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Norman Reedus Interested In Playing Ghost Rider

While the entire casts of The Walking Dead are currently kicking it Schrodinger style, fan favorite Norman Reedus is riding into the proverbial sunset. 

A fan of motorcycles since his teenage years, Reedus has been given every bike enthusiasts dream job, cruising the country on a classy hog and getting paid to do it.

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Marvel Teases Netflix Schedule and Phase Two Shows

Marvel Studios is a massive, many-headed entertainment beast with big ambitions and a slate planned up to 2021. The film side of things is getting ready to debut their Phase Three, which includes Captain America: Civil WarDoctor StrangeBlack PantherSpider-ManGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and more. Each new Phase heralds in a new slate of sequels, some new characters, and new tent pole features like the Avengers films.

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Grizzly Review: Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance easily surpasses it’s predecessor, but not by much. They definitely ignored events of the first one and started from scratch, getting straight to the point with the opening sequence. Given that, it still seemed like the filmmakers were sort of relying on you having seen the first movie so you had a better understanding of what the Rider is even though they explained everything in five minutes. Nicolas Cage is at his quirky best in the film, acting half crazed in several scenes as he struggles to keep Ghost Rider within himself.

Ghost Rider Spirit of vengeance

The plot of the movie reminded me a lot of the plot from Drive Angry, another Cage starring flick involving a satanic cult attempting to take a child that will be used to bring the devil to our world and create hell on Earth. The premise was the same in Spirit of Vengeance, but the execution was less ridiculous than it was in Drive Angry. The devil himself walks the Earth in Spirit of Vengeance, played by Ciarán Hinds. Hinds, who has most recently appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy seems to be wasted in the role of the devil. (Or Roarke as he is known in the movie) I remember back to when Rome was still on HBO and he played the role of Caesar and just can’t pinpoint why he would accept this role except for the cash. The same could be said for actor Idris Elba, but he seems right at home in the role of Moreau, the French, wine drinking holy man who assists Johnny Blaze in trying to regain his humanity in this installment of Ghost Rider.

Nicolas Cage used to be a great actor, but now he has become a sort of caricature of himself in many ways. It’s known that he had financial troubles in recent years and it’s now common knowledge as to why he releases nearly six movies every other year. I’m not saying I won’t go see any Nicolas Cage movies anymore, I’m just saying he’s no longer the actor he once was, we just can’t expect anything spectacular out of him anymore performance wise.

Even though the movie’s plot was dog crap and typical of many supernatural movies in recent years, the special effects in regard to Ghost Rider himself were excellent. The first time you experience him in the movie he is definitely a creepy sight to behold as his movements as he walks toward a victim are choppy and erratic. His head tilting and screaming were also a bit disconcerting. This wears off later in the movie, but I thought they couldn’t have done a better job with the character who is pretty one dimensional in the comics anyhow. The action sequences weren’t all that bad either and was one of the main things that even kept me awake during the movie. I loved the concept of the Rider being able to change any vehicle he rides into a flame spewing death machine.

*Minor Spoiler*

I never looked much into the origin of Ghost Rider aside from his human host making a deal or being cursed, but in the movie we are treated to one. It turns out the Rider was formerly an Angel called Zarathos, the Spirit of Justice, who was sent to Earth to help mankind. Unfortunately he was driven mad after being captured by the forces of hell and now in his form as Ghost Rider he punishes everyone no matter the severity of their crime. I thought that was an interesting take on the character.

Overall I give Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 2 out of 5 grizzlies.

It wasn’t as good as I expected, but it was definitely better than the first Ghost Rider movie. I honestly hope at this point that they might be done with trying to make Ghost Rider something more than he is. I wouldn’t think they would make yet another movie to attempt correcting the things wrong with this movie, but it is Hollywood so you never know. I think Ghost Rider is in the same boat as Punisher, he has a faithful following but not enough to elevate him into the box office smash hit like Spiderman or Iron Man. It was a nice try for the studio to make up for the first Ghost Rider though.

DANCE! DANCE! Too much Booty in the pants!

Comic Rack: Bendis Leaves Avengers, Venom Takes Over, and The Return of the Scarlet Spider!

What’s this? Another brand new comic feature here on Grizzly Bomb? But Supascoot, we already have Hero Express and The Griz Bin, why on earth would we need another one? Well, why not? Hero Express covers the movies, The Griz Bin covers the web, so we need something to cover the actual comics!

Welcome to Comic Rack! Your weekly look at all the comic news from across the industry!

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Hero Express – Thor, Dredd, Ghost Rider and More

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the news filled world of superhero’s in Film, TV, Video Games and whatever else floats your boat. This is the Hero Express for October 19th, 2011

Thor 2 Director Announced – (Superhero Hype)

On Thursday it was revealed that Patty Jenkins, who most notably directed Charlize Theron’s award-winning role in Monster, will be behind the camera on Thor 2. Jenkins has also had a hand directing episodes of several great TV shows, including Arrested Development and The Killing. The sequel is slated for a November 15, 2013 release date.

Judge Dredd Director ‘Wasn’t Fired’ – (Gamma Squad)

Last week news came out that the director of the Judge Dredd remake, Peter Travis,  had finished shooting when the project’s screenwriter Alex Garland (28 Days Later) kicked him out of the editing room. Travis was supposedly kicked to the curb and refused access to the rest of the film’s post-production. Well, the two have released a rainbows-and-unicorns joint statement claiming these reports were completely false:

“During all stages of the filmmaking, ‘Dredd’ has been a collaboration between a number of dedicated creative parties. From the outset we decided on an unorthodox collaboration to make the film. This situation has been misinterpreted. To set the record straight, Pete was not fired and remains a central part of the collaboration, and Alex is not seeking a co-director credit. We are all extremely proud of the film we have made, and respectfully suggest that it is judged on viewing when it’s released next year.”

However nowhere in the statement did they mention that remaking Dredd was in any way a good idea.

Ghost Rider 2 Sounds…Awesome? – (i09)

If you’re anything like me, even the balls-out kooky Nicolas Cage didn’t save the first Ghost Rider, so word of a sequel didn’t exactly sound like a great idea. With that in mind, New York Comic-Con got a completely different impression on Spirit of Vengeance, at Ghost Rider 2‘s movie panel. In addition to behind-the-scenes clips and some footage already released in the first teaser for the film, the audience got to see some new stuff – Really freaking cool stuff, by the sound of it.

A couple notable examples:

“- A gang of thugs start shooting Ghost Rider, over and over and over. One guy freaks out and runs up to his face and starts shooting right into his skull. Ghost Rider fire barfs all over him.”

“When [Blaze] becomes the Ghost Rider, spikes pop out of the jacket, it all felt a little 80s,” Taylor explained. “What if the jacket was like a werewolf and it transforms from leather to this black bubbling tar?” “More visceral less Melrose,” Neveldine chimed in.”

Spirit of Vengeance keeps pushing the idea of a ‘re-imagining’ in the sequel, which looks to be the right move. More details on the panel here.

Frank Miller Making More Sin City – (Gamma Squad)

Quick and dirty final story: Frank Miller announced at NYCC that he will be working on new Sin City books in collaboration with Dark Horse. This news came as part of a pretty deep Legendary Comics panel, which in addition to Sin City, discussed Miller’s 9/11-based comic, Holy Terror, and a new ambitious Legendary series titled The Tower Chronicles. That’s all for this week! I can’t believe the most interesting part of this week’s HE for me is Ghost Rider 2. Until next time!