Previously On: Babies, Clowns, and Particle Accelerators

Today we’re gonna talk about the best events from this past week on some of our favorite shows. This post will contain spoilers from the first 5 days of May for the following shows; Game of Thrones, The Americans, Archer and DC’s CW lineup.

The Statue of Liberty

elizabeth the americans

So the last few episodes of the always exceptional series The Americans have been especially memorable.  Last week we focused on Martha’s impending departure, and this week we had to watch Phillip put her on a plane. And while we knew this was coming, when she turned to him, being as stoic as she could, and said 

"Don't be alone Clark. Don't be alone."
“Don’t be alone Clark. Don’t be alone.”

– you are forced to realize that Martha (Alison Wright) makes up much of the heart of this show, and we’re about to lose that. This episode is about so much more though. Henry has become a conduit to the setting for the audience, with his television viewing acting a ground spike in reality, much the same way Mad Men used to do. In this episode, David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, but he was able to bring it right back. Phillip and Elizabeth were also forced to disappear women, but in their case the results will be more permanent. Phillip sends Martha to Russia, but Elizabeth loses an asset in a more brutal fashion when she is forced to bludgeon Lisa to death with a bottle. Also disappearing this week – Agent Gadd’s career. Somber week on FX…

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Mr. Rompers

archer clown

This week concluded a two-part episode on Archer where the team, hired as security, is taken hostage by a group of men in clown masks. This obviously lends opportunity for Archer to again prove itself masterfully adept in situational comedy. Sterling, Lana, and Pam all get the same idea and separately take down attackers, stealing their masks. This leads to confusion and in-fighting of the best kind. As is often the case, Pam Poovey steals the show this week when she takes out the fat clown in the kitchen.

Archer Promo for Next Week;

Here’s Jonnnnnnny


As expected, Jon Snow was resurrected from the dead this past Sunday, but that’s not what people are talking about. Instead there has been lots of incessant whining about Ramsay Bolton feeding his step-mother and newborn baby brother to the dogs. Apparently now, even some off-screen kills are too brutal for some fans. This should have been no surprise to any one however, as it’s all in character for the imbalance former bastard of Bolton. Lord Roose got what he deserved, and just as he played a part in the brutal killing of Rob Stark’s wife and baby, his own son had no delivered a similar fate onto him.

Game of Thrones Promo for Next Week.

The CW Superpeople


So this past week we saw some of DC’s finest suffer even more tragedy and loss. First, in an attempt to give Barry his powers back, Wells creates another Particle Accelerator explosion. Instead of fixing Barry, our hero disappears and the fallout seems to have affected Wally West and Jesse Wells, who once again put themselves in the line of fire. So, these two gonna get the speed force now? We’ll see what happens next week on the Kevin Smith directed The Runaway Dinosaur.

diggle and sarah

On Arrow, John Diggle is forced to make some hard choices, and finally, the right one. The episode ends in the fallout of Dig killing his brother to save his family. Much like last week, Arrow is pulling at the heartstrings, and while I understand John’s pain – I don’t share it. I’m glad Andy (Eugene Byrd) is dead. The more interesting bit this week actually came courtesy of Thea Queen and her weekend getaway with Alex. Thea awakens in an unfamiliar room, and right away knows something is wrong. As it turns out, she is in Genesis, which is a big dome suburb under Star City.


On Legends of Tomorrow, after manufacturing the lamest of reasons to not kill Vandal Savage, the writers lead Rip to put his faith in the time masters, and surprise – he finds they’ve been implicit since the start. Now, Jackson is aging rapidly and flying through the time stream back to 2016, and the rest of the team is in custody. Things are not looking good for our heroes. They should really just kill Savage.

The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow Promos for Next Week;

Images: The CW, FX, HBO

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