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2012 Super Bowl: Chrysler Does it Again, Clint Eastwood Spotlights Detroit

Last year Chrysler made waves in the ‘Best Super Bowl Commercial’ discussions with their CHRYSLER 200 ad featuring Eminem. Imported from Detroit. People here absolutely loved it, fans of Slim Shady or not…

Well this year Chrysler choose a spokesman without the local association, but one universally respected – Mr. Clint Eastwood. The legendary film icon was here in town a couple of years back while shooting his movie Gran Turino, in which he played a retired auto worker who can no longer relate to the world around him. Well, apparently he made an impression on the execs, cause they hired him to be their new voice this year. Check it out:

This year was certainly less about Detroit specifically, and more about the country in general, but it still gave me chills.

“This country can’t be knocked out with one punch.” 

If only we were all as tough as Dirty Harry. I just wish I saw more when I was in the City of what they talk about in these spots…

Justified: New Season 3 Villains – Neal McDonough & Mykelti Williamson

Somehow, the second season of Justified managed to be better than the first one. I don’t know if it’s possible to expect the same level of improvement this year, but the casting director isn’t hurting their chances. It was announced this week that the show has added 2 new villains who are sure to run into conflict not only with Raylan, but Boyd, and maybe even Dickie too.

Former Boomtown co-stars Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williamson join the cast in an attempt to replace the Bennett clan this season.

Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers) will portray ‘Quarles’, who Screen Rant described as “a Detroit gangster looking to make a power play in the void left by the Crowder and Bennett families from seasons past. Given Quarles hails from the Motor City, and supposedly has a penchant for fine tailoring – he may find himself a fish out of water in Harlan County.” 

I’ve been a big fan of McDonough since his turn as ‘Buck Compton’ on Band of Brothers, but that’s certainly not the extent of his resume. I’ve like him in just about everything I’ve seen him in, and that includes a much underrated performance in SyFy’s Tin Man (right), and of course that fact that he appeared in the only season of Terriers only further endears him to me. And Marvel fans may know he has a long history with the Comic Book Giant having voiced ‘Bruce Banner‘ in The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s and is now playing ‘Dum Dum Dugan‘ in Marvel’s latest line of movies, including this summer’s Captain America: The First AvengerThe guy is a boss actor and the fact that he’s coming to Harlan via Detroit – I can’t wait.


As his character is from Detroit, this is one of the few roles I would expect him NOT to wear a Cowboy hat…

The other new hire – Mykelti Williamson: “plays ‘Limehouse’ – the decidedly more homegrown of the two baddies in season 3. Limehouse comes from a small, predominantly black town in Harlan County – and has no qualms with breaking the law in order to keep his holler protected.”

Now Williamson has been in plenty of roles over the years, everything from Free Willy 2 to The Final Destination. He played a convict in Con Air and the director of CTU on 24. But the role he is still most known for is that of Forrest Gump‘s best friend – Bubba Blue.

‘Limehouse’ seems like he’ll be the one we are more conflicted towards, as ‘Quarles’ will more than likely be a straight up dickhead from the get go. Maybe a little bit like Wynn Duffy, but less crazy. Anyhow, they’ve already begun filming and the show is set to return with another 13 episode set in January. We’ll try to keep you updated till then.

And to close things out, in case the pregnancy ruins her figure, here is Natalie Zea:

Natalie Zea, Justified, Baby, Esquire
Raylan put a baby in there.
Annnnnnnnnd, you’re welcome.

New Official Theme Song of GB: ICP’s ‘Leck Mich Im Arsch’

So Detroit’s modern music icon Jack White just produced a song by another group also (unfortunately) from Detroit – the unofficial Faygo spokesmen: the Insane Clown Posse.

ICP, who has maybe the worst collection of human beings on Earth as their core fanbase (the juggalos), has decided to try their hand with some Mozart, and broaden the horizons of their dear ‘hatchet-men’. So they interpreted Mozart’s ‘Leck mich im Arsch‘ to mean ‘Lick my ass‘ and a song was born.

Now, because Jack White endorsed it, I gave it a listen and…

HOLY SHIT – that bell can’t be unrung.

