Captain America: Civil War – Trailer and Posters Shed Some Light On Story

Those who tuned into Jimmy Kimmel Live last night were given a pretty amazing treat as Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. brought the first officially released footage from the next huge film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Captain America: Civil War.

Now I want to spend a few paragraphs going over some of the politics represented within the trailer and how it reflects on our modern societies… ah screw it. Let’s just watch the trailer, that’s what you came here for anyway.

I’ll let you take a moment. Want to watch it again? Be my guest.

Now, let’s talk. There has been so much discussion about this film, with much of it focusing on a certain arachnid web-slinger who is  making his first appearance during Civil War. Let’s rip that band-aid off right away, there is no footage or even tease of Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Unless you’re buying this;

The trailer opens on a familiar scene, which we first caught a glimpse of in the post-credit stinger of Ant-Man. Our trio of heroes from Winter Soldier – Cap, Falcon and Bucky – in a room discussing Bucky and his memories, who is trapped in some kind of vice. It’s apparent from the beginning of this trailer that this film will maintain a heavy focus on the relationship between Cap and Bucky, which flies in the face of some rumors that felt Bucky would only be a side character in the film.

However, as we move through the trailer it becomes fairly evident that the film is actually pretty Bucky-centric, with a lot of the resulting chaos seeming to spring from either an action of the formerly brainwashed Winter Soldier, or Cap’s refusal to allow his friend answer for these crimes. This ties in nicely to the larger issue of who is responsible for the Avengers, especially following the events of Age of Ultron  that saw the city of Sokovia destroyed.

This event has been mentioned in every film or TV series since Age of Ultron, and we always knew this was going to be a big point to the Superhuman Registration Act, which has been renamed the Sokovia Accords for the film. These Accords, which look to be spearheaded by William Hurt’s General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (first real tie back to the 2008’s Incredible Hulk movie), will be the reason for the divide between the heroes.

thunderbolt ross

As the trailer progresses we see some stand out moments that build on what we’ve already seen in the MCU, such as Cap and Black Widow’s turning point, and the tension between Tony and Steve starting to reach the boiling point we’ve been watching for a few films now.


This particular trailer seems to focus on friendship, and what our heroes are willing to do for, and to those friends. Whether it’s shots of Iron Man’s team or the various battles between friends that erupt. And battles there are, with Bucky taking on almost everybody that shows up in the trailer, including Black Panther. Yes, we may not have gotten to see Spidey in the trailer, but Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther makes a couple of appearances.

bucky vs black panther

After a number of battle shots and discussions between frienemies (sorry), we are given the highlight shot of the trailer as Cap and Bucky work together to systematically take Iron Man apart, in what is sure to be an amazing scene, but really just leaves us wanting more.

iron fight

This trailer is not the best trailer we’ve ever seen (the 3rd man of Steel spot?), it’s mainly intriguing due to finally revealing what we can expect from the MCU’s version of Civil War. With so many characters and storylines involved in the comics version, seeing it stripped down to the base themes with a minimal cast of characters, and seeing it done presumably well, has gone a long way to settling some of the fears that this will just be another Avengers film, or that it will be too crowded to act as a Cap sequel.

Unfortunately there is still a lot missing from the tease, which we can assume is just to keep some of the bigger MCU plot points off the table for now. Obviously we didn’t get a glimpse of Spidey yet, but there are a few other characters we know are involved that didn’t get much screentime either. Frank Grillo’s Crossbones is a blip, there isn’t even a glimpse of the supposed villain of the film (Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo), or Martin Freeman’s character, even some of the Avengers we know are in the film stayed out of the trailer.

When it comes to the villains it’s not that surprising, as Iron Man and the government (is this SHIELD or a new government agency led by Ross?) shine bright in the trailer as the main opposing forces. We have to hope that Baron Zemo doesn’t get the same treatment Baron von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann) received in Age of Ultron; minimal screen time with a pointless off camera death.


As for the heroes, noticeably absent from the trailer are Ant-Man, who we know will feature in at least one scene of the film, as well as Vision, who is part of the New Avengers along with Cap, Widow, and Falcon. Both characters have been confirmed in the film, though their involvement is either very small or being hidden for reasons.


All in all not the greatest Marvel trailer we’ve ever seen, but it certainly excites and leaves us wanting more, which is really all we can hope for. With the amount of trailers and footage we’ve seen revealed from films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens (some would say too much), I won’t start complaining about not seeing enough from Civil War yet.  But man do I want to see Spidey in the MCU, even if it’s just a blank screen with a THWIP sound effect.

Until then, we’ll just have to keep rewatching this trailer and hoping to catch a glimpse of the webhead. And you know, the Avengers, whoever they are.

What were your thoughts on the trailer? Were you as blinded by your obsession to see Spidey as I was? Are you excited to see more Black Panther? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion on the Grizzlybomb Facebook page!

Images: Marvel Studios

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