Game of Thrones Promo: 6.05 – The Door (and Reactions to 6.04!)

If you haven’t watched episode 6.04, there are spoilers to follow – obviously.

Sunday’s Game of Thrones showed us something we hadn’t seen in a while – a moment of happiness for House Stark. And it was beautiful.

Sansa did in fact reach Castle Black before Jon left, and now, reunited, they make plans to march and Winterfell and rescue Rickon. Last time I was this happy about something, there were a Hall full of Northerners chanting “King of the North” and toasting Robb as they prepared to march south and avenge Ned’s execution. That might not be a great sign. Speaking of Rickon – we didn’t see him. But we did see Osha (predictably) try to murder Ramsay, and (predictably) fail. It’s a bummer that they finally brought her back just to kill her off, but they seem to be trying to clean up a few storylines and off some characters.

osha and ramsay

Perhaps they simply need to kill some people off to make more room for these two, a potential match that people seem to approve of.

brienne and tormund

tormund and brienne

Theon returned to the Iron Island on Pyke just in time for the Kingsmoot, so that shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. Cersei and Jamie convinced the Tyrells to march on the church, and Tyrion is upsetting people in Meeren, which is nothing new for him.

The scene from 6.04 that everyone seems to be talking about however, is Dany burning the shit out of the Khals and winning herself a new army. It was a pretty baller move.

dany fire

Now, let’s take a look at what’s next for our favorite fantasy sword swingers…

Sansa and Brienne confront Littlefinger, the Greyjoys attend a Kingsmoot, and Bran meet’s the Night’s King!

Sounds like Sansa, Jon Snow, Davos, Melisandre, Pod, Brienne, and the Knights of Vale (featuring Littlefinger) are all going to come together to form a supergroup the likes of which haven’t been seen since Cream! Look out Ramsay…

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Images: NBC, HBO

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