax and Opie are held hostage by the Russians who are looking for their guns. Guns that have already been sold to the Mexicans. I feel that Danny Trejo will make an interesting addition to the cast and I’m excited to see how things with his character play out. One of the best moments of the episode was when Romeo and Luis showed up to save Jax and Opie from the Russians by very briefly, but effectively kicking ass, and then – as abruptly as they arrived, they leave.

Something I am kind of getting sick of with this show is all of the plotting and snooping that Gemma does. I understand that it involves a major element to the plot but when Gemma is involved I feel like I’m watching a rerun or something. Can we please resolve this plot thread or at least make her snooping more interesting in some way?

All in all I think the episode was on par with the first. I look forward to future episodes, but I really hope things start to pick up speed down the line.

2.5/5 Bears

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