Logan's Run

Logan’s Run Remake To Be Written And Produced By Simon Kinberg

After years in development hell, Logan’s Run is being primed yet again for a remake, this time with writer-producer Simon Kinberg.

Kinberg is being hired to write the story and the treatment for the Logan’s Run remake at Warner Bros., which has been kicking around at the studio for years. Bryan Singer tried to get the movie made with Oscar-winning writer/Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie penning the screenplay. Most recently, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn tinkered with the project with Ryan Gosling starring. Those two departed a few years ago, and Logan’s Run went dormant yet again until most recently.

Teen-oriented dystopian films are incredibly popular at the moment with franchises such as The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent. Logan’s Run could fit very nicely in that trend that is currently bringing in some large box-office returns. It must be harder for Warner Bros. to continue to ignore the possible potential a remake of Logan’s Rucould have at the box-office, especially with hard-working individuals such as Kinberg behind the scenes.

Kinberg is a writer and producer behind a ton of superhero movies, including the upcoming Fantastic Four, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Deadpool films. Not to mention, Kinberg is a consultant on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he’s writing an upcoming Star Wars Anthology film, and he writes and produces the Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels. Toss in association with such films like The Martian, The Leviathan and Magic the Gathering for good measure and you have one busy man.

The story of the original 1976 sci-fi film takes place in a dystopian society in which citizens are killed once they reach the age of 30 in order to control overpopulation. Warner Bros. has been trying to produce a remake of the cult classic (adapted from a 1967 novel by William F. Nolan), since 2000.

Image: Warner Bros.

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