HBO’s ‘Hung’: Season 3 – Teaser Trailer

I’m a fan of HBO’s Hung, though I admit I really only started watching it because of the fact it was shot locally, and the into shows lots of downtown, and the Black Keys song “I’ll Be Your Man” is awesome. For those of you in the greater Detroit area, if you haven’t seen the show you might enjoy in the intro…

Boom. Lots of Detroit. The show itself, about a high-school teacher turned man-whore was a concept I was unsure would last. But it has, and Season 2 was pretty solid, I particularly liked the episode with the alumni baseball game. So now, with season 3 about to launch, Ray has some competition. Check out the trailer…

I love Lenore, she’s such a bitch. (Plus she was on Justified)

And finally, as required by internet law, after mentioning man-whore…

‘Evil Dead’ Sequel/Remake Confirmed!

I have been a fan of Evil Dead since I was old enough to watch movies. The entire trilogy was a monumental part of my cinematic development, crafting my tastes and humor at an early age, and ultimatly instilling a deep love for anything related to Bruce Campbell.

Evil Dead was a very low budget extremely indie movie made by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Both have moved on to impressive careers and cult favorite status. It told the story of Ash, a young man who goes to a cabin in the woods with his friends, and is soon plagued by a night of evil. And hilarity. The second and third movies got even funnier, and nothing beats Evil Dead 2.

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Robocop Statue Update: They’re Sending Stuff Out.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out…
ROBOCOP: Keeping Safe the streets of Detroit (2/13/11)

The ‘Robocop Statue’ will soon be a reality and I can’t wait. And now the people behind it are making good on their promises and making me wish I would’ve donated more money. Those Robo-fans who donated $100 or more qualified for T-shirts and what not, and should be receiving them soon. For poor people like me, who only donated a small amount, we got a Digital Badge.

Bask in it’s Glory…

2011 NHL PLayoffs: ‘Sharks vs Red Wings’ – After 2 Games…

Well well well, it looks like the Sharks CAN play defense after all. I guess I should start this off with a much deserved apology to one Mr. Dan Boyle who I openly criticized in my Grizzly Bomb debut. Just like the great Donald Trump, I’ll fully take credit for the turn around in not only his play, but the teams recommitment to defense, and assume it was because they took my criticism to heart.

In all seriousiocity (yes I make up my own words as well, cause I’m that awesome), Boyle has been a defensive machine by blanketing and frustrating Zetterberg and Datsyuk in the offensive zone. Another thing I’ll take credit for is the return of Niemi’s spine. The dude appears to be back to his old form only letting in 2 goals in the first two games, as opposed to the 6 he let in during the first two games against LA. It’s these two 180 degree turns in the play of San Jose that have put up 2-0 in the series.

So what’s going on with Detroit? What happened between games 1 and 2? Even though they played a very solid game through out, the game 1 loss was nothing more than a bad bounce on shot tossed toward the net in hopes of something good happening. Not really much in game 1 to dissect and criticize. Game 2 on the other hand is a completely different beast. The wings came out just plain flat for the entire game. Not even in the final minutes of the third did you see much desperation or jump in their steps to try a tie it up. I would have expected to see the ‘Game 2 Wings’ in game 1, after 8 days of rest. Not after a day of rest and a game 1 overtime loss.

Another area of concern that surfaced in game 2 was the health of Johan Franzen. The dude is definitely not 100% right now, and the knee is keeping him from living up to ‘The Mule’ nickname he has and getting the production from him that they so desperately need. The one bright spot for Detroit right now is Jimmy Howard. So far in two games he’s stopped 79 of 83 shots for a .952 save percentage.  Hopefully returning home to Joe Louis will spark the Wing’s offense and give Howard the help he needs.

All in all, this series is shaping up to be as good as what everyone thought it would be going  in. Game 2 was a bit more physical than I think people expected, but hey, that just makes things that much better. I’m still sticking with my prediction of Wings in 7……… for now…..

They should just do this…

For more on the NHL Playoff – CLICK HERE.

2011 NHL Playoffs – Round 2: Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators

Well if i knew this series was going to take place a week ago I would say Vancouver in 4, but we all saw how they almost blew a 3 game lead last round. But to be fair, teams 4 thru 8 in the Western Conference were pretty much all the same anyway, so dwelling on Chicago being the #8 seed isn’t completely warranted.

So, with that said this series is going to be decided by Roberto Luongo and Nashville’s Pekka Rinne, both of whom are up for the Vezina Trophy this year.

Prediction: If Luongo gets his head out of his ass, I’d say the Canucks will move on in 5…… or 6 if Rinne stands on his head one night.

