Previously On: Civil War Fallout, Rocket Launchers, & Mom’s Car

Today we’re gonna talk about a few of the major events from this past week on some of our favorite shows. This post will contain spoilers from the week of May 6-10 for the following shows; The Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and Fear the Walking Dead (and a minor one from Captain America: Civil War).

Coulson is #TeamCap…Obviously

SHIELD - Peggy's Death

It should come as no surprise that Coulson is on Cap’s side in the wake of Marvel’s Civil War, and that’s what this episode is all about. This week was mostly just about getting Skye Daisy back in time for next week’s finale,  but the part I got the biggest kick out of was the little references to the events from Captain America: Civil War. That is one thing Agents of SHIELD has always done well, timely references that remind us we’re still in the same MCU that the movies exist within. Plus, Peggy Carter always deserves to be talked about.

Agents of SHIELD 2-Hour Finale Promo for Next Week;

Azrael Might Be Bulletproof, but…

Gotham - Rocket Launcher

Azrael has been handled a little bit hamfisted to this point, and the last few episodes of Gotham have not been great. HOWEVER – the end of the latest hour saw Penguin and Butch show up at Wayne Mansion to save Bruce, Alfred, and Gordon. I know, that probably sounds stupid, but it was a real crowd pleaser moment. Also, it’s just one more example of why Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin is the most popular character on the show. In a turn away from popularity, it appears Fish Mooney will be returning…nobody asked for that.

Gotham Promo for Next Week;

Kevin Smith’s Flash Episode; Sit Down Barry

So this week The Flash dealt heavily with the nature of the speed-force, and showed us Zoom’s army of meta-jobbers. The episode as a whole however, was mostly filler in terms of moving the season arc along. Yes, Barry gets his speed back, but there is very little Zoom. The real hype (and for some, worry) surrounding this episode was the presence of superfan Kevin Smith as director. Some worried that he would bend the tone of the episode to better fit his usual comedic styling. That didn’t happen, and overall it was a pretty heartfelt hour, but fans of the View Askew universe did get one fun bit – the Jason Mewes cameo.

"That's my mom's car!!"
“That’s my mom’s car!!”

Mewes is a noted Arrow super-fan, just as Smith is with The Flash, so in the cameo, Mewes makes sure to mention Star City being better. Another nice cameo/callback was the appearance of Greg Finley as a zombified Tony Woodward whom Cisco refers to as “iZombie” – well that is more than just a clever plug for a fellow DC/CW show. Finley actually had a pretty substantial role during iZombie‘s second season as Drake Holloway.

The Flash Promo for Next Week; Jobbers! Advance!

Fear the Walking Dead…And Your Brother


The fifth episode of FTWD’s second season featured a time-honored action TV trope – the prisoner exchange. But this time around we live in a world of zombies, and comparative to its companion series (TWD), our characters are still relatively early on in the apocalypse, and lots of characters still have family they want to protect. So when the crew of the Abigal is able to overpower their attackers, and learn that the cruel one happens to be brothers with the man holding Travis and Alicia, their options open up. An exchange is arranged, but dimwit Chris (worst character on TV right now?) decides to shoot Reed, and accidentally fixes everything.


Reed turns zombie, and during the exchange, once unmasked, Reed attacks his brother and Travis and Alicia are able to escape. It all works out very conveniently.

Fear the Walking Dead Promo for Next Week;

Images: The CW, FX, ABC, FOX, AMC, Movie Pilot, Decider

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