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AMC Announces The Walking Dead Spin-off Series

Like buses, announcements in Hollywood tend to come in at least twos. Only last week, it was confirmed that AMC are prepping a prequel spin-off series of Breaking Bad focusing on Saul Goodman. Now AMC have announced what they are calling a ‘companion’ show to their ever popular and critically acclaimed series The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will serve as executive producer on the new series alongside Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert. Kirkman is clearly still in love with the project and stated, “After 10 years of writing the comic book series and being so close to the debut of our fourth, I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting the chance to create a new corner of The Walking Dead universe.”

The Walking Dead
Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman

AMC President and General Manager Charlie Collier added, “Building on the success of the most popular show on television is literally a no-brainer. We look forward to working with Robert [Kirkman], Gale [Anne Hurd] and Dave [Alpert] again as we develop an entirely new story and cast of characters. It’s a big world and we can’t wait to give fans another unforgettable view of the zombie apocalypse.”

There have been no further plot details as of yet, but it looks likely that the series will focus on new characters not yet in the original show. Kirkman has already stated that, “The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.”

While it is exciting to see that AMC are looking to expand the Walking Dead universe (set in in the UK perhaps? …Anyone?), is there any need? Do Kirkman and company have plans for the likes of Rick, Darryl, Michonne and the rest of the survivors, that leads to them to need look ahead to another story? At any rate, it looks as if we won’t be finding out anytime soon as the series is currently aiming for a 2015 release date.


In case you don’t remember, The Walking Dead returns with season 4 in the United States on the 13th of October and will be followed in the UK on the 18th of October but for now, you can check out this The Walking Dead season four teaser.

Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice As ‘Better Call Saul’ Greenlit

As the final three episodes of Breaking Bad air in the coming weeks, fans have been anxiously waiting for the conclusion, yet sad at the ending of this incredible world the show has created. Luckily, it seems it won’t be the last time we get to visit Albuquerque. Better Call Saul, a working title, is a Breaking Bad spin-off series that has just been given the “go ahead” as an agreement between AMC and Breaking Bad producer Sony Pictures TV. The show hasn’t been given a formal season order with them waiting to make final agreements with Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould (the man who co-created Saul), and of course, Bob Odenkirk, who plays the titular, sleazy and charismatic lawyer, but that seems like it’ll be finalized in the coming days.

Saul Goodman with Cash

Taking place prior to Breaking Bad, the show is said to be in the one hour format, and focus on the evolution of Saul Goodman before he became the iconic lawyer for Mr. White. It’s also said to be a bit lighter than its parent show with an eye towards more comedy. Given how the character is commonly, and brilliantly, used for comedic relief in BB, this comes as hardly a surprise.

Since this is a prequel, Saul’s fate in this final season is still up in the air, and the question that arises is who might pop up in this series. There are still a few characters who could make an appearance, and seeing how Breaking Bad likes to keep everything tightly wound together, it wouldn’t be shocking to see characters tie into this. I think it’d be neat to flip the procedural type story in it being about a lawyer who helps bad people get out of trouble. With a good dose of comedy, this could make for one hell of a series.

Here’s a great interview with Gilligan talking about his thoughts for the series back in July, check it out:

Walking Dead Season 4 Tease Last Night Makes Us Ask If It’s October Yet

Last night during Low Winter Sun, AMC took the opportunity to tease us with a short scene from The Walking Dead season 4.

The clip doesn’t reveal much in the way of story, but we do get a glimpse at the beefed up prison defenses as well as fan favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira) riding a horse and then getting into a tussle with some walkers as she tries to get back into the prison. A hatless Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) also appear in the clip as they run to her assistance.


Season 4 picks up several months following the Governor’s failed attack at the end of season 3, after which he turned on his own people and disappeared into the distance with his remaining loyal grunts. The Governor is still out there and Rick and his group, now including Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and the remaining Woodbury survivors they took in, are preparing in case he returns as well as any new threats that are on the horizon.

New showrunner Scott Gimple recently warned fans at the San Diego Comic-Con not to get too comfortable with the nature of the threat the walkers or the Governor impose. “They might get a little comfortable, but then things might get a little dangerous,”. We will see the walkers “evolve” and will get a more determined Governor hell-bent on bringing down Rick and the group.


The Walking Dead the TV series is known for taking the comics only as inspiration in terms of themes and season 3 only just started to touch on the levels of depravity and sick natured acts that the Governor displays in the comic series. It will be great to see season 4 continue to amp up the threat of the Governor following his final step into madness at the end of season 3 and cement his place as one of the greatest TV villains. In case you need reminding, The Walking Dead returns Oct. 13 on AMC. Mark them calendars.

The Walking Dead: Behind the Scenes of Season 4

Fans of The Walking Dead, there is a new video out from AMC! It shows the cast behind the scenes of season 4. It seems there is much to look forward to, such as farm lands, larger hoards of walkers, and an immense threat on their newly home-sweet-home-like prison.

Season 4 picks up as season 3 did, after winter has passed. In that time, the prison has changed quite a bit, which you can preview in the video. Oh yeah…. spoiler alert! Glen and Maggie get it on!

The Walking Dead

Season 4 episode 1 airs on AMC, October 13th at 9PM.

