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Five Things to Look Forward to With Geoff Johns Co-Running DC Films

It was revealed Tuesday that Geoff Johns, DC’s chief content officer, and Jon Berg, executive VP, would together be running a new arm of the company called DC Films, giving those two greater control regarding the use of DC Comics’ properties on the big screen. This is seen as the muted response to Batman v. Superman versus the recent Captain America: Civil War buzz. While this news surely sparked a large “hallelujah” amongst many fans (guilty), we’re pretty sure that Johns’ indelible influence will be stamped on the movie franchises in the following questionable ways:

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Get Excited About the Future: Early Future Quest #1 Review

Future Quest #1 is the opening salvo in DC Comics’ revamp of several classic Hanna-Barbera properties. We’re due to see strange new versions of the Flintstones (evidently moved from Bedrock to Uncanny Valley), Scooby-Doo, and a Mad Max-like take on Wacky Races. The Future Quest title seemed both the safest bet, putting action heroes in an action comic, and the most ambitious, since there are potentially dozens of heroes and villains to incorporate from the various franchises involved, which include Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Frankenstein Jr., The Galaxy Trio, The Impossibles, Birdman, and Mighty Mightor.

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Best Buds: 8 Pairs of Lifelong Super Friends

Good friends are important, and best buds even more so. Someone who has your back, and who will be there when the chips are down. And of course, a heavily super powered friend that shares your own values, motivations, and love for extremely tight uniforms has to be pretty much the best thing ever.

There have been a lot of great pairings over the years in the comic book world, from best friends to friendly rivals. With more than a few friends taking each other on in the theaters next year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, it’s important to take stock of these friendships that have developed on-screen and in the comics for years. Sure, they’re fighting now, but chances are after the battle they’ll all go and grab a few beers and bro out over the battle.

There are quite a few more great friendships among the superhero community, buddies that have been through the thick and the thin, fought each other more times than they could count, and have even survived the ‘finality’ of death (at least until the inevitable rebirth). Let’s take a look at some Superhero Best Buds that have survived the test of time.

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The Bat of Gotham: 6 Alternate Faces Under the Cowl

We’ve been talking a lot about Batman over the last few days/weeks/years/our entire lives, both here on the site and in our daily discussions around the office. With the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer we were further introduced to the newest man to play the role of Bruce Wayne, Ben “Batfleck” Affleck. We’ve talked a lot about Bruce Wayne as a father, a hero, a partner, and the Batman. But he isn’t the only man to wear the cape and cowl.

All of the Robins have grown up to wear the mantle of the bat, at some time in the past, present, or future. Dick Grayson successfully replaced Batman when he was presumed dead, Jason Todd wore his own armored suit as Batman during Battle for the Cowl, which eventually landed Grayson the role. In 2 possible futures, Tim Drake grows into a ruthless murdering Batman along with an evil version of his fellow Teen Titans, and Damian Wayne has been shown on more than one occasion to grow into his father’s cape as the future protector of Gotham City. Even if we take these Robins out of the picture, there is still quite the selection of characters that have appeared as Batman over the years.

Batman GordonMost recently in the comics we’ve seen yet another man take over the mantle of the Bat, James Gordon. While this is a fairly unconventional Batman, with Gordon piloting a robotic suit and working for the GCPD, it has provided a fresh view on Gotham and Batman’s role in the city.

Of course we all know that Bruce Wayne is always  going to return to the cave sooner rather than later, it’s always interesting to see how other characters can handle the daunting responsibilities of the Batman.

Today we are going to take a look at 6 other versions of Batman, some in-continuity and some spanning time and the multiverse. Starting with one of the worst fill-ins we’ve ever seen in the cowl…

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Aliens that Should Be Unleashed on DC’s TV Universe: Our Top Picks

We at the GB nearly plotzed the other night when a major character*** on Supergirl turned out to be . . .a beloved DCU stalwart (see end note at the bottom if you want to be spoiled). Whoa! This was in the same episode that the main antagonist was a character usually relegated to the trivia section, Jemm, Son of Saturn (who in the comics is a hero, but did a villain turn for TV). This got us thinking – with opportunities for appearances on Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and even the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow mini-series, what other DC comics aliens, whether obscure or high profile, would be welcome presences on TV?

Our top choices below:

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