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Jack and Jill: The Worst Trailer Ever?

Adam Sandler left SNL and got huge in the 90s. From vehicles like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, to ensemble flicks like Bulletproof and Airheads, Sandler was gold. Everything he did was funny. Then it culminated in ’98 with The Wedding Singer. That was his peak, and it’s been all down hill from there…

As the 90’s came to a close he did some decently funny/likable films – The Waterboy and Big Daddy. I even liked Punch Drunk Love, though it crashed and burned at the Box Office. From there the drop off got steeper and he set a new bar for ‘mediocre’ with Anger Management and 50 First Dates. Then he started piloting remakes like Mr. Deeds and The Longest Yard. And then he just stopped trying – Click, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan , and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry were all terrible.

So in an attempt to revitalize things and get more mature, we got Grown Ups and Funny People. Neither was any good. Something did seem to click in Funny People though. In the movie he attempted to make fun of himself and the ridiculous movies he’d starred in. Now he’s actually made one of them, and not since White Chicks has there been a trailer that made me less interested in a movie. Check it out…

And George C. Scott seems even less impress than Stan…

This is what it’s come to.

And Yes – You did see Katie Holmes and Al Pacino in there. How sad is that?

Holmes presence is no real shocker, as her career has been in the shitter since she skipped out on all the Batman Begins pub to be Tom Cruise’s beard.

But Pacino. He was once counted amongst the greatest actors alive. And now, outside of some really good TV stuff he’s done, he’s not been in a decent movie since 2003, and even that was’t great. But it’s not like he’s the only one – Harvey Keitel was in Little Nicky, Christopher Walken was in Click, and Jack Nicholson did Anger Management.

“This movie looks terrible! nom nom nom”

A Very GB Father’s Day: Our Favorite TV Dads!

Here at Grizzly Bomb we wanted to do a little something for Father’s Day, and we’ve decided to share our favorite TV Dads, and what makes them great.

Brian Kronner – Dan Conner

TV Dads

Can you get more of a All-American Man’s Man of a father than Dan Conner? For more than 200 episodes John Goodman portrayed the father of 3 and husband to a wife, that at times was completely insufferable. This beer-swilling, football watching, handyman was more than just a comedic opposite to Roseanne, but the emotional anchor that grounded the show in reality. You know, at least until they won to lotto and killed him off and all. But he wasn’t the pansy-ass modern dads we see now, where every episode ends with him talking things out and teaching a valuable life lesson. Sure, we got that stuff too, but Dan also yelled and disciplined his kids. He fought with his wife and worked on his car. They went through the recession in the 80’s with the rest of us, and Dan even had to deal with real world problems. But he so passionately felt for, and defended his kids, he just felt real to me. And I grew up watching him. They say that The Godfather is the dream of the Mafia, while Goodfellas is the truer representation. So for me, if Ward Clever was the dream, Dan Conner was the truth.

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The Hero Express – Cap’s USO costume, Jor-El cast in ‘Man of Steel’, and a surprise on the set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Welcome to the Hero Express, a new speedy look through the news filled world of superhero movies here on Grizzly Bomb. So let’s get to it. Oh, and consider this your SPOILER ALERT, as The Dark Knight Rises news is pretty revealing.

This is The Hero Express for June 16, 2011:

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Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 7 ‘You’re Getting Old’

In this episode of South Park, Stan gets a ‘Tween Wave’ CD as a birthday gift. His mother says he can’t listen to it, and takes the CD away from him. When Stan’s dad Randy approaches his wife about it, he decides to take the kids’ side, and jumps on the ‘Tween Wave’ bandwagon.

I love the beginning of this episode for so many reasons, not the least of which being that this situation happened to me as a pre-teen. My mom took an Eminem CD away from my older sister that she and I listened to. My dad immediately took our side, and defended our right to listen to whatever music we want. It was hilarious.

The episode took an amazing turn when Stan visited the doctor, only to find out he has a condition called “being a cynical asshole”. The doctor said that as we grow older, our tastes in everything change, and things that used to sound great begin sounding like shit. Conversely, the things that used to look and sound like shit supposedly begin to seem less like shit. The doctor then tells Stan that his wires somehow got crossed and everything looks and sounds like shit. Then, I got to hear an AMAZING impression of Bob Dylan. Classic.

"Look at these 2 pictures. One of them is an ad for Kevin James' new movie THE ZOOKEEPER. And the other is a turd in a microwave. Which one is the ad for the ZOOKEEPER?"

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Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 6 ‘City Sushi’

There is a new restaurant in South Park, and the owner of the ‘City Wok’ isn’t happy about it. Right next door has opened ‘City Sushi’, meaning he isn’t the only Asian game left in town anymore. He learns this when Butter’s stops in the ‘City Wok’ to deliver coupons for the competition. This leads to 2 things:

1. A race war has begun between Chinese and Japanese Restaurant Owners.

South Park
“Why don’t you speak A-English?”

2. Butter’s has been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder because he uses his imagination.

South Park

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