AMC Prepares for ‘Area 51’, Boots Out ‘The Killing’

AMC acknowledges that times are going to get pretty tough soon. Mad Men is heading into its swan song final season. Breaking Bad is about to end. They botched The Killing which resulted in the show being canceled, and Walking Dead is not on 24/7. So they have decided to go back into the well and tap the executive producer of Walking Dead (and The Terminator and Aliens), Gale Anne Hurd, and commission a new series about cult event: Area 51. Yes, you may get excited.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, AMC has decided to add Aliens to its zombies, ad men, and drug lab population. They got the rights for Annie Jacobsen’s best selling book, Area 51, which was just recently published in May. The book is about the never confirmed military installation in Nevada, and looks into the area and the people around that have their thoughts on what is truly going on. The author interviewed several people that served on the base as well others that have been employed at famous secret facility. Obviously there is a lot of potential considering that this was culled from actual servicemen and people’s reports so it will make for a good conspiracy show that will explore into what is or truly isn’t out there in the desert or the great beyond in the sky. The series will take place in the 1950s-1960s, most likely dealing with the Roswell incident as well as how the base came to be and the lengths to keep it on the down low.

I really dig this because AMC just puts out great stuff (how dare you cancel Rubicon!) and their track record on just going after shows that are not typical of network television, and pushing the envelope makes me excited. If anything, it has the potential to remind of the X-Files and the conspiracy and the mythology of aliens that we lack on television today. Between this and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s new comic adaptation Thief of Thieves, we might have a few viable replacements in the near future.

One of them, however, will NOT be The Killing. AMC has decided to cancel the show due to falling viewership and lack of interest according to EW. This really is not a shocking move considering the gimmick of the show was to find out who killed Rosie Larsen and they could not answer that in the first season, thus pissing off viewers that felt like it was drawn out unnecessarily. They did at least reveal the end of that story by the end of the second season, but it was too late. Ratings went from 2.7 million viewers when the series premiered, to 1.8 million for the second season premiere, and down to 1.4 million for the last season (series) finale. [Ed. Note – For the record, I feel like this is more of an indictment on the audience in the Law & Order/CSI world we live in. This is the same formula used by Twin Peaks 20 years ago and that show is still praised to this day…]

There is still hope however as Fox Television Studios, who makes the show, plans on shopping around to other networks so who knows, maybe we will see the show given new life on FX or TNT. Granted, this would also require someone to actually care, but I never watched the second season so I cannot judge whether it was good or not. [Point.] Thoughts people? Should it be saved or was there reason to abandon the show after they botched their relationship with viewers? Also, for Area 51, is it too much to ask for a shot of Will Smith punching an alien saying, “Welcome to Earf!”? Maybe while performing Summertime? Just saying, you were thinking about it too…

Breaking Bad/AMC Being Dropped By Dish Network!

Breaking Bad is arguably the best show on television right now, and along with its stellar cast, directing, writing and acting, it’s one of the most engaging stories I’ve ever seen. So engaging, that it’s only a week and change away from debuting its new season, and that still feels like an incredibly long time. Unfortunately, the wait could be even longer for Dish Network subscribers, who are SOL when it comes to getting AMC this year.  Dish is another satellite TV provider that has at one point or another, failed to make a deal with a popular cable network, and the drama spills out into the public, and fans of that channel have to get involved themselves.

“Dish has not discussed rates with us at all,” AMC said in today’s statement. Dish customers have lost some of their favorite shows because of an unrelated lawsuit which has nothing at all to do with our programming.”  [Ad Age]

Basically, Dish says that AMC is charging too much for its channel with its shows with low ratings, (Walking Dead, Mad Men, ) and AMC says that Dish is dropping them because of an unspecified 2008 lawsuit that would lose Dish money, to the amount of $ 2.5 billion. A similar thing happened with FX/DirecTV a year or so ago, and years before that DirecTV and G4, only G4 is such a terrible channel DirecTV decided to not accept their deal and now DirecTV is G4-less. That’s ok though, because G4 has never had anything close in quality to the worst show on FX or AMC combined, and that includes reruns of Two & A Half Men. How this keeps happening, I don’t understand. Perhaps there’s just a constant cycle of lawsuits that are on hold indefinitely to stymie cable and satellite providers, and some great TV Pope declares who will get what network approval every 10 years.

So the Great TV Pope has declared that unless Dish and AMC can come to some agreement, AMC, IFC and We TV will be dropped from Dish. How will they get their dose of Zombies, Meth Drama, Men in Suits, Experimental Indie Cinema and Women’s Programming now?

On an interesting side note, FX was originally going to pick up Breaking Bad, until the president of FX thought that Walter White would make one male anti-hero too many for their channel.

We had three dramas with male antiheroes and we looked at that script and said, ‘Okay, so here’s a fourth male antihero,’” Landgraf recalled. “The question was: ‘Are we defining FX as the male antihero network and is that a big enough tent?” [EW]

I suppose this means that no matter what, at some point every Satellite TV customer, would have to have worried about not getting their fix of Breaking Bad. What with FX’s fans’ main rallying cry being to save It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, in some alternate universe somewhere it very well may have been “Save Breaking Bad! Tell FX you love meth!” Mostly, I’m just glad I have DirecTV right now…