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Camelot Review: Episode 4 – Lady of the Lake

This does not bode very well for my relationship with Camelot. Game of Thrones premiered two days after this episode and was fantastic, in many ways already surpassing Camelot. Then this episode itself, though not boring by any means, really pissed me off again with the characters of Arthur and Merlin. Both of them are starting to become my least favorite characters of the show. Meanwhile, characters like Leontes, Gawain and Kay remain to be amongst my favorites.

King who? Gawain is the man!

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Camelot Review: Episode 2 – The Sword and The Crown

If you missed the Pilot, get caught up HERE

The second episode of the excellent Starz show Camelot starts on a somber note. After the tragedy that befell Arthur and Kay, they bury their dead and fortify themselves at Castle  Camelot. After the funeral Arthur takes a stroll, alone on the beach, and sees a girl emerging from the water. It appears to be the same girl he was getting it on with in a dream he had in the first episode. Apparently, the young king thought it would go the same way as his dream, but the wet and scantily clad girl doesn’t see it as such.

As some of us already know by seeing her in Arthur’s dream in the first episode, this beach beauty must indeed be Guinevere. Who else could it be? It’s funny in this retelling of the Arthur story how their first exchange goes. Arthur is really excited to see the girl from his dreams, and Guinevere tackles him and holds a knife to his throat for intruding on her swim.

Ahhh, young love…

Spoilers Ahead…

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Camelot – The Next Spartacus? Pilot Review and More…

I’m glad that Starz decided to give us an advanced viewing of the pilot for one of their newest series, Camelot. It premiered on February 25th after Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, and I’m just reviewing it thanks to my DVR.

The story of King Arthur has been told many times, in a variety of ways, and this is the newest interpretation. I am hoping for something similar to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, but set in Medieval times. After seeing the pilot episode I think we may be in store for something similar. It seems to be a retelling of the Arthurian Legend much like in the 2004 film King Arthur starring Clive Owen and Keira Knightley, where they attempted to tell a more historical version of the tale with no magic or myth. Camelot is similar to King Arthur in the aspect that, the magic thus far, though present, is not over the top. Merlin isn’t some long bearded, long robed wizard throwing fireballs left and right, and Morgan le Fay isn’t a full-blown sorceress.

*Spoilers throughout – except the ending*

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