Ghostbusters 3: We Ain’t Afraid of No Sequel (anymore)

It was seeming like it would take events of biblical proportion to get Bill Murray to come over to the dark side, aka: Dan Aykroyd’s driving force to produce Ghostbusters 3. Rumors have been swirling for years, but it seems like Murray has finally, definitively said no or at least Aykroyd has finally conceded as much. Other than the fact that the screenplay is reportedly awful, Moviefone’s Mike Ryan does a pretty good job of examining the reasons Murray has let this one pass on bye, including an interesting nugget you might not have known about Murray’s original involvement with Ghostbusters.

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!” 

“He’d star in a movie called Ghostbusters in exchange for The Razors Edge being released. Ghostbusters went on to gross $238 million; The Razors Edge (filmed before Ghostbusters, but released four months later) tanked, grossing only $6.5 million. Murray was so crushed by the failure of The Razor’s Edge that he moved to Paris and didn’t star in another film — save for a cameo in Little Shop of Horrors — for another four years. Today, Murray doesn’t have to make trades to get a movie produced.”

You can’t blame Aykroyd for wanting to continue what is probably his best character since Elwood Blues, but you also can’t blame Murray for not wanting the Ghostbusters franchise to go the way of Blues Brothers 2000Ghostbusters 2 was bad enough.

Fortunately, for the good of all humanity, Aykroyd has come to realize that there is no way that they can make Ghostbusters 3 without Murray, and consequentially there are no plans for a Murray-free version ie: dead Peter Venkman. So it seems unless the heavens unalign we will continue to see Bill Murray populate quirky Wes Anderson worlds like Moonrise Kingdom and continue to launch the careers of Coppola offspring. Dan Aykroyd on the other hand… Yogi Bear returns?

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