Hornady Releases Ammo Just for Zombies

Even though most of these posts are about movies and TV I feel like this is something we all need. I can’t be the only one secretly hoping for Z-day to arrive so I can loot and kill zombies all day. Now when that day does finally come I’m gonna be ready. Major ammunition manufacturer Hornady released its line of Z-Max bullets this month. Making them the first company to provide zombie enthusiasts like myself with the proper round to pop some heads “Resident Evil” style. These were NOT easy to find to buy. I had to go online and then they are back ordered 5-6 weeks so I can’t say just how they shoot yet. I can say that the box alone is sweet as hell and that just having a couple of boxes in my house is cool enough.

They manufacture a 9mm  Luger,  40 S&W, 45 Auto, 223 Rem, 7.62×39, 308 Win, and 12 Gauge rounds.  The rifle rounds appear to be tipped with a greenish tint and I’m gonna assume the same is on the handgun rounds. All are fairly standard with the company saying their focus was mixing velocity and speed while still keeping a safe enough distance.

You can read a short talk with the company president here.

They released a sweet promo video for ammo which I included below.

I honestly don’t really care how these rounds shoot since the chance to ever properly utilize them is slim. However who knows how long they will actually manufacture them. I plan to keep a few of my boxes in tact just so I can show them off and make fun of anyone I know who missed out on buying some. I bought mine from one of my favorite stores Cabela’s.

They only sold the handgun rounds. I’ll give them a few months to trickle down to my local gun shops and hopefully be able to pick up a box or two of shells also. If I ever receive these back-ordered beauties I’ll be sure to follow-up on here about them.

 Guest Writer: B. VanGorder

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