Game of Thrones Season 6 – New Teasers Released

HBO will soon (though not soon enough) be delivering unto us the sixth season of their smash hit Game of Thrones. And seeing as our love for the show is one of the bedrocks of this site, we were ecstatic to find our longing for Westeros has been temporarily appeased with some new teasers for the show’s upcoming return.

These new teasers, in a surprise to no one, are not overly upbeat, but rather morose in tone. It may always be sunny in Philadelphia, but that seems rarely the case in places like King’s Landing and Winterfell. Let’s have a look.

The three teasers were tweeted out by the official Game of Thrones account, and feature the flag of the most prominent families in the realm, all in tatters.

First up we hear the High Sparrow;

Everyone of us is poor. And powerless. And yet together, we can overthrow an empire.

This guy is a real pain in the Lannister ass. Cersei (fresh off a new haircut) is returned to the capital, but Uncle Kevin seems none too sympathetic. And she doesn’t even yet know about Myrcella’s fate and her brother’s failure. The Lions of Westeros (like those of Detroit) have hit a rough patch recently. That tattered flag doesn’t bode well for their chances of turning it all around.

Winterfell is mine. Come and see.

The perpetually evil Ramsey Bolton narrates this one, and things couldn’t be bleaker for the favorite house in the land. Most of the remaining Stark children are scattered, blind, or dying, and the only one near home, Sansa, is doing her best to leave.

The final teaser features a Dothraki letting Daenerys know how he really feels; “You are no body. The millionth of your name. Queen of nothing.” Guy sounds brutal.

Aside from today’s teasers, last month we got another teaser, mostly recapping many of the worst things to happen so far, most of which directly affected the Stark lineage.

The show returns a little later than normal this year, April 24. No March premiere this time. Upon its return we hope to learn the fate of Jon Snow as soon as possible. We’ll also see Bran, Meera, and Hodor make their return after a season away, and we might even get to check in on Rickon and Osha. For me, I’m about ready for Arya to regain her sight, murder everyone she needs to, and take the throne for herself. But I’m a Stark family fanboy, so perhaps I’m bias.

arya blind

For more Game of Thrones coverage, be sure to check back here at Grizzly Bomb, I’m sure we’ll have actually trailers very shortly.

Images: HBO

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