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Hero Express: Dark Knight Station – Big Prologue Announcements, Interviews and Possible Spoilers

Welcome to Dark Knight Station, the Hero Express‘s main stop for all the news on The Dark Knight Rises. We’ll keep you up to date on all the biggest bat-news coming straight from Gotham City.

Mind the gap and avoid the shadows; This stop is the Dark Knight Station for December 3rd, 2011.

Official Announcement for the IMAX Prologue – (IGN)

News that a 6-minute prologue of The Dark Knight Rises would play with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal at IMAX theatres has been pretty well-known for a while now, with rumours and talk about it going on for months, but now Warner Bros. has cemented it with an official announcement. The full transcript:

“Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” — the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy — is one of the most anticipated films of 2012, but moviegoers won’t have to wait until next year to see the six-minute opening sequence of the film. The film’s prologue will be unveiled exclusively in select 70mm IMAX® theatres worldwide. The announcement was made today by Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution, and Veronika Kwan-Rubinek, President of International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Prologue will be released in North America on December 16, and in the UK on December 21, 2011. Additional international dates vary by territory and will be announced soon.

In making the 2008 blockbuster “The Dark Knight,” Nolan was the first to use IMAX® cameras in a major motion picture release, and, as now, audiences were given an advance look at that film’s prologue months prior to the Summer 2008 opening. Nolan employed the extremely high-resolution cameras even more extensively on “The Dark Knight Rises”—including the film’s prologue—to achieve unprecedented crispness and clarity and a truly immersive experience for the moviegoers.

Christopher Nolan stated, “Our experience on ‘The Dark Knight’ shooting and projecting IMAX 15 perf 65mm/70mm film was inspiring. The immersive quality of the image goes beyond any other filmmaking tool available, and in revisiting Gotham, we were determined to shoot even more of the movie in this unique format. Giving the fans an early look at an IMAX sequence is a great way to draw attention to what I believe will be an incredible way to experience our story when it comes out next summer.””

The prologue is only set to play in select theaters, and the press release includes a list of all the theaters in North America and the UK where it will run, which you can check out at the bottom of the page. Make sure you are somewhere near one of those places when the day comes. I know at the strike of midnight on December 16th I’ll be at Scotiabank Theatre, cape and utility belt ready to go.

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Grizzly Review: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

There’s s something about those movie monsters that are so small. You think to yourself, “there’s no way I’d let that little creep kill me, I’d just kick ’em like a football!”. I said that about Chucky back in the day, but it was mostly to make myself feel better. I’m not talking about the Chucky comedies sequels either, the first Child’s Play movie was scary. That was mainly because it proved to us that the smaller a movie killer/monster is, the more lethal.

That certainly is the case in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, where the family moving into an old manor (When is that ever a good idea?) have to deal with a group of creepy little bastards that made me jump a couple of times. Come to think of it, I’ll be mentioning the creatures as creepy little bastards throughout the review. To make it simple I’ll simply call them CLB’s.

The beginning may be a little weird for those not familiar with Guillermo del Toro‘s fascination with folklore involving fairies and the like, but that’s okay. Just roll with the crazy guy in the basement trying to offer bloody teeth to some mysterious and apparently lethal little creatures that hide in a furnace, because all will be revealed before the 100 minute run time is through. The Del Toro written remake of the 1973 horror movie won’t disappoint as long as you try not to over think the whole premise.

Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes play Alex and Kim respectively, a couple that are in the middle of restoring and putting a very historic mansion back on the real estate market. During this process Alex receives his daughter Sally from his ex-wife to live with him and Kim. Sally is a very unpleasant child at the start, but you would be too being bounced around between parents. Sally hates the new house and doesn’t seem too enthused with his father’s younger girlfriend Kim either, but eventually she finds something to do as she discovers some little creatures living in the basement. And wouldn’t you know it – they want to be friends with her…. creepy whispering and all! Sally will eventually find out that these CLB’s have more malicious motives and struggles to get the adults to believe her. It sucks being a kid in a horror movie.

It seems like child actors are getting less and less annoying as time goes on. Bailee Madison did a fine job of making me hate the character of Sally at first, but I eventually warmed up to her as things got worse and worse for her. Be sure to look for her in the upcoming FX show Powers.

I hadn’t seen Katie Holmes in hardly anything since Batman Begins. Apparently marrying Tom Cruise causes you to miss out on reprising your role in one of the biggest sequels ever. I’m talking about that little film called The Dark Knight. Either way, Holmes is back and still looking great despite being a Scientologist sorceress supreme, and she fills the role of Kim perfectly. Guy Pearce is in the movie as the ever skeptical father, who despite all of the madness occurring around him is too busy to believe any of his troubled daughter’s nonsense. It was refreshing to see Pearce play a non-douche for a change because it seemed like those were the only roles being thrown his way for a while.

The real stars of the show are the CLB’s, who look fantastic and succeed in filling me with audience dread every time it seemed like they would pop up somewhere. It slowly faded by the end, but not before I was holding my breath during the under the sheets scene even though I had scene it in the trailer. Check out the trailer above at about 1:23 to see what I’m talking about. It’s one of those moments that I truly love being in the cinema for a scary movie, feeling the hair on the back of my neck stand up as the surround sound makes it seem like the CLB’s are scurrying about all around you. The little jerks reminded me of Gremlins, only smaller and harder to kill.

I give the movie a 3 out of 5 grizzlies. Aside from a couple of plot holes it gave me a good 100 minutes of pure entertainment and a couple scares. It’s rare for any scary movie out there to actually be in theaters without relying on copious amounts of blood and gore to make a statement but Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark succeeded in that.

Jack and Jill: The Worst Trailer Ever?

Adam Sandler left SNL and got huge in the 90s. From vehicles like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, to ensemble flicks like Bulletproof and Airheads, Sandler was gold. Everything he did was funny. Then it culminated in ’98 with The Wedding Singer. That was his peak, and it’s been all down hill from there…

As the 90’s came to a close he did some decently funny/likable films – The Waterboy and Big Daddy. I even liked Punch Drunk Love, though it crashed and burned at the Box Office. From there the drop off got steeper and he set a new bar for ‘mediocre’ with Anger Management and 50 First Dates. Then he started piloting remakes like Mr. Deeds and The Longest Yard. And then he just stopped trying – Click, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan , and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry were all terrible.

So in an attempt to revitalize things and get more mature, we got Grown Ups and Funny People. Neither was any good. Something did seem to click in Funny People though. In the movie he attempted to make fun of himself and the ridiculous movies he’d starred in. Now he’s actually made one of them, and not since White Chicks has there been a trailer that made me less interested in a movie. Check it out…

And George C. Scott seems even less impress than Stan…

This is what it’s come to.

And Yes – You did see Katie Holmes and Al Pacino in there. How sad is that?

Holmes presence is no real shocker, as her career has been in the shitter since she skipped out on all the Batman Begins pub to be Tom Cruise’s beard.

But Pacino. He was once counted amongst the greatest actors alive. And now, outside of some really good TV stuff he’s done, he’s not been in a decent movie since 2003, and even that was’t great. But it’s not like he’s the only one – Harvey Keitel was in Little Nicky, Christopher Walken was in Click, and Jack Nicholson did Anger Management.

“This movie looks terrible! nom nom nom”