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Legion of Super-Heroes: New DC Movie Could Be On WB’s Agenda

Marvel and DC’s upcoming onslaught of superhero films is daunting.

Comic book fans of either brand have to be excited to see big screen adaptions of Deadpool, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Aquaman etc. With all the big name characters out there, some were surprised that one of Marvel’s biggest blockbusters was Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s amazing to see how a superhero film based on a lesser known group of comic book characters raked in millions in revenue, and brought in a new flood of fans. And DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have certainly taken notice.

 A film based on DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes now is rumored to be in the works. Bleeding Cool reports that this movie is being approached with the idea of combining the best elements of Marvel’s The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Which gives us the impression that DC wants a massive superhero team up film that features a more humorous spin on their usual dark and somber offerings.

Legion of Super Heroes

For those unclear about who this superhero squad is and what they do, here’s a brief summary; The Legion of Super-Heroes are based in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics universe. The entirety of this futuristic unit are made up of teenagers who have access to a variety of awesome powers. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this team is their access to time travel, which opens the door for endless possibilities.

The Legion of Super-Heroes had their own animated series back in 2006. The more prominent members of the group include Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Braniac 5, Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy, Triplicate Girl, Timber Wolf and Chameleon Boy. Sounds like the perfect DC Comics counterparts to Star-Lord and his band of allies. Let’s hope if the rumors behind this WB produced superhero film ring true, they can also replicate the quality seen in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Images: DC Comics

DC Comics’ New Direction To Focus On Story Over Continuity

Big news from DC Comics today, who for the past three years have been in an era that will always be known as the New 52. According to the announcement, DC Comics will be dropping the New 52 banner after the upcoming two-month long Convergence event, which will begin a new direction for the comic line. The word relaunch is being thrown around a lot, though this feels different from their New 52 reboot announcement from years ago.

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Big Screen to Comic Book: Ten Comic Covers With a Nod to Modern Cinema

So we happened to take a good, long look at DC Comics’ upcoming March covers. Our verdict? The lot of ’em are pretty damn sweet. Our attention has certainly been grabbed thanks to the creative comic book cover takes on classic movie posters.

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LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – The Many Costumes of The Dark Knight

Traveller’s Tales has done an awesome job combining well-known properties with that famous brand of yellow building blocks. You can’t deny the fun factor and replay value that comes from the vast collection of LEGO video games developed by the studio. Gamers young and old have ventured into the LEGO-ized universes of franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Marvel Super Heroes and more.

The next LEGO game launching in 2014 is going to focus once again on Gotham City’s finest protector and several other famous faces from the DC Universe. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will have hundreds of playable heroes and villains, most likely. But The Dark Knight himself will be featured prominently in the game as he’ll be sporting a bunch of different costumes.

Check out our little gallery below to see a collection of Batman’s coolest looks from the upcoming release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham!

Bat Suit

LEGO Batman 3

This ultimate super hero ensemble features a weighted cape and a cowl outfitted with night-vision technology and communications arrays. The utility belt also contains an arsenal of crime-fighting gear, including various types of offensive Batarangs.

Bruce Wayne

LEGO Batman 3

Keeping your super hero identity a mystery requires the need for the perfect alias (and alternate wardrobe). Bruce Wayne is just the man for the job.

Sonar Suit

LEGO Batman 3

The sonic pulse emitted through Batman’s sonar suit ensures nothing will get in his way of saving the galaxy!

Space Suit

LEGO Batman 3

Batman’s space suit is equipped with a jet pack for nimble space flight and hard-to-reach areas. Nothing’s out of reach when the Dark Knight dons this guise!

Electricity Suit

 LEGO Batman 3

With immunity to electricity, this suit gives Batman the ultimate defense. Need a charge? Simply take it to the closest electric current and give your crime fighting a jolt!

Scuba Suit

LEGO Batman 3

A scuba suit in space? Batman always comes prepared. Equipped with built in swimming and diving capabilities, this suit is the perfect companion when things start getting a little wet!

Sensor Suit

LEGO Batman 3

Complete with stealth mode and X-ray vision, Batman’s sensor suit will show you the way when the path is unclear!

Arctic Suit

 LEGO Batman 3

Those pesky villains are sure to stop, or should we say freeze, when Batman dons his arctic suit with Freeze Gun accessory.

Power Suit

LEGO Batman 3

Giving Batman the power of super strength and explosive rockets, this armor allows our Caped Crusader to take care of anything that gets in his way.