Detroit’s Winged Wheels vs the San Jose Sharkies

Once again, these two western conference power houses meet, making this THE SERIES to watch for the second round. Both teams are pretty much dead-evenly matched offensively, with all three lines having consistent, solid production in the first round. Detroit put up at least 4 goals in all four of their first round games, while San Jose was able to orchestrate one of the greatest comebacks of all times in their game #3. The only real difference between the two here is that Detroit put up their 1st round numbers without the help of Henrik Zetterberg who will be returning for the second round.

When it comes to defensive play and goaltending, Detroit has the edge. While to date Jimmy Howard has only proven to be serviceable at best, its who is surrounding him that gives them the edge. Having Nicklas Lidström (one the greatest defensemen of all time) and Pavel Datsyuk (whose up for his 4th straight Selke Trophy) in front of you makes your goaltenders job just a little bit easier.

Dan Boyle is a "Man's man"

As for the Sharkies, Niemi’s first round performance was a hell of a long way away from the 2 shutout, .910 save percent average. and 2.64 goals against average playoff performance he gave Chicago last year. Being pulled twice in three games (with one of the times being in the first 10 minutes of the game), having .864 save percent, and averaging a 4.00 goals against, up against an inferior team in the Kings.

That does not bode well for the Sharks.

To make matters worse, Neimi doesn’t have much support from the defense in front of him, since the San Jose defensemen are really forwards in disguise.

I’m looking at you Boyle

Prediction: Wings in seven. Sorry sharkies, but better luck next year.

The Crow: Nothing Says ‘Undead Vigilante in Detroit’ More Than…Bradley Cooper?

In my time at Bam Kapow I wrote multiple articles on the impending remake of The Crow. For those not in the know, The Crow was an early 90’s comic book action movie set (though not filmed) in Detroit, in which a spirit of vengeance comes back from the dead on Devil’s Night and rains havoc on the city’s worst scum. When I was 12 it was maybe the coolest thing ever. The lead character, Eric Draven, was played by Brandon Lee. The son of none other than the Legendary Bruce Lee.

In the movie Eric, who along with his girlfriend, had been killed the year before, and a mystical crow brings him back to exact revenge for the woman he failed to protect, his fiancée Shelly. He is impervious to pain and seemingly can’t die. He oddly befriends police officer Winston Zeddmore when he isn’t murdering people or scaring junkies into taking care of their kids.

He proceeds to hunt down the people who had a hand in destroying his happy life. From Steve Crosetti the pawn dealer that paid for Shelly’s jewelry to T-Bird (played by the guy in the video below), the gang leader that tossed him out the window to his death.  Eventually Eric works up the ranks to T-Bird’s boss ‘Top Dollar’, who is played by Michael Wincott, who is creepy in everything. It’s all very entertaining.

Tragically however, Brandon was killed while filming the movie, due to a mistake with the prop gun. This in truth probably added to the mystique and helped make it more of a success. It cost only $15 million to make, but grossed near $100 worldwide. And as someone who spent 5 years behind video store counters, I can tell you it did quite well in the VHS after market as well.

But like most good ideas, it was bogged down and played out by not 1, not 2, but 3 terrible sequels, and a remake in 2000 that like 54 people actually saw. It has a 3.9/10 on IMDb. All of these movies obviously absent the star of the first film.

Now, Hollywood, never to let something die is trying once again. This time the budget will surely exceed that of the previous 5 movies combined, as will the advertising. But with Lee in the grave for nearly 2 decades, who should portray our protagonist? Well, after years in development, we may have an answer to that.

Bradley Cooper.

Cooper is in talks, and appears to be set to play Draven in this most recent reboot. I don’t dislike Cooper by any means. He was funny in The Hangover and Wedding Crashers, and I always liked him during his days on Alias. But to be honest, I’m having trouble seeing this…

What do you think about this? I guess I’d be ok so long as it still takes place in Detroit and is shot here…

Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” Tour… More Like “Torpedo of Turd” Tour

How dare you sully that jersey good sir...

Yes, ‘Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour’ has landed. Well, crash landed anyways.

Of all the places to start off, why do it in Detroit Charlie? I don’t live directly in Detroit, but I’ve lived in the greater metro area my whole life, and know just as well as anyone else how unforgiving the people there can be. And unforgiving they were according to Yahoo!:

The former “Two and a Half Men” star showed that comedic success on the screen doesn’t necessarily translate to the stage, and the capacity crowd at the 5,100-seat Fox Theatre rebelled before he left the stage, chanting “refund!” and walking out in droves.

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