Captain America: Civil War Newest Trailer Best to Date, Intros Spider-Man

We are fast approaching the release of the third Captain America film, which hits theaters in May. Today they dropped their latest trailer, and as well received as the last couple were, I would say this is gonna be the one people remember. This movie has fans excited for several reasons; Introduction of Black Panther, Ant-Man joining the other heroes, we got a glimpse of Crossbones, and perhaps the biggest headline – Marvel bringing home your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. And this trailer marks the first time we’ve seen the webhead. Check it out…

SO – Iron Man has saved Spidey from his Sony sponsored exile and the super-teen is siding up against Cap. I predict he’ll end up more neutral than anything else by the end of the movie, but it just feels right to have Parker back where he belongs, wise-cracking for the Marvel mothership rather than being squandered by another studio.



This trailer also gave some time to the ultra badass from Wakanda, the Black Panther. Watching him chase down Bucky’s cycle was pretty impressive. This movie just keeps looking better and better.

And I may be in the minority here considering all the Spider-Love that’s going around, but if I’m honest, my favorite part of the movie was actually this throw-back to the first Cap film…


I can do this all day copy

Civil War opens May 6th, and I’m sure that you, just like us, will be there.  #TeamCap

Images: Marvel Studios, ScreenCrush

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