’66 Batman Suit

LEGO Batman 3

Celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary wouldn’t be complete without 1966 Batman. Voiced by the legendary Adam West, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham gives players a blast from the past with the game’s 60s mode.


Images: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Traveller’s Tales

Zatanna: The Subject Of New Kickstarter Fan Film

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have given fans a look into the future of their slate of superhero blockbusters. Sadly though, none of the mystical members of the DC Comics universe were mentioned as part of those announcements. But now, movie writer/director Theo Brown is looking to rectify this by producing his own fan film take on everyone’s favorite magician Zatanna Zatara. A regular ally of Batman and member of the Justice League Dark, she is one of DC’s most popular female characters.

The project’s Kickstarter page has a final funding goal of $36,000 that must be reached by November 15, 2014. For those financial supporters who throw a few bucks into this superhero origin story, you can expect to receive some awesome perks. Everything from a shout out on the film’s Twitter page to an exclusive hangout session on the set of the film, perhaps with Shannon Hollander, the actress set to play the famous magician.

Theo Brown made sure to explain his passion as a filmmaker and his unbridled appreciation for Zatanna’s backstory:

“I’m a filmmaker by trade and a comic book fan since birth. My two huge passions in life combined in making Zatanna. I also wrote the script for Zatanna, so I want to be sure that this project is the best that it can possibly be. I’m super excited about this project and the opportunity to give one of my favorite characters her chance to shine! While Zatanna is my first comic book film, I’ve been working on movies for the past seven years. As both a writer and a director, I love getting to dive into a character’s world and craft a story out of it. Professionally, I’ve worked with a range of companies, from filming a documentary in India with a NGO to working with NASA with their recruitment team to being on set for various TV commercials. With my own personal projects, I’ve had some films screen in film festivals across the country. I know the process of film production and can promise the utmost professional ability, transparency, and dependency.”


Zatanna has been featured in several DC TV shows and animated series such as Smallville, Young Justice and Batman: The Animated Series. It’s about time she got to dole out her backwards magic in a solo film endeavor. Let’s hope that Justice League Dark film actually happens…


Images: DC Comics, Kickstarter

Grizzly Pullz: New Comics for the Week of 10/8/2014

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly comic pull list! I love my weekly trips to the comic shop on Wednesday, but with so much coming out every week it can be a little overwhelming. So I will be sharing my picks of the week, every week, whether it is comics I am following religiously, or checking out for the first time. Whatever your taste, there will be something here for you!

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Weird & Wacky World of Comics: Christmas Special!

So December is here and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is hard to avoid the tell tale signs of the coming festive season. Shops are cram-packed with tons of Christmas related items and ads about the holiday season spring up every few seconds. The comic industry is not one to shy away from this either and churns out a selection of festive comics for young and old, sometimes with some very strange results. So in this special edition of Weird and Wacky World of Comics we celebrate the strange, the wonderful and the just plain disturbing Christmas comics in the gallery below. You never know it may give you some ideas to pop on your Christmas or it may be an alternative to watching constant Christmas adverts flash by your eyes. Either way it is certainly a better alternative than watching some of the rubbish that gets put on during the holiday season!

Look for more Festive Holiday articles throughout Grizzly Bomb this December!

Wonder Woman Lets Loose In This New Fan Film

You have to feel sorry for Wonder Woman. Aside from a great TV run in the ’70s, she really has struggled to make it back onto the screen. Films pitches have resulted in zero success, and TV pilots have come and gone without so much as a whimper.

So, we turn to the fans to make Wonder Woman come to life, and thus far we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much better they are than the big budget attempts. This must be because of the heart and soul that goes into these projects. In August we talked about First Impressions, which had to be the most emasculating first date ever.

Now we’ve got another interpretation of the character, starring Team Unicorn’s Rileah Vanderbilt as the Princess herself. With an obvious passion for the product,  just read what director Sam Balcomb has to say about this new release.

[quote] Firstly, thanks for watching. Whether you like, or dislike, our live action interpretation of Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, born of clay, I think (quite a few of) you will agree she is a character just as vital and crucial to our understanding of humanity as any other superhero… if not more so.

We spent the majority of 2013 working on this — the look, the feel, the aspects we most wanted to portray. It’s a scant two and half minutes, but in the end, it’s one hundred and fifty seconds of pure fantasy, where I get to consider the two sides of my favorite warrior: a crusader in man’s world, and a paragon of virtue told through Greek mythology.

