DC Collectibles Has Some Great Bat-Statues Coming Out

In the coming months DC Collectibles will be releasing quite a few new statues, and we want almost all of them. But we here at Grizzly Bomb are realists, so we’d settle for just ten or so. We have selected our ten favorite pieces from the upcoming lines, but narrowed it to just the Bat-Family for now. These are all available for pre-order, and anyone of them would make a fine addition to your desk at work, or shelf at home.

Batman Black and White by Bryan Hitch (August 2015)

Batman Hitch Statue

With over 60 statues now in the Black and White line, you really have to pick and choose which ones to spend your cash on, and I really like this upcoming Bryan Hitch model. Limited to 5200 pieces.

Pre-Order the Bryan Hitch Batman B&W

Bombshells Batwoman (September 2015)

Bombshell Batwoman

A League of Their Own anyone? This DC Comics Bombshells Batwoman Statue features Kate Kane in 1940s-era women’s baseball outfit, ressed in her black and red Gotham Knights uniform. Limited to 5,200 pieces.

Pre-Order Batwoman Bombshell

Batgirl by Babs Tarr (October 2015)

Batgirl Statue

Back in December we told you about the upcoming addition to the Batman Black & White line, but now they are also releasing a color version of the statue. Limited to 5200 pieces.

Pre-Order Babs Tarr Batgirl Statue

Batman Black and White Scarecrow by Carlos D’anda (November 2015)

B&W Scarecrow


Based of the Carlos D’anda designs for the Arkham games, one of Batman’s oldest foes makes a pretty sweet addition to the B&W line. Limited to 5200 pieces.

Pre-Order B&W Arkham Scarecrow

Bombshells Catwoman (November 2015)

Bombshell Catwoman


If you couldn’t tell, we really like the Bombshell series, and this Catwoman piece is one of the best in the whole line. Hearkening back to the WWII era of pin up girls, Selina Kyle is a must have for collectors. Again, limited to 5200 pieces. 

Pre-Order Bombshell Catwoman

Gotham TV Series James Gordon (December 2015)

Gotham Gordon

Not the flashiest statue on the list, but damn if we don’t love Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon on FOX’s Gotham. This one is a little bigger than the previous entries at 13 inches tall.

Pre-Order James Gordon Gotham

Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn Deluxe Edition (January 2016)

Garage Harley


Based on the designs of fan-favorite artist Dustin Nguyen, Harley and her pet hyenas Bud and Lou join the Gotham City Garage line and even features a tattoo designed by Katherine Brannock. This is the most rare entry on the list, limited to only 1000 pieces.

Pre-Order Gotham City Garage Harley

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman 1:6 Scale (January 2016)

BVS Armored

Measuring approximately 12-inches tall, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Statue features Batfleck getting ready to throw down with Superman.

Pre-Order Armored Batfleck

Now these next two pieces are actually edition re-releases, with different paint jobs than the originals.

Bombshells Joker and Harley Quinn 2nd Edition Statue (February 2016)

Bombshell Harley and Mr J


Harley Quinn and Mr. J are playing sailor and nurse here, but his time around with a lot more purple than the previous incarnation. This one measures approximately 10-inches tall.

Pre-Order 2nd Edition Harley and Joker Bombshell

Joker and Harley Quinn 2nd Edition (February 2016)

Alex Ross Joker and Harley


The iconic cover of Harley Quinn #1 by Alex Ross is the inspiration here, but unlike the first edition of the statue, which stayed truer to the book that saw Joker sporting a black tux, here we see him with his more classic purple suit.

Pre-Order Alex Ross Harley and Joker

That’s our ten, which of your favorites was left out? Who do you wish they would make? Let us know in the comments.

Images: DC Collectibles

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