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8-bit Zombie Brings Us 1980s Awesomeness With Some Radical Creations

It seems like people have a real soft spot for 1980s pop culture, especially fans of children’s television. This is due to a combination  of the toy tie-ins on the cartoons of that time, the bright and vibrant colors on the shows, the larger than life characters, and the fact that the children of that era have grown into adults and they’re making  content about what they loved. And I am just as much a victim of this ’80s nostalgia bug as anyone, and that is why the following artist caught my eye.

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Masters of the Universe: First Image From New Movie?

We haven’t seen much from the upcoming reboot of the Masters of the Universe series since we last heard that director Jon M. Chu was out in favor of Jem and the Holograms. We also heard that a script rewrite has been handed in by Jeff Wadlow, who directed Kick-Ass 2 and has been connected to a rumored X-Force film for over a year now.

The latest news from the reboot comes from DeVon Franklin, the SVP of Production for Columbia, who has kept the news on this film alive over the last few months. He revealed on Twitter what appears to be a legitimate title card for Masters of the Universe, which would make this the first official image from the film if it is confirmed.

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Pop Culture Shock: New Skeletor Release Looks Awesome, Plus Ceaser, Dredd, and E. Honda

Masters of the Universe holds a soft spot in the hearts of lot of fans, a show that’s forever linked with their childhood. For others, rather than nostalgia, it’s a case of exposure though the newer cartoon, the movie, and the DC comic series which grabbed their attention. It seems that He-Man’s world is an interesting one to visit indeed, so it’s great when we get news of some new Masters of the Universe merchandise.

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SDCC 2013: First Glimpse at the New Collectibles from Mattie Collector!

It’s Comic Con and you know what that means right? Loads of new collectibles! Mattie Collector (the collector’s branch of Mattel) has already started the ball rolling on their Facebook page  with a big collection of Master of the Universe figures and a few other surprises along the way.

Firstly let us look at the solo figure of the bunch, The Comedian figure from the iconic graphic novel Watchman. This design is based on the comic rather than the movie (which had its own line of figures a few years back). It looks fantastic and I am hoping that we are going to see a lot more of these coming in the next few days.

 sdcc matty collector toys watchman 1

Next up is the life sized collectibles from Ghostbusters and the Adam West Batman series. These include a full size utility belt from Batman, along a trap and Neutrino Wand. Now thanks to The Examiner we know the rod will cost about $130, but no prices on the other items quite yet. That’s a pretty awesome price for something of that quality and who among us would not want to pretend to be a Ghostbuster or the Caped Crusader for the day? Well, here is your chance.

 sdcc matty collector toys batman belt

sdcc matty collector toys ghostbusters

Last but not least is the reissuing of some of the classic Master of the Universe lines of toys (seen below). The End of Wars pack has a ton of weapons and spare parts and also comes with your very own Kowl figurine from She-Ra. We also have some old favorites like Rattler, Roboto, and Trap Jaw all making an appearance mixed in with some more obscure characters like Nepthu. We also get to see some pretty fantastic looking vehicles like The Jet Sled with its pilot Sky High. My favorite out of the bunch has to be the inclusion of the Rock Men, who were some of my favorite toys as a kid. Lord knows why a bunch of transforming rocks held so much appeal to me when I had Transformer toys to play with, but that’s the way it was.

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