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Goblin Revealed In New Poster For Amazing Spider-Man 2

This past Sunday, an eagle-eyed Twitter user named Jeser Piedra snapped the following photo of a promo banner for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which depicts a much broader threat than Jamie Foxx‘s villain Electro:

Spider-Man Banner

Intriguingly, Foxx’s character, who has been touted about as the sequel’s primary villain, is pushed to the  far right of the poster to share space with Rhino (Left) and an heretofore unmentioned Goblin villain (Center). As far as I can tell, this is the first official promo showing Rhino and the new Goblin in full view.

As expected, Rhino has been kept in line with the Ultimate Spider-Man series, opting for a man inside a mechanical suit rather than a giant grey Pachyderm with a human face. It’s a much better fit for the grounded movies and the design actually does look somewhat interesting.

The juicy part, however, is this new Goblin who hadn’t been officially confirmed as appearing in the second movie. While we’ve known Chris Cooper and Dane Dehaan would be playing Norman and Harry Osborn respectively, we’ve heard no mention of a Goblin transformation taking place so early in the new franchise. On top of that, a second Twitter user going by the handle Tupacca zoomed in and unveiled a closer look at the villain:

New Goblin

..And it’s pretty clearly not Chris Cooper on the glider. This would seem to indicate that Amazing Spider-Man 2 will do away with Norman’s role in the Goblin story and make Harry the Green Goblin from the beginning. It’s not much of a blasphemous change in my book, although it will be interesting to see how, if this is the case, they handle Harry’s evil motivations. 

On another note it’s hard to tell from the grainy photo if this version of the Goblin succumbs to any real physical mutations, or, like the original film trilogy, it’ll just be  a guy in a suit. Personally I thought Willem Dafoe’s Gobby was as good as you can do with the character in live-action, though I much prefer the flesh Goblin (New nickname for my junk!) from Spider-Man of yore. The image above also bears a striking resemblance to James Franco’s Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3, but again, I can’t think of how else you could handle the translation without it looking goofy. Although…

Finally, let’s go back to the character placement in the banner. Screen Crush makes a good point in directing attention to the tagline, “His Greatest Battle Begins”. The poster seems to be a pretty strong push toward the eventual Sinister Six, and with the success of Marvel’s team-ups and criss-crossing story lines we now know it can be done. However director Marc Webb’s biggest challenge will be continuing to attempt a believable interpretation of some of the most cheesy villains in all of comics. Spider-Man is a great character but for the most part, his villains are incredibly dumb — There’s a wonderful opportunity with Mysterio for some mind-bending, hallucinogenic inward-facing madness, but good luck to anyone trying to convince me to fear Kraven the Hunter.


Hero Express: Hammer To Play Batman, Silver Samurai on Set, & RED 2 Set Photos!

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the top five stories in comic based Film & TV news!

Armie Hammer Likely to play New Justice League’s Batman

This interestingly enough isn’t the first time he has been in the running for the role. The last time there was a Justice League film project Hammer was again preferred for the part. Even though that project fell through WB’s still feel he would be the best to play the part of DC’s JL Batman. I believe with this choice that WB’s wants a different style of batman than has been displayed recently in Bales performances. What I mean is that with Batman needing to fight side by side with other superheroes that this time around the character will have to be more of a team player.

I haven’t seen a great deal of Hammers work except for his role in The Social Network so I can’t say how well he would take on the legendary role. However he will be starring in the upcoming Lone Ranger remake coming out next year, and so we should be able to find a good understanding of his acting abilities under a mask of sorts.

News via [Digital Spy]

Silver Samurai, Viper and More Wolverine Images Revealed on Set

First off is a sneaky image of Silver Samurai where to get a good look you have to zoom in a bit, still it looks interesting and the design seems to be based strongly off the comics but we will have to see the front before full judgement. Next we have an image of Svetlana Khodchenkova (That’s a mouth full) playing Viper a rather complicated character from the comics and should be interesting to see how they use her in this film.  Lastly we have some stunt photos of Wolverine with claws out and on stunt wires; he is however a stunt double as you can tell it’s not Hugh Jackman.

Images via [Collider]

New and Recurring Cast of RED 2 on Set

The cast of RED returning to set for the upcoming sequel and we have some new cast members as well. So who can we see new from these pictures. First off Catherine Zeta-Jones getting into a car with Bruce Willis with Willis not looking happy (wouldn’t be my reaction). We also have David Thewlis playing The Frog (not sure what that means yet) who is doing plenty of stunts on a motor bike. We also get a good look at the returning cast with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker.

The Latest synopsis for RED 2:

“The sequel to the action-comedy hit RED, which reunites our team of retired CIA operatives as they use their old-school style to take on a new set of enemies all across Europe.” The film is being directed by Dean Parisot (“Galaxy Quest”) and will star: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Hellen Mirren, Catherine Zeta-Jones, David Thewlis, and Mary-Louise Parker.”

Images and Plot via [Collider]

The Oldboy Remake Synopsis and Josh Brolin on set

The Oldboy remake staring Josh Brolin has recently had some set photos leaked of Brolin on set with and without a shirt on, granted there’s nothing shocking about that but it does prove that it’s on track to be released next year. We also have the latest synopsis for the remake and it does shed some light on how this American remake of a popular South Korean film will play out. There has been some concerns over how this remake will be made, however I haven’t seen the original and plan to this weekend.

The latest synopsis for Oldboy remake:

“Spike Lee helms this remake of Park Chan-wook’s grim tale of a man who seeks revenge against his mysterious captors, who held him imprisoned for 15 years. Josh Brolin stars, with Thor’s Mark Protosevich adapting the script.”

Images via [Collider]

Shailene Woodley Likely to play MJ Watson in the Amazing Spider-Man 2

Shailene Woodley Playing Spiderman’s new love interest Mary Jane is a little shocking. I really wouldn’t have picked her from other options for May Jane but Webb probably knows what he is doing in the cast roles, what with casting Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Shailene Woodley maybe an unusual choice for the role of the feisty Mary Jane but will most likely display a greater acting ability than the previous Jane played by Kristen Dunst (her see through tops where pretty good though). This isn’t all the news though in terms of new characters for The Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

We have also got confirmation from the studio that the sequel will have Harry Osborn involved and Electro set to be the main villain. The studios have started looking for cast members to fill the roles of both the villains to Spider-Man’s world. Electro is an interesting choice for the main villain since he has never been on the big screen before and is a weird character to base a film around if he is indeed the main villain. One last thing I would like to say is that my prediction for the way this series is going is looking more and more likely. Osborn will be introduced in this film and will then be the Green Goblin in the third film killing Gwen in the last scene (totally called this!).

News via [Super Hero Hype]

Hero Express: Iron Patriot Set Photo, ‘Black Panther’ in 2014, & DC’s Future Movie Lineup!

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop totally SPOILER filled shop through the top five stories in comic based Film & TV news!

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