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Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 4 – ‘Una Venta’ Review

Let the hypocrisy fly! Clay doesn’t want charters selling drugs, but it’s ok the mule them for the cartel? Bobby sees it, why can’t Clay? Anyhow, last night the Sons went on their first run for the Cartel and while things went relatively smooth, they did have some issues with their Tuscon charter, which draws some unfavorable comparisons to the Redwood. Despite their problems with the Irish, the Mexicans, the Russians, the Triads, and the law – this is just another example proving that the club’s biggest problem, is the club. And that’s what ‘Una Venta’ was all about.

While the whole episode was mostly just to further drive a wedge between Bobby and Clay, there is more. We see another parallel between the Tuscon Club and SAMCRO – Tuscon’s Reggie was sleeping with the old lady of another member, just like Bobby was sleeping with Luanne, who of course was married to Otto. Well Mr. State’s Attorney Potter, under the guise of a Sheriff’s Deputy, has let Otto know about the affair, and done his best to convince Otto that Bobby killed Luanne. The audience however knows that Luanne was killed by Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold) way back in season 2.

 The other major development is with Tara and Piney, discussing John Teller’s letters and then ultimately Piney’s health issues as he collapses in Tara’s office. Overall, Piney’s health and Bobby’s affair both hearken good news for Clay, as they will surely play out in his favor.

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 2 – ‘Booster’ Review

Filling in for Dr. Kronner this week: NTroy5000

So, episode 2 continued in the slow plodding manner that the first episode set the precedent for. I’m glad that the story for the show continues to be engaging, if it wasn’t I don’t think it would be able to hold my attention.

Spoilers Ahead>>>>>>>>

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