It’s a fun world to hang out in. I hope you enjoy it. [/quote]

Here is the finished product and it looks incredible

Wonder Woman certainly looks the part; in fact I don’t think she has ever looked better. They managed to make a suit that conforms to the comic book ideals of the character, looks practical and also showcases her sexuality all in one go. The narrative is fantastical, constructed jumping from Paradise Island with her fellow Amazons, then straight to the down and dirty streets where some thugs get their just deserts. It shows how Wonder Woman (like Superman) is a child of two lands. It is also great to watch her kick some serious backside.

The effects are great, and the CGI Minotaur monsters look particularly stunning. In fact the only downside to this is that it’s so short it leaves you craving more of this Wonder Woman. Hopefully the group responsible for this short will give us more exploits of the Amazonian Princess very soon.

[box_dark]Starring: Rileah Vanderbilt, Clare Grant, Alicia Marie, America Young, Kimi Hughes, Christy Hauptman
Director of Photography: Andrew Finch
Key Grip: Duy Nguyen
1st AC: Nick Roney
Gaffer: Ryan Walton
Stunt Coordinator: Surawit Sae Kang
Stunt Team: Surawit Sae Kang, Joe Perez, Billy Bussey, Jason Brillantes, Kerry Wong
Costume Designer: Heather Greene
Costumer: Sarah Skinner
Consultant: GoldenLasso.net
Hair & Makeup: Anissa Salazar Assistant: Yulitzin Alvarez
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Dodson Vocalist: Raya Yarbrough Sound Mastered at: Runsilent
Editor: Jesse Soff
Visual Effects Supervisor: Sam Balcomb
Compositors: Jason Schaefer & Nick Viola
Producer: Jesse Soff
Directed by: Sam Balcomb [/box_dark]

Wonder Woman

Also be sure to read Unknown Fan Films for even more information on rare and up coming features like this.

SDCC 2013: DC Comics “Con Away From Con”

Are you a DC Comics fan who couldn’t make it to San Diego for Comic-Con this year? Well DC feels your pain and have done what they can to make you (us, as I’m sitting at home as well) to feel as if we were there. Think of “Con Away From Con” as a modern age “Wish You Were Here” postcard.

They’ve got a bit of everything – chats with directors and stars, tours of DC booths, interviews, “DC University” highlights… pretty much everything you might check out it you were actually there.

Enough chit-chat, let’s get to the videos!

First a look at the upcoming Flashpoint Paradox. Of course with the new Flash movie being announced this weekend (along with the Man of Steel sequel featuring Batman), all eyes are on “The Fastest Man Alive”. This new animated movie features Justin Chambers as Barry Allen, C. Thomas Howell as Reverse-Flash, and Michael B. Jordan as Cyborg. Incidentally, we have Jordan in the Cyborg role in our Justice League cast.

How about a few on the upcoming documentary on DC Comics Rogues Gallery? Necessary Evil will be released on October 25th.

You can check out the full trailer here!

Of course, DC Comics wouldn’t be much without the incredible artists that work for them. With “DC Universe” Comic-Con attendees got the chance to see these artists as work, including Amanda Conner who, with her husband and partner Jimmy Palmiotti, will be writing a Harley Quinn solo book in the New 52.

One of the biggest things at a convention of San Diego’s Comic-Con magnitude, are the booths on the convention floor. This year DC Comics had a display of Superman costumes through the years.

I think it’s written in some writer’s code somewhere that if a Neil Gaiman interview exists and relates at all to what you are doing, you must include it. So… Neil Gaiman talks Sandman: Overture as well as artist J.H. Williams III.

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Put the Hero Back in the Superhero: Max Landis Talks ‘Man of Steel’

Man of Steel has now been out for over a week, and did pretty well at the box office. This pretty much ensures not only a sequel from Zack Snyder and his crew, but the beginning of a DC Cinematic Universe along the same lines as Marvel’s highly successful MCU. This is all very exciting, but before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to take a look at the beginning of the DCCU.

Max Landis Talks Man of SteelWhere Iron Man hit it out of the park and wowed audiences across the world while setting the foundation of the MCU, Man of Steel has divided the movie going crowd for a number of reasons. The controversial ending, massive body count and destruction of a few cities has opened up the fiery gates of internet commentators from all walks of life. Whether you are a fan of the comics, the movies, or have never heard of this Superguy or whatever he’s called, chances are you have your own opinion of Man of Steel.

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